One Life to Live Update Wednesday 6/7/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Viki tells Blair that Todd is recovering but not awake yet. She is very optimistic.

Spencer is around the corner listening as they talk about Todd and his condition.

Viki is angry that Todd was almost killed for no reason. She hopes that Margaret will tell something soon.

Margaret tells the psychiatrist that there isn't anything that she can remember about Todd or her baby. The doctor feels he has spent enough time with Margaret. She wants him to stay. She wants to remember her baby but can't.

The doc goes out of the room and Bo is waiting for news on Margaret's session. "I think that she is telling the truth," the doctor says. "She is coherent and not mentally ill at all." Bo is confused by all this.

Antonio can't believe that he is seeing Jessica again after all this time. "Do you know how much I love you?" They kiss. Jessica fought so hard to get out and here she is. "I could see and hear you. I fought so hard." Antonio knows that she was the one that was having their baby. Jessica turns to the child now. Antonio picks her up. "We are going to let mommy hold you…" he puts the child in Jessica's arms and Jessica cries…

Claudia gets into her car.

Nash gets in on the other side.

She is shocked. "What are you doing here?" she shouts. He says that he is here to do this… He grabs her and kisses her full on the mouth.

Spencer tells Blair that she isn't to worry about Todd anymore. "He will be fine," he says. "I can see that what you need isn't me, but Todd!"

"Oh my God…I don’t even know what to call her," Jessica says. Antonio tells that the baby's name is Brennan. Jessica remembers now. "Where is Nash?" Antonio asks. Jessica tells how Nash had to leave because of Claudia.

Nash pulls away from Claudia now. "I want you to remember what it was like to be with me…to want me." She remembers just fine.

Jessica tells that Nash left as George was threatening to hurt the baby and he couldn't risk that. "He will come back when he finds out what is going on. Afterwards, I talked to Tess and we both wanted to keep the baby safe, so she let me come back." Antonio doesn't want to talk about Tess and Nash right now. "You look so natural with her," Antonio says. Jessica loves their baby so much already and will do anything to protect the child. They will find out right now once and for all. "Let's go and get the test results," Antonio says.

"Tess is going to need us now," Clint tells Viki. Viki can't face losing that child. She hopes that the child is Jessica's. "How is Todd doing?" Viki tells that Todd is unconscious but recovering. Clint apologizes for not believing in Todd like Viki did.

Blair says that she has no idea what all this means for she and Todd but she knows that she doesn't want to lose Spencer as a friend. Spencer says that he understands. "I just want to be there for Todd when he needs me to get through this," she says. Spencer is only glad that Blair doesn't believe all the things that people are saying about him.

Blair goes to Todd and sits with him. "Todd…please wake up. I really…really need to talk to you…" Todd's eyes are closed but she can see him pushing them open. He groans. She talks him out of his sleep. "Hi hon! Hi! Hey!" Blair smiles

"I have to remember what happened to me and my baby. Anytime that I hear someone talk about my son, I get an empty feeling inside me. It doesn't make any sense." Bo asks about Todd. "You shout him in the leg…abducted him on the day of his wedding…kept him in a cabin…It was you land Manning all alone."

She has a flashback of ravaging the body of a bearded man while he is tied to the bed.

"I have an image," she says. "It is like a daydream but more familiar. It is a flash that goes as quickly as it comes…" Bo leans towards the good doctor. "Maybe we should try shock therapy…"

"What if I did have feelings for you?" Claudia asks. "What difference does it make?" He admits that he still loves Tess. Claudia gets angry. "What are you doing with me then?" He tells that he left Tess before hearing whether the baby was his or not. "He threatened to hurt my little girl." Claudia doesn't believe that. "You father is a thug and I want to know now if you still care about me…" She still does. She will never stop caring about him. He feels that if that is true, then she will help him protect his daughter.

"This is our little girl," Antonio says. She would like to believe that but Tess could be the mother. "Tess and Nash were together all those months." Antonio knows that they used to be careful that there was that night…"Remember that night? There was a lot of love between us," he says. "That little girl is ours. I am sure of it. We deserve a miracle."

David lies on his back on his cot.

He remembers Margaret and how she couldn't remember her life. He told her his secret. "Twenty-five years ago… I killed someone."

"You have a visitor Vickers," a guard calls out.

It is Spencer. "Glad to see you made it back safely," Spencer, says. David thought that they had a deal but it seems that David was just a pawn. "You sold me out." Spencer offers to get David out of jail but David doesn't need that. "I am going to start trusting one person now Spencer. Bo! The cops want to go easy on me if I give them the goods on what you did to Todd." Spencer tells that David would be foolish to do that.

Todd is awake now…"I am going to kill him." She tells how he was proven innocent. "So they stopped executing me?" Blair tells that they had already done it and that he died in the prison. "I died?" She confirms it. "Spencer saved your life."

Clint is sorry now that he said that he wanted Todd to die. Clint thinks differently now about the death penalty. "I never thought that the state might make a mistake and kill an innocent man. You know Viki, you have had enough bad news for a lifetime."

"Hi mom," Jessica says walking in with Antonio and the baby. Viki jumps out of her chair and runs to her Jessica. "You are here," Clint says. "You have come back to us."

"So you want me to take on my father so that you can do Tess? Why should I do that?" Claudia asks. Nash says that he wants her to do it and he wants it…and he needs it. "You still care about me," he says. She asks if friendship is what he is looking for ultimately. "Friends don't kiss the way that you kissed me," .she says. "That was low." He knows what low really is. "Your dad wants me far away. Are you ready to get rid of me forever?"

Bo takes Margaret's hand and he and the psychiatrist lead her out of the office to another place.

"He went into the chamber and gave you CPR and the paddles and he kept you alive and brought you to the hospital. I begged him to save you…I begged him…He didn't kill Margaret…Nobody did…"

Todd raises his eyes and sees Margaret looking at him through the window to his room.

Jessica tells how she and Tess were scared for the baby as Reston was threatening their lives. Viki prayed for her girl and all that she has been through. Clint is angry that Reston has threatened a little child. Antonio feels they have waited long enough and wants to know who the baby's parents are.

The doctor comes to get them for the paternity results.

Bo brings Margaret into Todd's room. "Get her the hell out of this room!" Blair shouts. Bo tells Todd that he was right all along and that he really didn't kill Margaret. "hmmm…Crazy bitch…Todd says. Bo tells that Dr. Crosby says that Margaret really doesn't remember anything about what happened. "I don’t think that she was in on this alone," Bo says.

David slings accusations and this time he has proof. "You were in Thailand. Margaret was there living under an alias. And what about Paige? She knows that you were there with Margaret in Thailand. She helped deliver that baby." Spencer tells David that he is reaching. David tells that he doesn't have to go to the police. "I could go to Blair and tell her everything that you have done."

"Margaret," Bo starts. "You claimed to be obsessed with him and you were going to kill him if he didn't go with you on his wedding day."

The memories come. Margaret had her bouquet in her hand and a gun in the other. She orders Todd to come with her to their special place.

Margaret's face changes now. Todd sees something different. "You remember don't you?"

"She's remembering something," Todd says. Margaret wants out of there. "what did you do with my child?" Todd asks. She tells that she knows nothing about a child and she wouldn't hurt him if she had one." Bo walks out with Margaret and Dr. Crosby. Blair follows them out.

"Wait! You want to know what you did to my family? You tortured me and you tortured my family. You are a crazy bitch. You will remember what you did cause I will see to it. I will see to it."

Spencer finds David desperate and knows that anyone will think that he is just saying anything to get free. "All I have to do is pick up a phone and you are out of Blair's life forever." Spencer is ready to deal now. "What do you want?"

"I am so sorry Todd," Blair says. "I am so sorry…There was so much evidence and I went against my instincts."

"Are you going to help me or not?" Nash asks. Claudia tells him that she isn't the same naïve kid that she used to be. "I know who you really are, and how you operate. You want something and you will say or do whatever it takes to get it. Maybe if I help you, you will see that I am not the awful person that you think. We might be able to end up as friends." He gets in the driving seat.

The doctor tells Antonio and Jessica that their problems will not go away until Jessica gets fully integrated. Viki tells Jessica that the baby is hers no matter what. "That is your flesh and blood." The doctor has the envelope. He hands the baby over and then takes the envelope. "Ready?" he asks Jessica. "Ready," she replies.

Bo wants to give Margaret some tests but needs a court order to do it without her consent. She gives permission for the tests, saying that she wants to remember everything.

David tells Spencer to get him out of jail and the charges released. "Find a way or I will tell Blair everything that I know."

"I want to talk about us Todd," Blair says. Do you forgive me for abandoning you when you needed me most?"

"It is killing you isn't it," Claudia asks. "Not knowing the tests results is killing you." Nash nods.

"Before you open the envelope," Jessica says. "I want you to know that baby is yours as much as she is mine." He tears the envelope open. "Are you the father Antonio?" He shakes his head. "No! It's Nash…"

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