One Life to Live Update Friday 6/2/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Cristian and Evangeline are kissing and he wants to take things further but she stops him. He wants to be with her and not just as a friend. He wants to date her but she doesn’t feel right about that at this time. "I am not good at relationships anyway, and I don't want to be a burden. I need you for everything, and Layla was going to get her own place, but now she won't, and I have to depend on everyone."

Nash reads the note that George left for him, telling him to disappear.

Tess comes into the room to see Nash who is with the baby. She sees that something is wrong with him. She knows he has been upset all night and she knows why.

John and Natalie talk about the work they did together in Thailand. He likes flying solo but working with Natalie was fun for a change. They smile at each other.

Spencer watches as Starr and Blair sit with Todd.

Starr sees him staring and she goes to talk to Spencer outside.

"Thank you for saving my father's life. Just so you know, when my dad gets better… we are all going to be a family again." Spencer looks in the window at Blair.

She is kissing Todd's hand now.

Marcie calls to Janice the social worker when she sees her at the hospital. The woman tells that the people who were going to pick up Thomas didn't show up and that has been a disappointment. Thomas will have to go to a state facility if they can't find someone to take him soon. Janice asks if Marcie has ever thought about being foster parents.

Spencer tells Starr that she should worry bout her father's recovery and nothing else right now. Whether she will get her family back or not isn't the main concern right now. He walks off.

Starr's friend is hiding around the corner and he waves at Starr to come over and talk to him. He hides as he and Starr are not supposed to be together. He heard about her dad.

Blair holds Todd's hand as she talks to him quietly. "We all miss you. The children miss you. We need you to wake up. I need to tell you that I am sorry…"

Natalie wants to talk about how they can get Margaret to tell the truth but John wants to forget about all this right now and concentrate on something else. They lighten the mood and talk about other things that make them smile. He knows that she has been wearing the same bandage on her leg for a while now and he offers to change it for her. "It doesn't matter," she says. "You can't get through my pants anyway." He tells her that she will have to put something else on then.

Cristian wants to move in sort of… "I want to help you get adjusted to things." She doesn't want him to be her nurse. She isn't blowing him off. She would actually like to explore what the both of them have but she won't let him move in with her. She wants to know what he is thinking. "Look Evangeline…I get what you are saying but I still want to help you." She needs to figure out herself what it is like to be blind. "You can't teach me that." He understands. "I guess that we have to go to plan B then."

Tess feels that Nash is worried about the DNA tests. She is sure that he will turn out to be the father. "This test is going to set up free and then we can go where no one will find us." She goes to get the baby's bottle.

George calls Nash about the message that he left in the baby's crib. Nash is angry when he hears the old man's voice. "I am not leaving my family," Nash says.

Marcie wants a family but never considered being a foster parent. Janice sees that Marcie is a natural and will make a wonderful mother. Marcie asks if she can spend some time with Thomas. Janice likes that idea.

Starr doesn't want her mother to see her with the boy that she shouldn't be hanging out with. They got in trouble for shoplifting and so the kids are supposed to be apart. She and her friend go outside. The boy came to see her when he heard the news. Her dad was dead and now he seems to be much better. Starr is just waiting for her dad to wake up. "My mom has been sitting by my mom's side the whole time. The other day…I had to say goodbye to my dad. I thought that…" The friends hug.

The guard watching David tells him that he will wish that he were doing time in Morocco again when they are finished with him. "I want to make a phone call," David says.

Dorian tells Spencer that she had a chat with David not long ago. "I can tell when David is lying… He is telling the truth when he talks about things now. David may be afraid of you Spencer…but I am not!"

"What is plan B?" Evangeline asks Cristian. Plan B was actually plan A at one point but Cristian changed his mind about that. "I found a center for the visually impaired and they are sending someone over to teach you a few things. They will show you how to set things up so you can find them." She lives for challenges and will try to do this. "Evangeline…you haven't taken the time to be sad or angry about what has happened to you." She doesn't do hurt very well. He offers to be there to catch her if she falls.

Natalie is in a robe now and watches as John changes her bandage. "Has anything changed for you now that you have been to Thailand? Can you be happy now?" He smiles. "what is happiness?" He is just glad that he found the murderer that he was looking for. He doesn't want to think about anything more that night. "What do you want?" she asks. He strokes her hair and then they are together passionately kissing.

Spencer tells Dorian that he isn't a careless man and that he doesn't leave loose ends.

Blair comes out of Todd's room now.

Dorian answer a call that she has to take.

"Yes…yes…Of course…I will be right there."

Dorian tells Blair that she has to leave and she promises Spencer that she isn't through with him yet. Dorian leaves.

Spencer says that it is fortunate for him that she doesn't buy into Dorian's theories. Blair can't stop thinking about how Todd is going to be when he wakes up. "Will he be the same man that he was?" Spencer has no idea. "there is something else," Blair says. "Why do you think that John and Evangeline are so sure that you set up Todd and Margaret's murder? Do you want Todd dead?"

Starr tells her friend about what happened and asks him to keep quiet about it. They are going to have sodas. Starr goes off to get them.

She returns really quickly telling how she banged the machine in the right place and got the free sodas. She has to get going now and so she walks off.

He decides to follow her.

Maria and Janice are with Thomas. Marcie holds the baby.

Michael comes to see the group.

Janice has some work to do and will return later. She walks off.

Michael and Marcie play with the baby. The child can't take his eyes off Michael. "So the foster people took off on the baby?" Michael asks. Marcie confirms that. Marcie says that Janice asked her if they wanted to be foster parents.

George says that if Nash leaves by morning that will settle the debt that they he has. "you have until morning."

Nash looks at his baby and tells her that he wants her so much. "If you were Antonio's…you would be safe."

Tess returns now and gives the baby a bottle. "There is something that I have to tell you," Nash says to Tess.

Blair tries to make sense of all that has happened. Spencer tells that he didn't have to save Todd but he did it. "That should tell you something." She keeps pulling away from him. "A lot has happened. Todd went to his death hating me. We have always been able to forgive each other in the past," she says. Spencer wonders what will happen if he does forgive her. "What will happen to us?"

"All I know now is that Todd is alive and I owe you for that. I said that I would do it and I will." Spencer wonders when was the last time that she slept. She will not leave. She wants to be there when Todd wakes. She goes back to Todd's side now.

"My dad is getting better."

Spencer turns to find Starr standing beside him.

"Will you forgive me?" Blair asks the sleeping Todd.

"You have to help me bust out of here," David tells Dorian when she arrives to see him in jail.

"you have changed me," Nash says to Tess. "I never realized that I hated the man that I used to be. I now realize what is important in life. You are stronger now and you can do this on your own." Tess is getting scared. "Why are you saying this?" He just needs her to know how much he loves her and Brennan. "I need you to remember that. remember that! "

the way that Cristian talks about her sight frightens her. Evangeline feels like she lost everything. "Nora…we used to meet in the park for lunch and we would go shopping. There are so many things that I am going to miss…and I can't see your face." She knows what he looks like but it isn't the same. "I am right here," he promises." He puts her hand to his face and she feels it. She touches his lips and then kisses them. She kisses him tenderly…

John and Natalie are in a love embrace, under the sheets. The passion rises. Natalie is winded. John looks into her eyes and then he is kissing her neck and all of her.

Janice comes to get Thomas for his bedtime. "Janice what would Marcie and I have to do to look after little Tommy for a while?" Michael asks.

Evangeline hurts less now, but she still hurts. "I am looking forward to tomorrow and learning how to see without my eyes." He knows that things don't have to change that much. He gets up and leaves her on the couch. "What are you doing?" she asks.

She suddenly hears slow dancing music. He returns to her on the couch and picks her up, taking her in his arms and holding her as they dance.

John sits staring into space while Natalie sleeps. "Is anyone ever really happy?" he asks aloud. "Maybe I have found what I am looking for…"

"what are you talking about?"

Nash's phone rings. "Answer that," Tess orders.

Nash gets the news that the results of the tests will be available in the morning.

Dorian can't believe her ears. "I agreed to help you find a lawyer and that is all David." David offers to give Dorian a million dollars if she helps him escape.

Starr enters her father's room. Blair tells Todd's figure that she is taking Starr home but she will be back. She touches his face. "when will he wake up?" Starr asks. Blair knows that Todd will be up soon. They leave the room now and walk past Spencer.

Spencer enters Todd's room and stands over the man. "I am keeping you alive for Blair you son-of-a-bitch because she said that she would do anything for me…" Spencer cackles like the evil being he really is. He looks up and stops laughing.

"Todd has left his unconscious state for just a moment to allow his eyes to roll open and stare up into Spencer's face… after a couple of seconds, Todd's eyes slowly roll shut.

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