One Life to Live Update Thursday 6/1/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Evangeline is taking off her shoes while Cristian looks around for food to cook.

He brings some champagne. They have to celebrate. She feels that she should be doing something but what. "This isn't over yet." Cristian hands her a glass. "There are things that we can do Evangeline… For instance …there is us."

Kelly isn't sure if she is pregnant or not but she needs Adrianna to keep her secret no matter what.

Bo and Hugh discuss how they are going to proceed. "Margaret faked her death and that is what we need to prove…But what about David?" Bo hasn't anything on David yet.

An officer comes to tell Bo that someone has come to see David and it isn't a lawyer.

David hears someone coming in. ***

Dorian only wants to know one thing. "Are you guilty?"

Michael and John talk about their father's case. Michael finds that it is all over now. John isn't sure about that. He knows that Spencer is involved.

Natalie tells Blair that she feels that Spencer is behind Todd's execution. "It is all going to come out Blair. Spencer's part in the cover-up…what he did to Margaret and what he tried to do to Todd is all going to come out."

Bo asks Margaret to tell him again how she ended up in Bangkok. She tells that she took at job in Bangkok when it opened up. Kevin is in the room now. Margaret doesn't recognize him. Kevin introduces himself. Margaret wants answers now. "Look I was held at gunpoint! I don't get this. This Margaret person just isn't me!"

Dorian tries to get David to open up but he suspects that she is wired and pretends to talk to her wires…wherever they are. She offers to be a sounding board and keep his secrets. He doesn't like her timing in all this. "Suddenly…you want me to spill my guts?" Dorian says that she is offering to help as he is behind bars. "I came to you Dorian and you didn't want to hear the gory details, but now you are all ears. We don’t get to pick our moments. I came to you and I told you, you were right. What changed?" She tells that after the day they have all had, she is starting to wonder if she should have stayed by his side.

Michael gets angry when he sees Spencer, but John stops him from over-reacting. There will be another time for that. John and Michael walk off.

Spencer goes to Blair wondering what the brothers might have been saying about him. She doesn't acknowledge that he is there behind her. She doesn't even turn around. He looks at her strangely now. "You don't believe any of that do you?"

"There is no us," Evangeline says. "We just got caught up in the kiss earlier." He finds her nervous but she is just pissed that he acts like the kiss meant something when she knows that he is just feeling sorry for her.

Blair tells Spencer that she is just shocked and confused by all that has happened that day. Spencer says that he feels the same way. "What gets me is that Bo feels that I am responsible for Todd being on death row." Blair thinks now how Spencer made the case for the DA. Spencer says that he wouldn't have saved Todd's life had he wished the man any harm. He leaves the area now.

Bo and Hugh show Margaret pictures of her victims. Three were able to survive but one wasn't so lucky. Margaret has no idea who these people are. "This woman," Margaret asks. "Is she dead?" She demands to have a lawyer when she can tell that no one in the room believes her story.

Bo calls for Margaret to be taken out. She is gone soon.

"That was weird," Kevin says. "She doesn't know me." Bo feels that Margaret has had a breakdown or is a world class liar." Kevin leaves now.

Bo wants Hugh to concentrate now on the autopsy and they have to find out who is buried in Margaret's grave. Hugh leaves.

Bo gets a call from a RN at the hospital. "I am calling on behalf of a patient who has listed you as the next of kin. The patient's name is Paige Miller."

John and Michael tell Marcie that David is in custody. She can't believe that. Michael tells that Truman has helped to cover-up what has been going on. He jumps to his feet but his brother is right there to stop him. "You are not going anywhere."

"Dorian Lord admitting she is wrong?" David asks. "Wow!" She is about to leave due to his sarcasm. He stops her. "I was a stupid kid and Spencer was the bad guy. I offered to do one of Spencer's jobs…go in and take the money and then go out. I asked Spencer for a gun to show that I could be a player. Everything after I picked up the gun was wrong. I was playing chicken with the world at sixteen…there was a drug deal going on and a cop busted in. The cop followed me and shouted for me to freeze. I panicked and shot and then the cop went down. I went to the hospital and he died. I killed him! Spencer covered for me…Spencer got me out of the country…I didn’t even know who this man was until recently." Dorian realizes now that this is what Spencer has been holding over David all along. "What really matters here is that you caved into Spencer… You let your fear destroy us and you put your self-interest first." David tells that Margaret is alive and kicking and that is because Spencer set the whole thing up.

Adrianna brings the pregnancy test to Kelly. She will take the test later. "I want to be alone now." Adrianna kisses her head and offers to be available if needed. She leaves now.

Kelly looks down at the box and starts reading the instructions.

Someone knocks. Kelly hides the box under her blanket.

Hugh comes in. "I brought you something."

Kevin is at the hospital. He looks across the hall.

"This isn't the way that it is supposed to be Todd," Spencer says taunting the comatose Todd. "You should be dead."

Starr comes around the corner past Kevin.

Blair arrives to assure her daughter that her daddy is safe now.

Spencer puts the syringe to the IV equipment.

Starr knows that this isn't over now that Margaret is back.

Margaret now sits alone in her jail cell.

Blair tells Starr that she needn't worry anymore.

Spencer has it all planned. "All I need is 10 cc's of something that will make it look like you had a heart attack… There are too many eyes on me right now. Your time will come though. Just like too many others who have crossed me in my path…"

Bo comes to Paige. She lies quietly in a room with tubes coming out of her from different places. She turns to him. "I tried…I tried…I have to tell you…" Bo tells her that he knows that Margaret is alive. "We are trying to figure out how she faked her own death… We think that Spencer is behind it." Paige's heart monitor starts speeding up, making a loud beeping noise…"You can't," she tries to say. "You can't…"

"I know that punching you will give you satisfaction for about ten seconds and then Spencer will make your life a living hell." Michael agrees not to attack the man now. John promises that this is far from over for them.

Hugh hands Kelly a tape of a game he and the guys had in the park. "Thanks," she says. "So, Margaret is alive…" Hugh hates that he handled the case the way that he did. "I presented an airtight case to the jury, but now what happens to Todd and his family depends on me." Kelly can relate.

Cristian is angry that Evangeline thinks his feelings for her are out of pity. "You have no reason not to face what is going on here. There is more than friendship."

A nurse comes to Paige's assistance and she tells Bo that he has to leave. Paige is trying to tell him something but the nurse sedates her and Paige falls heavily back on the bed.

Dorian hates that she wasn't worth the fight. She understands what David did…maybe, but is still doesn't change anything. He isn't trying to get her back but he needs help. "You are the only person who will help me. Will you Dorian?"

Kevin talks to Blair. She has something to ask him. "Could you watch Starr while I do something?" He can't believe that she is leaving Starr and Todd right now. "I have to go. I am going to find Margaret and I am going to kill her!"

Margaret is in her cell pacing and panicking about her situation.

A flash of an image comes to her mind. She sees Todd on his back, with his head turned from her and she is on top of him smiling.

As quickly as the vision comes to her, it leaves her again. "What was that?" she asks herself.

"A lot of people need my help David. You could have been my family but you took a different path."

Bo comes in now. Dorian leaves.

"You know Vickers…I have enough to put you away for life but I could always make a deal for you. You just have to spill about Spencer…" Bo says.

Kevin tries to stop Blair from going to kill Margaret. "You have to be here for your kids…You have to hold their hands. What if something happens and you are not here?" She sees that he is right. She goes back to the room.

She enters and goes near Todd's bed where his daughter sits.

Kevin watches for a moment and then leaves.

Spencer comes from around the corner.

Natalie, John and Michael come off the elevator.

Dorian comes to see Kelly and she isn't in the room. She finds the pregnancy test and wonders if Kelly is pregnant with Duke's baby.

Hugh has Kelly in the wheelchair and is taking her for a stroll along the halls.

He brings her back to the room now, and Kelly is surprised to find Dorian there. "What are you doing here?" Dorian puts on her phony voice. "Well hello!"

Evangeline doesn't feel that she can go along with what Cristian is saying about their feelings. She feels that this timeline isn't right for them to do anything but be friends. He disagrees but is willing to work things out her way for now.

"Stand up," Cristian orders. She doesn’t move. "Don't you trust me?" She gets up. "Now come to me. There is nothing to stop you." He takes the glass from her hand and she walks forward to him. "I mean what I say," he says. "…and what I do." They kiss now, and this time she goes with it…

"I just sent the orderly out to get you a cotton blanket," Dorian says. Hugh grabs his briefcase and leaves.

"So now you are playing chambermaid?" Kelly asks as Dorian makes her bed. "What is wrong?" Kelly asks. Dorian feels that the girl isn't getting better fast enough. "I am also worried about David. He isn't good at all."

Bo tells David that the first person to talk wins the lottery. "However, there are doctors that are talking to Margaret and they are going to get her to crack. Think about what I said Vickers… Just don't think too long!"

Spencer tells John that he will protect his good name no matter what. John warns Spencer not to leave town. He and Nat walk off.

"I have no intention of leaving town," Spencer says. He walks to Todd's room.

He tells Starr and Blair that Todd's tests are improving. "Starr…I give you my word that Todd will make a full and complete recovery." Starr leaves the room happy.

Blair goes to Spencer and thanks him. "I will give you two a little privacy," he says walking out.

"I am so sorry," Blair says to Todd. "I was so wrong…I shouldn't have ever stopped loving you…Todd…I will always believe you from now on…always…."

Spencer watches from outside the room, through the glass window.

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