One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/31/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Starr is trying to get information about her father.

Blair and Viki come out in a hurry to get to Todd.

Starr comes running up and she runs off with her mother when she hears that there is news about her father.

Viki fills Dorian in on the fact that David has been arrested and is inside the prison. Viki runs off now to be with Todd.

Adrianna comes to her mother to find out what is wrong with her and why she is looking so beat down and low.

Kelly is struggling to stand and Kevin is there when she falls. She tried walking out of her room. They feel awkward about him holding her.

Todd is brought into the hospital. "I can take it from here," Spencer tells the team, once Todd is placed on a bed. The team rushes out.

Spencer grabs a syringe on a nearby tray. He holds it straight up. "Well it looks like it is just you and me," Spencer says smiling.

"I have to get back to my room," Kelly says. He is cold to her. She wants to talk. "We might have things that we have to say to each other." He feels that sleeping with his son ended the idea of them having to say anything to each other ever again. She gives in. "It's done. We have nothing left to say to each other." She wheels herself off alone.

Michael and Marcie play with baby Thomas at the hospital. Marcie can't get enough of the boy and walks around hugging him. Marcie remembers that the boy's name is the same as Michael's father. She finds that to be a sign.

Dorian wants to wait a while before going to the hospital, and Adrianna has no idea why. She tells Adrianna that David is back and he is under arrest. She has no idea why and doesn't know why she should care. Adrianna knows that she cares.

John and Bo have David and Margaret in custody. They plan to make Margaret remember what happened with Todd when they thought that she was murdered. She worries now about what they might do to her. "A man was executed tonight," Hugh says. "I put that man in the chamber to get justice for you and your son." John knows that someone knows the truth. He turns to David. "Tell us what you know about Margaret and her son, and maybe wee can make a deal."

Spencer taunts Todd while alone with him.

"We are ready to go Dr. Truman," a staff member says. A full team of medical surgery staff enter…prepped and ready to go to work saving Todd.

Viki and Blair enter and Viki tries to calm the girl who wants to go rushing to her father. "You are going to pray Starr."

Starr goes to her mother demanding to have answers about her father and what happened to suddenly stop the execution. Blair tells her daughter that she has no idea what exactly happened but that Spencer is working on Todd now to save him.

"Todd is alone? With Spencer?"

Blair turns to find Evangeline behind her with Cristian. "Todd is in danger!" Blair doesn't understand what she means. "Todd is in danger," Evangeline shouts. "And the sooner that you understand that, the better things will be!"

Marcie is going to miss Thomas when he is taken from her. He made her realize that the perfect time to have a family is never perfect and so she has made a decision. "I want to have a baby? What would you say to that?" He likes the idea.

Kelly wheels herself up as Michael and Marcie are kissing. The sight of them makes her sad in a way. They don't know that she is there behind them.

Kevin comes to get her and bring her back to her room. He wonders what is up with her. He can see that loving her is going to be nearly impossible to stop. She looks at him hopefully for a moment. He hurries to say that it is going to be 'nearly' impossible but that he can still do it. She isn't surprised at the things that he says.

Blair and Evangeline argue over Spencer and his involvement in Todd's misfortune. Starr demands to know what is going on. Cristian has to intervene and get between the women. "I am scared to death," Evangeline says. Cristian reminds her that Starr is there and she is hearing everything. "Margaret was alive the whole time!" Evangeline says. "Margaret isn't dead?" Starr asks. "What is going on?" Blair tells her to sit down.

John can tell that David is hiding something and he is sick of them. He wants the two locked up, and he guarantees that will bring their memories back. Bo takes Todd out of the room.

Hugh is glad that Margaret is alive. "Where is your baby?" Margaret says that she didn't know that she had a child until David came to her door. Hugh wonders why David learned the truth and was willing to let Todd die. Margaret mourns her life in Bangkok. Hugh only wants to know who did this and why.

Spencer is in the middle of surgery. "There is a lot of damage."

Spencer remembers Blair begging him to save Todd's life. She promised to love him forever if only he would help.

Spencer tells the team now that they have to do all that he tells them…to the letter or Todd is going to die.

"David humiliated me in front of the whole town, so why should I care what happens to him?" Dorian asks. Adrianna knows that she cares. She felt the same about Duke and now he is dead. She is sorry for that. She could have been a better friend to the man. Dorian knows that what happened to Duke wasn't Adrianna's fault. Adrianna wants Dorian to think about how she would feel if David's life were in danger.

John decides that it is time to take Margaret to jail. They drag her off.

David shouts behind her to get a lawyer and say nothing. Hugh and John now encircle David. "What is this? Good cop! Bad cop?" He turns to Hugh. "Oh yeah Hugh…You are just the DA."

Spencer works on Todd but suddenly Todd goes critical.

Starr is thrilled. She knew that her father was innocent.

Blair goes looking for news.

She bumps into Viki. "Todd is still in surgery, and they know where to find us," Viki tells. Blair can't understand how she couldn't have believed Todd before.

Spencer comes to see the family and friends waiting for news about Todd. Blair and Viki search his face but can't read into it. He gathers all into the waiting area. "Well?" Blair asks impatiently. "Is he dead or is he alive?"

"It was touch and go for a while but he is a strong man and he pulled through. It will be a while before he can see visitors and even then, it will be family only." Blair and Starr head out fast.

Spencer finishes up and leaves.

Viki thanks Evangeline for her help.

Vangie turns to Cristian to thank him, in turn for his help.

Dorian sees that Adrianna has some guilt over Duke and what happened to him. She implores to girl to stop her self-blame.

Dorian turns now to the prison again.

John knows that David was involved in all of what has gone on. John has a picture of David as a kid and there is a witness that saw David do the shooting. John wants to be a part of the case, but Hugh wants to talk to Bo first. Natalie is there as well now.

John whispers to Natalie that Michael still has no idea what has happened. They leave together to deliver the news.

Marcie holds Thomas and waits.

Michael returns with Janice who is a social worker. She has found a home for Thomas.

A nurse comes to tell Michael that he is needed. His brother apparently is back in town.

Starr runs to the room where her father is.

Spencer shouts for her to stop. She can't go in there right now. "The next six hours are very crucial for Todd," Spencer says.

They all look in the window to the room where Todd lays.

Spencer whispers to Blair that things are still very grave. She knows that he did all that he could for them. Starr leaves to tell the others.

Blair thinks now to what Evangeline said about Spencer. She thought that Todd would be in danger with Spencer as his physician.

Spencer is in the room now, walking around the bed and watching over Todd as Blair watches.

Hugh says that the witness sketch looks just like David. David has nothing to say. Hugh will send him to a jail cell then.

"Guard!" David is escorted out.

Bo tells Hugh that they have to go back and talk to people to see what else they haven't heard before.

Kelly has no idea how long she has to say she is sorer before Kevin will forgive her but she will keep saying it.

Kevin gets a call from Bo. "Meet me at the station…I need to talk to you. Margaret Cochrane is alive. I will fill you in when I get to the station."

"What's going on?" Kelly asks. "Margaret is alive!" Kevin responds.

Marcie gives the child over to Janice. "I know that you will be a good baby," Marcie says. Janice can see that Marcie is attached already to the child. "Do you have kids?" Marcie says she doesn't but she wants to have some with Michael. "Okay Thomas…Bye…" Janice walks off with the child.

Kelly climbs on the bed.

Adrianna comes in. "Can you believe it? She and the baby were around this whole time and no one knew." She sees that Kelly is sad. She has a secret. "I need to tell someone."

Cristian and Evangeline are at the car. She has a lot of things to do. "It is only a matter of time before we figure out how Spencer set this whole thing up." He pretends to look for her 'off' switch. She can't help it. She is pumped. "The system that I believed in let me down. I need to see Spencer in jail." Cristian is quiet and she thinks that he must think that she is a real whacko. "Actually," Cristian says. "All I can think about is doing this…" He grabs her and kisses her full on the mouth.

John and Nat arrive at the hospital and get an update from Blair about Todd.

Michael comes up and John tells that the has news about their father's killer and it that it is someone that they both know.

Blair goes to the chapel. "God thank you for saving Todd…Forgive me…Forgive me for not believing in him…what's happened to my family?

Cristian and Evangeline really kiss now. She is stunned. "I …ah…thanks…" He tells her that she is welcomed. "Maybe you could just take me home," she asks. He will do that and he sees her into the car. "Watch your head."

While getting into the car on his side, he hits himself in the head for being so stupid.

"It was David Vickers," John says. "Vickers shot dad."

The crowd stands outside the prison and watch Bo come out with Margaret.

Hugh and David are the next to leave. David sees Dorian in the crowd and he only stares at her. "No comment!" Hugh shouts as he moves along.

"All this time…Dad's shooter has been walking around Llanview free?" Michael asks.

Spencer is alone over Todd's weak frame. "This is far from over…You see Todd…I always come out on top and this time will be no different."

Kelly asks for a favor. "Adrianna this has to stay between us no matter what. I need to have a pregnancy test."

Blair goes to Natalie. "Two hours ago, Todd was put to death and Spencer saved him. Now we know that Margaret was alive. Do you think that Spencer was behind all this? Did he put Todd behind death row?"

In Todd's room, Spencer remains in the room, keeping a watchful eye on Todd.

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