One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/30/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Antonio and Tess have a moment and they kiss…

They hear Nash's voice and back away from each other quickly.

"What's going on?" Nash asks.

Natalie tries to explain about David to a cop at the station but the man doesn't believe her. She isn't even a cop.

John and Margaret arrive at the prison. "Stop the execution!"

Viki turns and freaks out crying about seeing Margaret alive. Todd lies motionless strapped to the gurney… "Get him out of there!" someone shouts.

Kelly is in her room alone at the hospital.

Clint comes to see her. "I am here to ask you to do something for Kevin," he explains.

Kevin enters the baby's room. He looks down at the child in the crib. He looks at the toys …the stuffed animals…the bouncing pony…

He remembers Duke begging to play with him but Kevin was always busy with some report or other work detail.

Tess explains that Antonio has come over to see the baby. Antonio thanks Nash for letting him come over. He gives baby tips on how to keep the child from crying but Nash really isn't interested. "You have what you came for so there is no reason for you to stay." Antonio tells that he has hired Claudia to sing at his establishment. Tess finds this an interesting development. "What about the restraining order?" she asks. Antonio tells that the restraining order has expired. Nash feels that Antonio is trying to make them miserable. Antonio was only giving the girl a break. Tess congratulates Antonio… "Go ahead. Claudia can't do anything to hurt Nash and me now."

In the baby's room, someone with black gloves stands over the baby's crib.

The authorities fight to save Todd's life. Evangeline wants to know what is going on. Cristian tries to explain so she will understand.

Spencer turns and he is face to face with Margaret. The sight of her stuns him and he doesn't move.

Margaret looks at him and her body momentarily jolts. At the sight of him. She and Spencer lock stares.

"Save him!" Blair pleads to Spencer. "Come on Spencer you have to save him." Spencer doesn't move or turn his eyes from Margaret's face.

Evangeline hears Blair's cries and she asks if there is another doctor in the room who can help Todd aside from Spencer. "What is Todd's condition?" she asks Cristian. He tells that Todd doesn't seem to be coming out of it.

Nash says that Claudia isn't a threat to him, so in fact he doesn't care that Claudia will be around. Antonio asks about the paternity tests and getting them underway.

The baby can be heard through the monitor.

Nash leaves to go to see about the baby.

"Why didn't you tell him what he just walked in on Tess?" She sees no reason to tell Nash anything about that. Antonio tells Tess that just now Jessica was the one that kissed him back. Antonio is sure that if Nash hadn't returned when he did, Jessica would b e standing with them now.

All try to work on Todd but it isn't working.

Spencer comes out of his fog now and he rushes to the chamber… He pushes aside the others and starts the CPR himself.

"I was wrong," Hugh says. "I was wrong." He walks off.

"How in the world did this happen?" Viki cries.

Bo is confused about John ending up bringing Margaret back to town. John is still confused about it too.

"Margaret Cochrane…you are under arrest," Bo shouts. Margaret has no idea what she is talking about. John confirms that.

An officer comes to tell Bo that his niece needs him. Bo drags Margaret with him as he leaves. John follows.

Todd is flat-lining. Spencer applies the paddles. "CLEAR!" Todd's body jumps. "CLEAR!"

"Where are you taking my sister?" Bo tells Margaret's sister that she will be going up on charges and he advises her to go and get an attorney. They are at the station now.

Bo pauses when he sees David there before him. "What is he doing here?" John tells that David is the one who killed his father.

Kelly isn't sure that she can do anything for Kevin. "He hates me," she says. Clint feels the man was only lashing out. "He hates the world…I can't help him but this bitterness between you is making the situation impossible. Forgive my son for whatever it was that tore you two apart." Kevin finds that she isn't the one to forgive. Kevin didn't do anything wrong in her eyes. He wants her to keep fighting for her relationship or the war will stop. "I know that Kevin can be cruel, especially when he has been drinking but please forgive him…" Clint asks.

She remembers the savage way that he grabbed her and tore that ring off her finger.

"It doesn't matter to me anymore. Do you really think that Kevin could forgive me when his son is dead?"

"Never!" Kevin says from the doorway.

Antonio tells Tess that she didn't resist his kiss. Tess thinks that means nothing and threatens him if he tries to kiss her again. Antonio has something to show her. He has photos. "This is the mountain that Jessica and I went to…this is Christmas time…me and Jessica.."

Tess starts rubbing her head as she looks at the pictures. "These are real moments…real memories…remember this Jessica?"

Nash goes to his baby in the crib. "It is okay," he says picking the child up out of the crib.
Nash hasn't seen it but there is a note in the crib, in an envelope.

Bo is trying to deal with all that has happened.

John comes in and Bo tells him that he is to take Natalie and get out of there. "Good job bringing Margaret back." John and Natalie leave.

"Let's start with you Margaret. Who helped you fake your death?" Bo starts.

The paddles are applied repeatedly until there is finally a blip on the monitor.

Viki and Blair thank God!

"Mom!" Viki turns to find Natalie is back. She thanks her for whatever it was she did to help get Todd's life saved.

Evangeline and John go to a private room. "Do you think that Spencer would let Todd die on purpose?" John feels that with everyone watching, Spencer will do his best to get Todd up and around. John tells Evangeline that he has Margaret but that this is too big for her to have done on her own.

Spencer works with what he has. "We're losing him," someone says from beside him.

Todd flat-lines. Spencer rests now. "He's gone," Spencer says simply.

Spencer turns to the glass where Viki and Blair are waiting. He shakes his head at them, indicating that Todd is gone.

Blair begs that Todd be saved. Viki seems to have accepted what has happened. Spencer says that the only other thing that he can do is break open Todd's sternum and he isn't prepared to do that there.

Evangeline can't believe that Margaret is still alive. "Who are the bodies in the lake then, and where is Margaret's baby?"

Blair continues to beg Spencer to do something more to save Todd. He turns to her… He then looks at Todd's 'lifeless' body.

"And this is when we went to the zoo…and these were at the Children's Museum" Tess smacks the photos away. "Your tricks are not going to work Antonio! It doesn't matter what happens now for you as Jessica isn't here." He reminds her that the baby may belong to him and if that is the case he will fight for the child and he will win. "Do what is best for the child and for you. If I am the father…let me raise the child with Jessica." She wonders if he will leave her alone if the baby is really Nash's.

Nash holds his baby and rocks her.  That is when he sees the envelope. He tears it open and reads. 'I warned you…you destroyed my daughter's happiness and now I am going to destroy yours. You have until tomorrow to disappear and not come back."

"I didn't come to talk to you," Kevin tells Kelly. "I want to talk to Clint." They worry about Viki and how all this is affecting her. Kevin walks out.

Clint can see now that they all need to pull together. Kevin can't do that. Kevin can't even look at her. She loves him still but it doesn't matter, she feels. "Thanks for coming," she says. "I have always felt close to you. I always thought that you were like my dad. I am sorry to have lost that…"

Kevin returns. "Something happened at the prison and there is new evidence…"

They turn to the television. "…Todd Manning was scheduled for execution…" Clint rushes out.

Kevin stays to listen to the news. Kelly touches Kevin's hand but he quickly moves from her and leaves.

"…Todd Manning was executed tonight…"

Evangeline tells John that she has to make sure that Spencer doesn't get away with this. She walks off.

Natalie goes to John. "what a time it has been," she says. "I can' see Margaret letting an innocent man go to death row." John knows that Margaret just didn't want to get found out.

Margaret denies knowing anything that happened with Todd. "You have to believe me. I live a simple life as an accountant in Bangkok. I have his number right here…" David offers to help her with her purse but Bo shouts at him to keep still.

Hugh arrives with proof that Margaret was heavily involved in this. She denies it all. She says that she knows nothing of a baby. "I know that you didn't do all this by yourself. Now," Bo prods. "Who helped you Margaret?"

Spencer goes back to doing CPR on Todd. They need to get the man to a hospital.

John enters the chamber and tells Spencer that they have to get Todd to a hospital. Spencer really thinks that it is too risky to do anything else right now. He continues massaging the man's heart.

John goes to call for a team to fly out and get Todd to a hospital.

Spencer isn't sure that Todd is going to make it.

"I need a team in the air! Now!" John shouts.

Blair rushes into the chamber and as Spencer bounces pressure up and down on Todd's heart, Blair kneels by Todd, whispering to him…willing him to live… Spencer looks down at her as she cries over Todd.

"I will never give up on Jessica…no matter who the parents of that baby are." Tess knew that.

Nash listens from outside the room now.

"Nash and I are a couple and we will withstand anything that you throw at us!" Tess says.

Antonio gets a call.

Nash enters the room with the baby.

Antonio returns telling that the hospital call and the results of the tests are ready for them and they can get them the next day.

Margaret and David are alone now. She blames him for everything that has happened to her.

Todd is on a stretcher…clinging to life. Blair talks to him.

Cristian tells Evangeline that it looks like Todd is still breathing and he is ready to go. "Thank you for being my eyes Cristian."

Todd is taken out.

Bo and Hugh discuss the amnesia with Margaret. Bo is starting to buy the scene but wants to be sure. They reenter the interview room.

"I am really hungry," Margaret says. They have nothing to give her, they tell her. "You were in a rowboat," Bo says. " What did you do? Did you swim to shore?" Bo asks. Margaret tells that she has always been a good swimmer but doesn't know what he is talking about. "What about your baby?" Bo asks. "Who was the doctor that delivered your baby? Was it Dr. Spencer Truman?" That name seems to spark something in her.

Todd is taken out while Evangeline and Cristian stay back.

Blair wants to go with Todd but she is told to stay back. Spencer looks down at her disapprovingly and then he simply walks off.

Viki comes to stand with Blair as they watch the team go off to meet the helicopter.

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