One Life to Live Update Monday 6/5/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

"How are you going to pay me a million dollars?" Dorian asks. David tells that Todd promised him that money for helping out.

John and Natalie talk about how they have just made love for the first time.

Hugh and Bo talk about finding out who framed Todd for murder.

Rex arrives and Hugh hurries it out of there.

"I just wanted to say that I am sorry," Rex says to Bo. "Thanks." Rex tells that he has passed all his classes and now he is a PI. Bo is surprised to hear that. "Come on Bo. I was right about Todd. Cut me some slack!"

Spencer tells Todd that it would be easy to let him die but Blair promised to do anything for him if he kept the man alive.

Blair enters the room now. "My god! He's awake! Todd!" Blair says rushing to the man.

"Can you hear me?" Blair calls. No response. Spencer tells that Todd has problems and Spencer has no idea what that might be right now. "He is getting the best care possible. Blair…Todd died remember? He is also heavily sedated now and that could be the reason for him not responding. I am doing everything possible for Todd. People are saying that I hurt him and that makes me feel bad." Blair reminds him that he saved Todd and she knows that whoever tried to hurt Todd will pay when Todd gets up.

Michael catches Paige as she tries to get out of her bed in her room. "I have to tell Bo…I have to tell Bo…Spencer…" Michael orders medicine to calm her.

He hears what she says…

"You should have come to me Rex about Todd," Bo tells "Todd was armed and he had a gun…you could have gotten yourself killed by barging in." Rex is sorry for what he did. Rex would like to think that the two are cool and that they can work together now that he is a PI. "Think about it."

Natalie is glad that John got justice. John has to figure out how David managed all this and with who… "Want something to drink?" he asks. He gets his pants on. She rolls over and knocks over some papers. She sees that the papers are of his dad…newspaper articles and such. "You can finally put this stuff away," she says.

John wants to go to the cemetery and see his father. He hasn't been there since the funeral. "I need to tell him that I found him…" Natalie offers to go with John to the grave. "You can come but give me some space when we get up there."

The phone rings and John sees that the call could be important.

"Yeah?" It is Hugh. "I can't find something in the file." John offers to come down and help him out.

He turns to Natalie now. "I am sorry." She doesn't want him to be sorry. He has to go but he will not be long. She goes to the bag with her things in it and starts getting her stuff out.

He comes to her and tells her that she can stay if she likes. She smiles and says that she will be there. Then. He gets his coat and goes to the hall.

Roxy sees him lip-locking with Natalie and she ducks out of sight again.

He has his back to her but he knows they are being watched.

She comes out of hiding pretty sure that she knows what is up with he and Natalie. He leaves.

Roxy turns to Natalie. "Are you never going to learn?"

Spencer is in his office.

Michael comes to see him and he tells how he wanted a piece of the man himself. Spencer denies that he has anything to do with this. "We are doctors…men of science…we gather information and you don't have all the facts Michael. Are you willing to condemn me?"

"John won't let me out of here alive," David tells. Dorian understands that. "I did it!" David shouts. "I can't take it back. You loved me once and you are the only person that I can say that about. Do you want to see me dead?" Dorian doesn't even know how she would get him out of jail if she could.

Blair talks to Todd holding his hand as she talks. She talks about his getting better and how wrong she was for not believing in him.

"Jack is very confused, and Starr never stopped believing in you…not once. I did and I am so sorry. Please come back…come back to us. I swear that I will make it up to you. I am so sorry.

Bo comes to see Paige. She is sleeping. "We are glad that you are okay. You are still beautiful and you are not alone. I am here and you have a son out there…whoever he is. He should be here right now. He would be if it weren't for Spencer. I didn't understand before but now I finally get it. I am here. I am always ready to listen, and I always have been. I haven't given up on you…"

Michael hasn't got facts but he does have questions about Spencer and the lies that he told. He worked in the same hospital as Schneider… Spencer says that there were many doctors around with that same name. "That wasn't something that Paige would have told me anyway was it? I have tried to be a mentor and a friend and our friendship is in question now." Michael brings up Paige and how she feels that Spencer is trouble too. Spencer says that Paige is trying to deflect her guilt onto him. Michael finds it funny that his brother and ex-wife who are the people that know him best have all gotten into terrible trouble.

"It was a good thing that Spencer was there to save you," Blair says. Suddenly, Todd has some sort of negative reaction and his body contorts and convulses. Blair has no idea what is going on and she starts shouting for help. The machines shout to alert the staff that Todd is in trouble. "Help!" Blair shouts. "Help!"

Rex, Natalie and Roxy talk over beer. Roxy tells Natalie that John isn't the type to change his spots.

"I am comfortable cash-ways anyway," Dorian says. Still she will help David escape. David tells her to use her feminine wiles to get him out of there. She won't do it. She won't help him after what he did to her. He should have treated her better. "You used to be the kind of man who used to be his own man." David only knows that he has to get out of there. "You just want to get out so that you can run David. Don't you think that it is time that you stopped running?" David considers taking a deal if he frames Spencer. Dorian likes that idea. She will support the destruction of Spencer Truman.

Michael and Spencer argue over the situation. "Michael you are the only friend that I have ever had in this town. I never had a son." Michael can relate. He hasn’t got a father and now he feels that he is losing a father all over again. Spencer can see that Michael's loyalty lies with John.

The phone rings and Michael tells him to take the call as they are through. Michael leaves.

Spencer answers to an emergency…

A doctor tries to tend to Todd as he bounces uncontrollably on his bed. Blair tries to help as well, but they can't stop the reaction.

Spencer enters the room and tries to hold Todd down as well.

The doctor who was first there rushes out for help. Todd asks what was going on in the room when the reaction started. Blair stays quiet.

Blair tells Todd that she was just talking about the kids with Todd when he got his reaction.

Bo goes to Paige and tells her as she sleeps that he is worried about her. He kisses her forehead. He leaves the room now.

Michael is in the hall when Bo walks out.

"Did Vickers confess yet?" Michael asks. Bo tells that the man hasn't as yet.

Spencer listens from behind a corner.

He hears how Bo and Michael feel that Spencer might be behind this whole thing. Paige isn't doing too well. Bo plans on talking to her the next day.

Blair goes back to Todd who has been stabilized. "Was it Spencer's name that upset you Todd?" He seems to be sleeping now. "I will never hurt you again. I promise you…I promise you."

Spencer goes into Paige's room. She turns her head up to him. "I know that you want to tell Bo what you know, but the truth is that you are not going to tell Bo anything…"

John and Hugh are at work and they discuss how they can get Spencer. They have to find someone who was at the scene of the crime to put Spencer there or they have nothing.

Natalie arrives and John tells how he is working on something but won't have answers until morning. He shows her a signature asking if she can make that out. She can't. "I figure that whoever signed this didn't want anyone to be able to figure it out," she says.

Dorian worries about Spencer because of Blair. "Why didn't you tell me about him sooner?" Dorian asks. "He shattered our happiness, and could still destroy Blair's. This is your chance to stand up to Spencer once and for all. Why don't you stand up to him and do it for me? There could be a bonus in it for you David. You help sort this out…" David is hoping that Dorian will take him back but she only suggests that his soul will be saved if he does this.

Bo tells John and Natalie to head home as they look really tired. He calls Rex into his office and they walk off.

Natalie feels they should go. John knows of a great place where they can get a couple of cold beers and they are off.

Rex figures that Bo will need someone to help them with the Cochrane case. Bo says that he just might but that Rex isn't to push his luck with all this. Rex leaves.

Hugh enters the office and tells that he talked to someone in Kentucky and there was someone in an official capacity who remembers that a man received the remains. "He should be able to recognize the person who contacted him."

Spencer shows Paige a document pertaining to the bodies that were moved. "Your name is attached to this document and in the process, you will drag Bo down with you. I don't care about Bo but I will hold on to the things that I hold most dear to me…"

Blair talks to Todd.

His eyes open and he stares at her. "Please hear me Todd. I love you. All he does is stare at her. "I love you," she says to him. She is holding his hand in hers.

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