One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/23/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Llanview Hospital

Cris comes into Antonio’s room to find him getting dressed. Cris doesn’t like the idea of him leaving the hospital, but Antonio insists that he will come back next week for tests. Antonio insists that he needs to be at Duke’s funeral for Jessica. Antonio admits that he loves Jessica, and needs to be with her or he will go crazy.

St. Anne’s

Kevin looks up to see Kelly. He slowly gets up out of the floor, and orders her out. Kelly insists on staying. She tells him that she had come there to see her friend. Kevin becomes angry, and asks her if that is what they are calling it now. Kelly begins to cry as Dorian rushes to her side. Clint and Viki try to calm Kevin down. Kelly admits that Kevin is right, and she will always blame herself for his death. Kelly questions him as to why he had chosen to save her life instead of saving Duke’s life.

Hugh goes through some papers as Vangie is shown into his office. He tells her that it is good to see her. He shows her the way to a chair. Vangie tells him that she needs his help. He wonders what she could want from him. Vangie tells him that she wants a court order to have Margaret’s body and that of her unborn child exhumed.

John is shown into Margaret’s office. John flashes his badge as he asks her some questions. The receptionist lets him know that his badge will be no good in Thailand. He asks to see her supervisor. The receptionist leaves the room. John immediately begins to go through Margaret’s desk drawer. He finds a drawer locked, but soon opens it. He finds Margaret’s diary inside. He reads some of the passages in the diary. He wonders what Margaret’s secret place is. He hides the diary in his pants. He closes the desk drawer, and leaves the office.

David thanks Natalie for moving him to the sofa. Natalie, on the phone, tells him not to expect too many favors as long as Margaret is thrashing about. David denies that Margaret is thrashing about. Natalie notices that John is still not answering his phone. Natalie knows that they need to get Margaret back to Llanview if it is going to save Todd’s life. David reminds her that John will kill him unless she helps him. Natalie wonders why she should help him after all he had killed John’s father.

Kelly tells Kevin that he should have just let her die. She also wonders why Kevin hadn’t given Duke another chance then maybe, they could have both survived.

Blair asks Spence if this is true. Spencer lets her know that he just doesn’t know.

Viki tries to talk some sense into Kevin and Kelly that this is not the way to honor Duke’s memory. Kevin refuses to honor Duke’s memory as long as Kelly was there. Dorian speaks up, and reminds Kevin that he was the one, who had thrown Kelly into another man’s arms. Kelly orders them to stop it. Dorian also reminds Kelly that she should have left Kevin when she found out that Kevin was sterile. Viki butts in, and orders Dorian not to insult her son like that. Clint orders them all to stop it, and now.

Kelly and Kevin continue to argue over Duke, and their love for him.

David and Natalie discuss John, and why he had come to Thailand. Natalie defends John that he is not an animal, and he just wants to put the man behind bars that had killed his father.

Blair reminds Kelly that she needs her rest, and she needs to get back to the hospital. Spencer agrees with Blair that Kelly needs to go back to the hospital. Adriana speaks up, and speaks her piece.

Tess tells Nash that she wants to go home. Nash thinks that it may be a bit awkward if they got up and left. Tess begs him to leave. Nash finally agrees. Tess begins to hear Jessica’s voice urging her to stay. Jessica thinks that being a Buchanan is a blessing. Tess thinks that it is a curse.

Cris wonders what Antonio is thinking. Antonio lets him know that he is not going to do anything stupid. Cris is glad to hear that. Antonio admits that he had thought about locking Tess up in a room just him and her, and remind her of all the things that they had shared. Antonio asks about Vangie. They discuss her losing her sight.

Vangie and Hugh discuss exhuming Margaret’s body. Hugh asks if she thinks that they weren’t murdered. Vangie tells him that they were murdered alright. Hugh refuses to help her have Margaret’s body exhumed. He leaves the office.

Vangie tries to call Layla, but gets Cris instead. She fills him in on what she plans to do to visit the Governor.

John comes back to the hotel room with Margaret’s diary. He wonders if David had caused her any trouble. They discuss the diary, and Margaret’s secret place. They realize that if they can solve this code then they can save Todd. They realize the diary is written in some sort of cryptogram.

Nash apologizes to Kevin for what Tess had said. Kevin realizes that Tess may be the only one that is telling the truth. Clint thanks everyone for coming. The pastor asks for a moment of prayer for Duke’s soul.

Dorian offers to take Kelly back to the hospital.

Blair and Spencer remain. Blair wants to talk to the priest about planning a funeral for Todd. Viki overhears their conversation. Viki still believes that Todd is innocent, and will be released.

Spencer calls David and tells him to get Margaret out of Thailand before John finds her.

John thinks that he has found a way to find Margaret.

John approaches Pradbury Park, and finds Margaret sitting cross legged on a bench. She opens her eyes as he approaches .

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