One Life to Live Update Tuesday 6/6/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

John and Natalie finish making love and then start again.

David shouts to be let out of jail.

Dorian jumps out of bed when she hears knocking.

Adrianna is at the door. Dorian didn't sleep very well. "I can't get motivated this morning."

Cristian and Evangeline are at the hospital where she will learn to deal with her blindness.

Antonio enters talking loudly on his cellphone.

He sees Evangeline and Cristian when he is done with his call. "What are you doing here?" Cristian asks him. "I am getting the results of the paternity tests today."

Tess tells her baby that this is the day when things could change forever.

Nash sees her with the child. He looks at a note in his hand.

She sees Nash is nearby. "What is it?" He walks closer to her. "I am leaving."

"You were just fighting to keep Jamie and now this," Cristian says. Antonio knows that this is more difficult than they think. They still don't know who the mother of the baby is.

Tess is flabbergasted. "You are leaving me?" Nash wants to be honest with her so that she will understand. "Reston threatened you and Brennan! He is going to kill you and the baby if I don’t go. He is angry and dead serious about what he says. If it were just you and me, I might chance it but I can't put our baby's life at risk. We can't call the cops either. The only way for me to protect the both of you is to leave town and not come back."

Adrianna offers to listen to her mother if she needs someone to talk to about David. "I went to see David and just seeing him locked up…he looked so vulnerable and helpless." Adrianna asks if he did kill Michael and John's father. Dorian says that makes little sense as well. Adrianna feels that if David did shoot the man then he should confess. "David asked me to help him get out of jail anyway possible. I said that I would help to get him a lawyer," Dorian says. "I was in love with him once and I almost married him once. He just looked so lost. It is this guilt that he has had for all these years and he has let it take over his life and I can't let him take over my life." Adrianna understands that.

David dreams in his sleep.

He remembers the cop with his gun out…pointed at David and then the man falling to the ground…

John jumps out of his sleep.

Natalie is there for him. "Did you have a bad dream?" He is panting. "Something like that," he says.

Natalie isn't happy now that John is getting dressed and shutting down on her. "I won't have this fight again John. You had a bad dream and now you are going. Even when you are here, you are gone and that scares me." He apologizes for the way that he is acting. "I am sorry for pushing you out. I know that you want this to be different from the last time, and so do I." She tells how Roxy wants her to be careful with her heart.

Dorian gets dressed in a smart looking red business suit to start the day. Adrianna reminds her that they were talking about David, but Dorian doesn't want to dwell on things that she can't do anything about. She continues instead to dress herself. "You loved him and you were happy with him. You glowed and when you are in love, everything is better." Dorian says that she was happy before she met David and she will be happy again. Adrianna knows that but worrying about David doesn't make her weak. Dorian walks out.

A woman comes into the room asking for Evangeline. She confidently walks over to where Evangeline is.

Evangeline answers her call. She is the woman who will be helping Evangeline with her senses. She instinctively knows that there is another man in the room besides Cristian and all want to know how she knows that. The woman won't tell her secrets. She walks Evangeline out of the room.

Antonio is sure that Evangeline will be fine now.

Tess offers to go with Nash and leave town. "This place is so not us." Nash has to do this to keep her safe. She begs him not to do this. He has no idea how to fight for them. "I can't run, I can't kill him…" She will not be left alone with the Buchanans. "They want Jessica back and she is sitting and waiting and watching. What if I can't stop her? I want to raise our baby…" He does too but that will not happen if they run. He knows it. She doesn't find that to be running. They believe that the baby is theirs but they have to find out for sure. Tess worries that they could be wrong and the baby could be Antonio. It doesn't matter. Nash tells that Reston or his goons were in the room and he shows her the note that was left leaning up against the baby.

John and Natalie talk while getting dressed.

John gets a visit from Dorian. He is short with her. "What is it?" She wants the truth about the case against David. "I may be able to tell you something that will strengthen your case," she says. John says that he can't say what is going on right now. "Are you willing to let him rot for something that happened 25 years ago?"

Vickers gets a visit from Adrianna. David jumps to go to the bars to talk to her. "What are you doing in a dump like this?" he asks. She wonders if she should care about him…if he is worth it.

The woman with Evangeline tells how she has been blind since fifteen. Evangeline feels the way the woman moves around without hesitation. She does everything…she reads Braille and she types as well. Evangeline is fascinated. The woman asks if Evangeline wants a full productive life or self pity.

"Some monster put his hand on our child? I will kill him!" Tess says. Nash tells her that she has to do this until he comes back. "Do you think that I could walk out on you and the child? I love you but we have to work together on this. I can fix this. I can take care of the Restons." Tess cries. She can't live without him. "You have made me real." He tells her that she is the one that made herself real.

"I can help you Tess. I can help you," Jessica says in Tess's head.

"You just got to take care of Brennan until I come back," Nash says. She is quiet now. "You have to go," she says. "It is the only way."

"Adrianna I have bad qualities too. I am just a con man…" She knows that is what he chooses to show people. She doesn't believe that. "You are my friend and there is plenty of good in you. I wouldn't be here." He is almost convinced. "Did you do it David?" He tells how Dorian was there and she was upset. Adrianna knows that this is all that Dorian thinks about.

John has no idea why Dorian is there if she doesn't care for David anymore. She tells him that the concept of innocent until proven guilty still stands. It seems to her that David is being held without cause. "He brought Margaret home and now Todd is alive! Doesn't that make a difference?" Dorian asks.

Natalie walks up behind John. "No! John was the one that saved Todd's life."

Antonio is angry that Tess and Nash could run off with the child. He leaves asking Cristian to let him know if the couple shows up.

Nash really needs Tess to believe in him. She never stopped and she never will. They kiss now. "I will be back," he promises. She cries. "Don't!" he tells her. She stops the tears. She tells him now to tell the baby goodbye. "Tell her."

Nash goes to the crib. "Daddy loves you. Take care of your mommy till I get back…"

Nash comes to Tess now…She has her back to him. "Be safe." He promises her that she will be alright. "Please just go," she begs. Nash turns and walks to the door. He turns once more. "I love you." She is sobbing loudly now. She falls to her knees crying loudly.

"It's okay Tess…You did the right thing," Jessica soothes.

"You have five senses and people rely on sight most of all." Evangeline dreams that she can see and then she opens her eyes and she can't see. "That is just a dream…" Evangeline really wants to take care of herself and see people's faces. "I have to take care of my sister and my friends." The woman wants Evangeline to do things the same as always. "You will be fine, and you just might be a better lawyer when you learn how to listen. Was that guy your boyfriend?" Evangeline tells that Cristian and she are close. "He is unexpected the way that he takes care of me and I just thought that I wouldn't feel that way again…"

Natalie tells that the reason that there isn't a statute of limitations on murder is because the people that are hurt don't get over it. Dorian sees her admirable devotion but she can see that she needs to ask John to be fair. "Hadn't you ever made a mistake? If David did this he was a young and stupid boy, trying to prove something to someone…" John isn't big on excuses. Dorian says this was just an accident. "Be fair to him." Natalie shouts that this victim was John's father! Dorian thanks her for the reminder. John soon has to break up an argument between the two. Dorian leaves.

Natalie worries that this talk has upset John immensely.

"Does she still love me?" David asks Adrianna. Adrianna feels his should ask Dorian that himself. She loves David herself though for so many reasons. "I want to believe the best in you but a man died and I know that if you were responsible, you didn't mean it, but he was a father and a husband and people loved him too. So if you did it, you need to face up to it. I can still be proud of you. Mom will get you a great lawyer but the rest is up to you."

"Mama loves you," Tess tells her baby. "You don't have to be afraid sweetie… You have a big family and they all love you so much. They are good people. I just know because I am your mom, and Nash is your dad. He will never leave you. I love you two so much. I love you more than my own life. I want you to have everything…everything that you deserve. That is why I have to go. I can't promise that I will be back but I promise that I will try to get back to you…but you have to do me a favor. In case we don't see each other again…you…when your daddy comes home…you have to make him feel how much I love him. Tell him that I fought as hard as I could…okay? As hard as I could."

Cristian comes to get Evangeline and is surprised when the woman knows that he is there before he says anything. She leaves now.

Evangeline finds that woman was inspiring. Cristian is surprised to hear himself referred to as Evangeline's boyfriend.

Natalie's train doesn’t leave for a few hours and so she offers to go with John to his father's grave. He still wants her to come with him but not that day. "Natalie I didn't mean to shut you out before." She understands and apologizes for badgering him about his bad dream. They are okay again. They hug.

David is sleeping in his cell. He remembers the chase again. The officer warned him not to do this and told him that he has boys that are waiting for him… David panicked and moved quickly. The gun went off.

David wakes in a sweat.

Nash looks at a picture of the baby and Tess on his way out of town.

Antonio shows up at the house. He walks into the baby's room. "Tess!"

The young woman turns to face Antonio.

He only has to look in her eyes for a second before he realizes… "Jessica?"

She nods her head at him, smiling. He rushes to her and they hug tightly.

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