One Life to Live Update Monday 5/29/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Tess is having her baby, and she has Nash and Antonio with her.  They talk to her, trying to comfort her and see her through the birth.  She sees that Jessica has arrived for the blessed event.  Tess orders her out of the room.  Jessica will not leave. She wants to help.  "One…Two…Three…Push!" The doctor announces the arrival of the baby.  Tess is preoccupied. She tells Jessica that she will not be the one to take care of the baby.

Todd is remembering Hugh going after him in court and getting him convicted…

Todd remembers the airplane going down while with John, getting transferred to another facility…

He remembers Blair telling him that she doesn't love him anymore…

The warden orders that the curtain be opened. 

"This is Karen Maxwell reporting live from prison, where Todd Manning is scheduled for execution tonight. Manning's sister, publisher Victoria Davidson, arrived here to be with him on what will be the last night of her brother's life. And it goes without saying, everyone's heart goes out to this brave woman.

Jessica reminds Tess that their mother is going through a terrible time right now.  Tess orders Jessica harshly to shut up!  Jessica wants to come out and be a comfort to her mother but Tess will not allow that.  "Just shut up!  No!  No!" Tess shouts.  Nash rushes to her side. "What is the matter?"

Rex catches up with Adrianna and offers to be a support to her.  He offers to take her home, thinking that she shouldn't be there.  Adrianna doesn't feel that Starr should be left alone.  This is the worst day of her life.

Starr sees Spencer going in the prison and she gets angry, shouting at the officer in charge not to let Spencer in.  The man explains that he has to, as the man has the right credentials.  "He just wants to see my daddy die for something that he didn't do!" she shouts.

John arrives with Margaret and David.  The guard there sees John's gun and orders him to drop it, not caring who he is right now.  John explains who he is, but the guard is less than impressed with that and just wants John to drop his gun.  "I am taking these two to the prison where a man who is innocent is about to be executed."  The guard explains that he had to be cautious as they came in on an unscheduled flight.  John asks that the guard allow him to use a phone so that he can make a call

Blair gets up and goes to the window to stand closer to Todd. The guard in the room tells her to stand back. She tells how she just wanted to talk to him and let him know that she doesn't want this to happen.  She gets a little hysterical now and the guard gets forceful.  "If you don't sit down, you're going to have to leave." 

Viki jumps to her assistance, calling to Blair.  Blair wants Viki to know that she never wanted this to happen.  Explanations are not necessary.  Viki knows that..Blair

The warden addresses the crowd.  "The microphone will now be turned on so that the prisoner can, if he chooses, make a statement to the victim's family. We will be able to hear him, but he won't hear you unless I press this button. Even so, please stay quiet, and refrain from emotional outbursts. Mr. Manning, Ellen Foley is here, Margaret Cochran's sister.  Is there anything you want to say to her?" Todd does have something to say…

Tess calms down. She tells Nash that she was watching the coverage for the execution and it was getting to her…that's all.  She admits to having some concerns about the tests determining who the baby's father really is.  She fears that she will not have her baby much longer if the child really belongs to Antonio. Nash hasn't got that fear at all.  She knows that she has to stay positive and she even feels positive when she gets to sit holding her baby as she does now.  He knows that she has doubts, but he knows that she tries to fight them anyway.  She she He knows

Nash gets a call from George who taunts him about his baby. 

Nash tells Tess that he has to talk a little business and he gets himself some privacy.

George tells Nash not to get too attached to the girl as she may not be his.  Nash doesn't want parenting advice from someone who raised a sick-o like Claudia.  George knows that Nash is probably already attached to the little girl and he reminisces about how it feels to be a father.  "What I want," George says.  "Is for you to get out of town and away from my daughter."  Nash isn't going anywhere.  "She followed me here," Nash says.  George doesn't care about that.  His daughter, in his eyes can live anywhere that she wants in his opinion.  "It is you that has to move away from her…" Nash wouldn't go near her anyway. He thinks that she is crazy.  "George .g,.I wouldn't use that word about my daughter, not after what you did to her," George warns.  Nash finds that the man is getting over the top with all this nonsense.  George says that if Nash knows what is good for his daughter, he will get out of town now.  "Now, there you go threatening my daughter again," Nash points out.  "Who's threatening? I'm stating facts. And you'd better start facing them."

Dorian and Starr tell the guard at the gate that Spencer can't be let into the prison.  Spencer jokes with her that he did pull some strings to get clearance to get in.  Dorian finds that an admission that he shouldn't be in there and he knows it.  Spencer says that he needs to be inside the prison to a supportive to Blair while this is happen. ".sssShe doesn't want you there. Nobody does!" Starr shouts at him.

A nearby reporter sees that Starr is having conflict with Spencer and they rush over to see what is going on.

Dorian gets angry when she sees that the reporter is advancing on Starr to take advantage of the moment.  Starr wants to talk to the reporter but Rex intervenes and tells her that she really shouldn't be doing this right now.  Starr ignores him and turns to the reporter, talking into the mic.  "This man wants my daddy dead so that he can be with my mother," she shouts.  Dorian is beside herself.  "This is absolutely outrageous. She's just a little girl. Please, show some respect for her privacy."  The reporter asks Starr is she would like to continue talking.  She does.  "Spencer pretended to be our friend but he really isn't!" Dorian is powerless when it comes to stopping this, and she knows it.  "Starr!  Stop this!"  Starr will not listen to her either. She too hated Todd and Starr knows that. "No one knows.  No one knows that my father is a good man," she says sadly.  Someone shouts out that Todd didn't want that baby born, and that is why this happened.  Another person in the wings says, "That's why he killed the mother."  Starr begs that someone believe her that her father is innocent. "Please!  Someone believe me!  Please!"

The security guard is still trying to get John to drop his gun.  The man will not believe anything that John says until he can check it out for himself.  "Here is my badge," John says but the man only wants John to drop the gun.  Margaret finds an opportunity to help herself and she tells the guard that she isn't a prisoner and that she is being kidnapped.  Natalie tries to explain who Margaret really is, but the man will still not budge.  He holds his gun on the group and orders them to get their hands up, and orders John to PUT THE GUN DOWN!  "All right, all right," McBain says.  "Take it easy. I'm putting my stuff down. Got it? There go the gun. Now, if you just let me show you my badge, everything will be all right. You got it? Go ahead, have a look. Go ahead. The guard lets his guard down and leans in to check John's ID.  John overpowers him easily…"Oh!" Margaret exclaims.  "You can't do this," the guard says strongly.  Too late! It is done. Vickers makes a move to get a leg up on the situation but John sees him and orders him to smarten up.  "You make one more move, I swear it'll be your last."

Todd makes his last speech ever… "I would never hurt my own children. I want you -- I want you all to look at me now because you're seeing the death of an innocent man."

Nash goes to see Claudia.  He shouts for her to open the damn door.  She wants to know what he wants from her.  She is just out of the shower and tells him to keep his pants on…or not.  "Cut it out. Let me in Claudia. I just came in to tell you to call your father off."  She hasn't idea what he is talking about.  He doesn't believe that.  He just got a phone call and is sure that she knows all about it.  He tells how George threatened his little girl. 

Tess talks to her little child about Nash and how he thinks that she hasn’t noticed that the phone call that he just got upset him.  "You are going to know everything when you are older cause I am your mom and I will teach you everything that you need to know. I will be your mother…not her!"

Antonio shows up.  "Tess!" She is surprised to see him as she thought that he was still in the hospital.  Turns out that he has been released.  Antonio addresses the baby now.  "How are you?" Tess answers for Brennan? "She's fine."  He wants to hold her but she is reluctant.  After a while she gives in.  She only let him hold the baby before because she was concerned about his condition. He tells her that she should let him hold the baby in case she turns out to be his. He knows that she must be stressed dealing with the family problems and having to learn how to deal with a new baby as well. He knows that she must be having it hard with the crying and getting used to a new person in the family. She can't hold it together most of the time…  she watches as he plays with the tiny child…She smells so good to him.  "That is because her daddy gave her a bath before," she says.  The baby is a little cranky and Antonio has the pill for that.  He sings to her in his native tongue.  "Munequita linda  …de cabellos de oro  … dime si me quieres. "

The warden answers the phone when it rings.  "This is warden fisher. I see. Yes, I understand." The warden hangs up. 

He addresses the crowd now.  "That was the governor's office. He has declined to grant a stay. The execution will proceed on schedule. Mr. Manning, do you have anything else to say before your sentence is carried out?"

John checks the guard for a phone and the man doesn’t have one.  John finds that pitiful. 

Sirens can be heard in the distance.  John has to make a quick decision.  "Nat!  Put them in the his car…we will have to take it."  As they get into the car, David scolds the guard telling him that he really is a bad security guard.  The man sees they are leaving and asks what he should do now.  "I suggest you get walking," John advises walking off.

Todd continues his speech…"There's -- there's someone I want to talk to. Someone I love very much. I want to talk to my sister. I -- I have done many rotten things in my life. I hate myself for what I did. But I -- I found out you were my sister, and I -- and I saw you fighting Victor's legacy. You know, I tried. I tried to do it myself, but I couldn't. I failed you, I'm so sorry. That's why I'm here. I wish I would have learned more from you. I'm -- I'm not going to be able to -- I'm not going to be able to see my children, so I -- I hope that you'll look after them for me. And you teach them how important it is to be like you. You're so strong, and you love so many people. Don't -- don't let them forget how much I love them. Evangeline -- oh, god. Thank you so much for everything. Don't cry, don't cry. Don't cry, dear. I know I haven't made things easy for you. But I have to tell you -- You were more than my lawyer. You were the dearest friend I ever had. I want you get your sight back, ok? I'm glad you don't have to see this. That's it. I'm done.

Evangeline whispers…"I'll never forget you."

The warden asks Todd if he has anything else to say… "No," is his quiet reply.

Starr can't understand why no one will believe that her father is innocent of these crimes.

The reporter gets word on what is going on in the prison. 

"Starr…we've just gotten word that the governor has refused freto grant a stay of execution."  Dorian is angered beyond words.  Starr doesn't understand and turns to the reporter to repeat what was said.  without words being said, Starr suddenly understands. "No!" she cries.  Rex shoos the reporters away.  They don't move.  "You heard him!" Dorian shouts. The reporters go.  Dorian turns to Spencer as well now.  "Why don't you go as well?" Rex wishes that the man would go as well.  Spencer tells Starr that he wants to be inside to help her mother deal with what is happening. Starr doesn't want him in there.  She begs the guard not to let Spencer in there.  "Let me in to see my dad!"

Adrianna can't believe this day. She knows that this will go down as the worst day in Starr's life for sure. Rex is just surprised that Spencer watched the whole thing with Starr just now.  Dorian hates him and Rex feels that Dorian isn't always a bad judge of character where he is concerned. Rex goes on to admit that he believes that Spencer had everything to do with what happened to Todd.  Adrianna understands Rex's position now.  "That's why you helped Todd escape? Rex had to help Todd.  Spencer is too big and formidable for anyone to fight alone.

Margaret wants to go to the bathroom but she doesn't get permission.  David says that he has no reason to be there, and that all they need is Margaret.  He denies John's accusations about being his dad's killer.  He says that the sketch that he has might look like him but it isn't.  The four turn their faces forward now, hoping to get to Todd in time to save his life.  It looks like they might not make it.

Blair wants to talk to Todd but that won't be allowed.  The warden instructs her to please calm down and take a seat.  "I have to tell him how sorry I am," she whines. She looks at his face and can tell that he wants to say something to her.  It is too late for talking.  Todd had his opportunity for that. "We have kids."  The warden knows that but now isn't the time.  That time has passed.  Todd sees that Blair is having a hard time with this and he calls out from his stretcher.  "I have something to say to her…"she fees"It Todd T

Margaret's sister is angry that Todd is still talking and the execution is not happening quicker.  "How long does he get to torture us?" she asks.  Viki asks her to please relax as Todd is going to be gone soon anyway. 

Todd tells that he can't forgive and that he will return to haunt after he is gone.  It is too late for forgiveness.

Antonio and Tess talk about her family friend and the things that they have endured lately.  The family has been going through hell.Antonio  Tess doesn't care for Todd much but she knows that what is happening to him hurts Viki a great deal.  She feels that she is one of the problems that Viki has had to endure.  Antonio wishes that Jessica were there as she was the one that everyone leaned on.  Tess finds that hard to believe.  Antonio isn't joking.  Tess laughs at him for what he is saying.  "She has a different type of strength from the type that you have."  She sees his chatter as insulting to her.  Antonio didn't mean to make her feel that way.  "Just shut up Antonio!" She rubs her head.  Antonio leans in…"Jessica can you hear me?" She She ru

Natalie checks for flashing red lights behind them as they drive to save Todd's life.  Natalie suggests stopping at a pay phone to make the call instead of continuing to drive in.  Natalie still has to pee.  "We're not stopping," John says.  He feels that no one will believe them if the just call in. He feels a call saying that Margaret is alive, might just look like a crank call.  He turns the radio on to see if he can get some news.

"The governor has refused the request by the attorney representing Todd Manning for a stay of execution. Manning is scheduled to die at 9:00, which is two minutes from now."

Natalie sees a sign that tells them that they have three miles to go.

Blair sees Spencer enter the viewing room.  Evangeline hears Blair call to him when he enters. She is not pleased.  Viki isn't pleased either. He shouldn't be allowed in there as he isn't family.  Spencer tells Blair that he is there to be with her.  Evangeline is getting hysterical.  Bo wants to see Spencer's pass to get in the building.  Spencer's pass is valid and so there is nothing that they can do to get him out of there.  Viki really has to wonder how it is that her family can be devastated twice that week, and Spencer be involved in both horrific incidents. 

The warden addressees the crowd with the speech to start the execution.  He refers to what they are going to do as the 'Will of the People'. 

Viki finds that laughable.

"I hereby order that Todd Manning be put to death by lethal injection for two counts of first-degree murder with special circumstances. May god have mercy on his soul."

The group arrive at the prison gate.  "Dammit!" John shouts.  He knows that it is going to be hell to get through that crowd in time.  He wonders if there is a back way in the prison. 

Nash doesn't believe that Claudia is going to work in a bar. She is an alcoholic after all.  He will check with Antonio about this.  For now though, what he really wants is for Claudia to make her father leave him alone. She wouldn't know what to say to him. "Think of something! If anything happens to my little girl, your daddy's going to find out that he is not the only one who can make threats."

Antonio works at breaking Tess down.  "Your family needs you Jessica…" Tess rubs her head while he talks to her.  He is trying to pull Jessica out…pull her out…  "I need you. I need the woman I love."

John grabs Margaret, while leaving Natalie with David.  "Keep an eye on him.  We are going in."  He grabs Margaret and drags her behind him.  She doesn't like him manhandling her like this.  He couldn't care less.  "I'm one of the few people who remembers who started this whole thing. Now, let's go. Come on."

The chemicals have been given to Todd. He lays very still now.  Blair watches everything.  They can't tell if he is still breathing or not.

John comes to a guard and tells him that the execution has to be stopped. "I am a police officer."

"What have they done to Todd?" Blair wonders aloud.

The guard tells John that he can't be let in the prison as the execution is underway.  It can't happen as I have the victim right here with me!"

The warden tells all that Todd is gone now.

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