One Life to Live Update Friday 5/26/06


Written By Rebecca
Pictures by Jennifer

Jack is at a sleepover. Blair is at home and asks Dorian to keep Starr away from the television. Starr tells Blair she knows Blair cannot wait for this to be over so she can get on with her life. Starr also lashes out at Dorian. Dorian offers Starr support. Blair tells Starr she loves her. Starr asks to be excused. Blair leaves for the prison. Blair tells Dorian to speak to Starr about Todd respectfully because he is her dad. Starr comes back downstairs and tells Dorian she wants to go to the prison. She states she will call a cab. Dorian states she will take her.

John and Natalie are on a plane headed back to Llanview with David and Margaret. John states the plane is going too slow, but they still may be able to make it. Margaret asks what they will do with her once they get there. Natalie states they will save Todd and get her help. Margaret wants this to be over. David makes wisecracks. Natalie tells John it is not his fault if they do not make it in time. John tells Natalie she really came through for him this time.

Page confronts Spencer at the police station. Spencer tells her to stop and think what she is doing. This is not worth it. He also tells her that she should not sacrifice her life for Todd. After Spencer leaves for the prison to comfort Blair, Page states she plans to stop this execution anyway. Page finally speeds to the prison to stop the execution and appears to be involved in a wreck. Lights are seen and brakes are heard squealing.

The prison is packed outside with people protesting and also in support of the Toddís execution. Evangeline has tried to call the governor with no answer. Viki is upset, and Clint offers his support. Bo arrives at the prison and notices how the press is hounding Blair. He gets the press to back off. Viki states she is not giving up. Hugh defends Todd getting the death penalty to the press. Hugh tells Viki he is sorry for her loss. He is referring to her grandson, Duke, and not to Todd. Hugh says he knows Manning was the right man. Starr arrives at the prison. Viki hugs Starr and tells her Todd loves her. Starr asks Viki to keep Blair away. Blair sees Starr and tells her she wants to take her home. Blair finally decides to let Dorian watch Starr. The prison opens to let the public in. Clint states he is going home because there is nothing more he can do. He asks Bo to take care of Viki. Starr tells Adriana to drop dead because Dorian and she do not believe in Todd. Spencer arrives and begins to enter the prison. Starr sees him and confronts him. She cannot believe he has the audacity to come.

Inside the prison, Todd is very nervous and agitated. The guards threaten to place him in a straight jacket. The priest explains the procedure to Todd. Todd refuses a sedative. Todd looks at a family picture and has a flashback to Margaret telling him the baby was kicking. He states he could never kill his own child. Evangeline comes in and tells Todd the governor refused his request for a stay of execution. Todd breaks down and cries and tells Evangeline it is not her fault. He tells Evangeline he does not want to remember Blair the way it is now.

Evangeline states she does not want Todd to die being so angry. She states there is still time. Todd breaks down again as Evangeline leaves. The guards tell Todd it is time. They take him to the execution chamber after getting the chamber ready. Todd breathes heavy, and the guards hold him up as he walks his final walk to the chamber. Meanwhile, Evangeline and Christian enter the execution viewing room. Hugh also comes in and asks Evangeline if he can sit by her. Evangeline tells him to take a front row seat and to stay away from her. She then gives him a piece of her mind. The guard tells Evangeline to turn off her phone. Evangeline begs God to save Todd. She states she would gladly remain blind if only God would save Todd. Blair comes in, and Margaretís sister tells Blair she prays for her and her children. Blair is tearful and asks Evangeline if this can still be stopped. The guards secure the straps on Toddís arms and legs, and Todd is visibly very scared. Viki enters the room and sits down.

The curtains are opened. Blair breaks down. Viki and Evangeline also begin to cry.

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