One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/24/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer


Asa’s mansion

Viki looks at Duke’s hat, and is sad that he is gone. She questions Clint about Kevin, and where he is. They both feel guilty about what had happened at the funeral. Viki doesn’t know how she will go on from here since Duke is gone, and she will soon be planning a funeral for Todd. Clint doesn’t share her feelings about Todd.

Todd’s and Blair’s mansion

Starr sits on the sofa and looks at an album which contains pictures of their family. Blair comes in, and she quickly hides the album behind the cushions. Blair asks her what was that, but Starr refuses to tell her. Blair, in no mood for Starr’s antics demands to know what that was. Starr finally tells her that it was an album of their family pictures.

Todd is brought into the visitation area. The guard, sits him down at the table, and hands him a menu where he can plan his last meal. A guard shows Spencer into the visitation area.

Vangie and Cris arrive at the governor’s office. Vangie asks Cris how does she look. He lets her know that she looks fine. Vangie thanks him for coming with her. They walk into the governor’s outer office. They are greeted by the receptionist. Vangie lets her know that she needs to see the governor. The receptionist tells them to have a seat for it may be a while.

Natalie can’t seem to get through to John. Natalie blames David for this situation with Margaret. David denies knowing that Margaret was alive until a few days ago.

John surprises Margaret in Pradbury Park. He can’t believe his eyes that Margaret is still alive. She gets up to leave, but he stops her.

Clint and Viki argue over Todd. Clint reveals that he doesn’t believe Todd. Clint brings up Norman Leeds. Viki lets him know that she doesn’t want to discuss Norman Leeds. Through desperation, Clint tells Viki that he just wants Duke back. Dorian pokes her head in the door, and asks if she is interrupting.

Blair tells Starr that she doesn’t want Todd to die. Starr throws it up to her that she hadn’t done anything to stop it. Blair lets her know that Todd had given up his right to an appeal. They argue as usual. Starr insists to Blair that Todd is not lying.

Todd wants to know what Spence is doing here. Spencer promises that Blair and the children will be taken care of. Todd lets him know that he is going to get proof that he is indeed innocent. Spencer reminds him that his family will be taken care of.

John and Margaret struggle as police officers approach. Margaret denies knowing any Todd. Margaret starts to scream, but John holds his hand over her mouth .

David lets Natalie know that John is out for blood. He also tells her that Margaret doesn’t even remember Todd.

John forces Margaret to follow his lead. He holds a gun to her ribs. The officers approach them. Margaret tells them something in Thailand, and they leave. John asks her what had she told them.

Cris leads Vangie to a chair. He helps her to sit down. They discuss Todd, and how she wants to clear his name. They discuss Spencer and his involvement in all of this. Cris reassures her. She thanks him for his vote of confidence. The receptionist comes out, and tells them that she can see the governor now. The receptionist leads Vangie to the governor’s office.

Spencer thinks that Todd is mighty desperate. Todd wads up a piece of paper, and throws it on the floor. He kicks a chair as he approaches Spencer.

Viki, Clint and Dorian discuss Kelly and her coming to Duke’s funeral. Clint thanks her for being at the funeral. Viki and Dorian begin to argue over Kevin, and the things that she had said about him at the funeral.

Spencer denies killing Margaret. They discuss Blair and how that Spencer comforts her through the night.

Natalie questions David as to who had framed Todd. She tries to call John, but gets no answer. John and Margaret come in. John handcuffs her, and sits her down on the sofa. John tells Natalie that he has less than 24 hrs to clear Todd.

Viki and Dorian continue to argue. Dorian apologizes for the things that she had said. Dorian goes to the double doors, and opens them. She gives a statement to the press. She invites everyone to the prison for Todd’s execution by lethal injection.

Blair looks at the album of their family. She remembers what Starr had said to her about her being weak. She lays the album on the desk, and yells for Starr and Jack. They come hurrying downstairs. Blair tells them that they are going to see Todd. Jack raises opposition to going to see Todd. There is a knock on the door. It is Spencer. Blair lets him know that they are going to see Todd. Spencer raises opposition, but Blair lets him know that it is not his concern. Blair catches Jack by the hand, and they leave the apartment. Spencer looks at the album on the table. He vows that he has come too far to lose Blair now.

The governor promises to take the matter into consideration. Vangie’s cell phone rings. It is Todd. Vangie gives him the decision of the governor.

Viki gains the support of the camerman. She asks Clint is he going to the prison with her. They discuss Kevin and how that he needs to be found. Viki leaves Clint and Dorian alone.

Clint fills Dorian in on how that he, Duke and Kevin were going to take an across country trip, but now it was too late.

Blair and the kids visit Todd. Starr rushes to Todd’s side, and hugs him. Blair tells Todd that they need to talk. Todd orders her out, but leave the children. Blair insists on staying, but the officers takes her out .

John, Natalie and David tries to think of an idea on how to get back to Llanview with David and Margaret. David remarks that he has an idea. John orders him not to push him. John calls the prison while Natalie tries to call Viki. Natalie can’t seem to reach Viki, John manages to get through to the prison and talks to a guard. He tries to tell the guard that the woman that Todd is accused of killing is alive. He cannot make the guard understand.

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