One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/1/06


Written By Kim
Pictures by Jennifer

Evangeline and Cristian are in her apartment bantering back and forth about the lack of food in the kitchen. Cris comes in with a bottle of champagne. Vangie asks if they have something to celebrate and Cris tells her that this is her night. Vangie protests, claiming Todd's condition is still touch-and-go and Spencer is still a threat. Cris tells her that it's safe to breathe but that if she wants to hold off celebrating her client beating the death sentence there are other things they could celebrate. When she asks what, he tells her "For instance, us."

Kelly asks Adrianna to get her a pregnancy test, swearing her to secrecy.

Bo tells Hugh to stop beating himself up over Todd's case. Hugh asks Bo if the theory is that Spencer faked Margaret's death and set Todd up to take the fall. Bo says they don't have evidence that points directly at Truman yet but they sure have circumstantial evidence.

Dorian visits David in jail. She tells him that she only wants to know one thing...if he's guilty.

John and Michael are outside Todd's ICU room, with John telling Michael that Spencer is connected to their father's shooting. Natalie are off to the side talking about Spencer. Blair wants to know if Natalie believes Spencer tried to set Todd up. Natalie says "Yes, I do." Blair asks what proof she and John have. Natalie tells her "Margaret Cochran, alive and well. When Margaret remembers what happened she's going to want to know where her baby is and if she thinks Spencer has him she's going to turn on him in a heartbeat. Then it will all come out...Spencer's part in the McBain murder coverup, what he did to Margaret and what he tried to do to Todd"

Bo and Hugh question Margaret again with Kevin in the room. Margaret still claims she doesn't know what they are talking about, that she is not the person they want.

Dorian asks David if he shot John and Michael's father, if that's the murder Spencer has been holding over him. David accuses her of wearing a wire and she tells him that she's only there on her behalf. David asks if he can give her a little patdown :) Dorian assures him that she won't tell anyone what he tells her. They argue back and forth. David says "I came to you, I sucked it up, I told you that you were right. So my question is what changed? Why here? Why now?" Dorian tells him that after everything that has happened a part of her wonders if she should have stood by him.

Michael wants to confront Spencer but John stops him, telling him that now is not the time. John, Michael and Natalie get in the elevator leaving Blair and Spencer alone. Spencer asks Blair if she believes what they are saying about him.

Evangeline looks stunned as she says "You want to drink to us? There is no us." Cristian tells her that he thinks there is. Vangie says that they are just friends and Cris tells her that friends don't kiss like they did earlier. She argues that it was just the excitement of the night. Then she accuses him of just feeling sorry for her.

Blair tells Spencer that it's been a horrific day and it's hard for her to make sense of any of it. Spencer spins more bull about being shocked at Margaret faking her own death but Blair isn't buying it this time and begins to question him. Spencer asks that if he had anything to do with it then why would he save Todd's life? Blair gives in and tells him that he's been a good friend to her and she does trust him. But when he turns to leave she has a look on her face that tells a different story.

Bo and Hugh show Margaret some pictures of her victims hoping to jog her memory. Margaret is still claiming innocence. Bo sends her down to holding. Bo, Hugh and Kevin talk for a minute before Kevin leaves. Bo tells Hugh to get an exhumation order so they can see who the bodies really are and to find out who signed off on the DNA. As Hugh is leaving Bo's phone rings. It's a nurse from the hospital telling Bo that she is calling on behalf of a patient in critical care who listed him as next of kin. Bo panics asking if it's Matthew. The nurse tells him the patient is Paige Miller.

Back at the hospital Marcie walks in on Michael, John and Natalie, asking what is wrong. John tells her that they have their father's shooter in custody, David Vickers. Marcie is shocked and asks what else doesn't she know. Michael tells her that Spencer helped cover the whole thing up, then jumps up to leave saying he wants Spencer to look him in the eye and admit what he's done. John stops him.

David agrees to tell Dorian about the shooting. He explains that he wanted to be just like his father even though his father was a petty two-bit con artist. Spencer was his collector and David wanted to show his father he could do anything Spencer could so he offered to do one of Spencer's runs. It was a simple job, just picking up a gambling debt. He asked Spencer for a gun, wanting to show he could be a player. He admitted that everything after he picked up the gun felt wrong, but he was 16 playing chicken with the world. He went in and it turned out there was a drug deal going on. A cop busted in, he got scared and ran. The cop followed him shouting for him to freeze. David panicked and shot. The cop went down. David went to the hospital and prayed the cop would live but he didn't. David looked heartbroken when he told Dorian "He died, I killed him."
He went on, telling her that Spencer covered it up and got David out of the country. David said that he didn't even know who the man was until a couple of weeks ago. Dorian slams him for caving in to Spencer, letting Spencer destroy him, and especially for putting his self-interest first. David then admits to Dorian that Spencer set up the entire thing with Margaret.

Adrianna gives Kelly the pregnancy test and asks if she wants her to stay. Kelly says that she just wants to be alone. Adrianna leaves and Hugh stops in to check on Kelly.

Starr joins Blair outside Todd's Room. Starr confesses to Blair that she fell asleep in the sunroom and had nightmares about Todd and Margaret. Blair assures her that Todd is safe and everything is going to be fine. Kevin is standing to the side listening.

Bo visits Paige, who tries to tell him that she's sorry. Bo tells her that he knows all about Margaret and that they think Spencer is connected. Paige gets frantic, telling Bo that he can't go after Spencer.

John tells Michael that he can't confront Spencer. Natalie and Marcie agree with John. They finally persuade Michael to wait. John tells him that Paige, Vickers and Spencer will all pay in the end, that this is far from over.

Hugh and Kelly talk about Todd. Hugh admits he feels guilty and Kelly tells him that if anyone understands that, it's her.

Cristian is offended that Evangeline thinks it's pity. They argue and Cris tells her there is a lot more going on than friendship.

Paige gets so upset that she has to be sedated. She falls asleep begging Bo to leave Spencer alone.

Dorian tells David that she knew Spencer was behind him jilting her but that she always faulted him for not believing she was worth the fight. David asks Dorian for help.

Starr goes in to see Todd. Kevin comes up to Blair and says that he though Vickie would be there. Blair asks Kevin to watch Starr while she does something. Kevin asks where she is going and Blair says she's going to find Margaret and kill her.

Margaret is pacing in her cell, saying she isn't the person they say she is, when she suddenly has a flashback of her and Todd in the cabin. She looks completely shocked and says "What was that?"

Dorian tells David that a lot of people need her help right now but she's going to have to save her aid and comfort for her family. She tells him that he could have been her family but he chose to take a different path. Before she leaves she tells him that she will get him a lawyer. Bo comes in and tells David that he will cut a deal with him if he spills his guts about his brother.

Kevin stops Blair from leaving and tells her she has to be there for Starr, to always be there for her children in case anything happens and someday she can't. Blair tells him he's right and goes in Todd's room to be with Starr.

Dorian goes to Kelly's room with flowers but Kelly isn't there. An orderly is there making the bed and tells her that Kelly went with Hugh to get some fresh air. Dorian finds the pregnancy test that Kelly hid in the blankets.

Evangeline agrees that there is something between them but tells Cris that it can't go anywhere right now because the timing is off. They argue and Cris tells her his feelings are the same for her whether she can see him or not. "So you're blind. Deal with it. Deal with me". She tells him she doesn't know how. He tells her that they will figure it out together. He tells her to stand up. When she hesitates he asks "Don't you trust me?" She stands and he says "Come to me. There's nothing to stop you, nothing in your way". When she reaches him he asks if she believes him now, that he always means what he says and what he does. They share a passionate kiss.

Hugh leaves Kelly and Dorian alone. Dorian tells Kelly that she's worried about her...and about David.

Bo tries to persuade David to take the deal before Margaret does.

Spencer tells Blair and Starr that Todd is improving. He gives Starr his word that her father will make a full recovery. Starr leaves to call Jack and give him the good news. Blair thanks Spencer and gives him a quick hug before going back to Todd's side. Spencer says he will give them some privacy. Even though Todd is still unconscious Blair strokes his face saying "I'm so sorry. I'll always believe you from now on" while Spencer watches from the window.

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