One Life to Live Update Monday 5/22/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Llanview Hospital

Kelly lies in her hospital bed. She listens to a news report on the death of Duke Buchanan, in which they had talked to Dr. Spencer Truman.

Blair talks to Spencer. She tells him that Todd is going to die, and her and the children can’t just pack up and move on. Spencer tells her that Duke had died on his watch, and his brother David is missing. He confides in her that he is a bit overwhelmed. Blair insists that David always manages to land on his feet.

Bangkok, Thailand

David explains to John that Margaret is alive, and was in the bathroom. John doesn’t believe him. John searches the bathroom, but finds no one.

Natalie sees Margaret come in, dripping wet from the heavy downpour. She mumbles to herself that that is Margaret Cochran. Margaret passes by her. Natalie stands up, and speaks to her. Natalie tells her that it is really her.

Spence thanks Blair for understanding. Dorian and Adriana come up to join them. Dorian takes Blair’s hand. They exchange pleasantries on how the other is. They discuss Kelly, and how she blames herself.

Death Row

Andrew visits Todd. Andrew wants to help save Todd’s soul. Andrew confides to him that Viki had asked him to come there.

St. Anne’s

Viki stands behind the casket. She looks at a large portrait of Duke. She remembers the first time that he had called her, “Grandma,” and how that it had been the sweetest thing that she had ever heard.

Nash comes in, and sits down beside Tess. She confides to him that all this is creeping her out, and she just wants it to be over.

Clint lights some candles for Duke. Bo comes in, and informs him that he has officers posted all around just in case the press gets out of line.

Kevin is in deep grief as he looks at the portrait of Duke. He remembers the happenings of the last few days.

Adriana enters the church. She meets up with Layla. Layla thanks her for asking her to meet her there. Adriana remembers the things that had happened between her and Duke when Ginger Foley had died. Adriana blames herself.

Dorian fusses over Kelly. Kelly wants to go to the funeral to give Kevin some moral support, but Dorian absolutely refuses to let her go.

The press is all gathered around Kevin. Tess comes out, and threatens the press. She takes Kevin inside, and closes the door. Kevin is surprised by Tess’ actions. Tess has fond memories of Kevin.

Viki can’t believe that this is happening. She wants to know where Kevin is. Viki begins to cry. Viki and Clint vow to be strong for Kevin.

Bo offers Kevin some moral support. Kevin knows that Duke should be alive.

Todd informs Andrew that Vangie is fighting for his release. Andrew hopes that Vangie will find a way to save him before he loses his life.

John doesn’t believe that Margaret is alive. David insists that she is alive, and she had been there with him. John pushes him out of the apartment .David wonders about Denton. John forces him out of the apartment.

Margaret starts to run. Natalie calls for her to wait. In her rush, Natalie falls to the floor in pain. Natalie insists that she has to go after her.

Spencer and Blair leave Kelly’s room. Dorian remains by Kelly’s side. Blair doesn’t know how much more her family can take.

Layla offers Adriana comfort that she shouldn’t feel guilty over Duke’s death. Adriana wishes that she had been there for Duke. Layla confides to her that Duke had had feelings for Kelly.

Kelly wants Dorian to pull some strings to get her out of there, but Dorian refuses. Kelly needs to say good-bye to Duke. Dorian again refuses. Dorian tells her that she will represent her at the funeral. Dorian goes out into the hall, and asks the others are they ready to go. They leave the hospital.

Nash suggests that they take the baby for a walk in the park tomorrow. Tess struggles with Jessica, who tries to come out to offer support to Kevin. Viki notices that something is wrong with Tess. She confronts Tess.

Clint fills Kevin that Joey had been notified, but it was too late for him to make the funeral. Kevin wonders if Asa had been told. Clint asks about LeeAnn. Kevin tells them that LeeAnn will not be in attendance. Clint tries to tell Kevin that it is not his fault. Kevin walks into the church.

Hugh visits Kelly. Kelly asks him to take her to the funeral.

Starr waits outside the church. Matthew join her. Matthew wants to know what she is doing there. Starr lets him know that she will be attending her father’s funeral.

Blair, Spencer, Dorian, and Adriana enter the church. Adriana stops to talk to Layla. Layla wonders where Rex is. Adriana lets her know that he is taking his exam to become a private investigator. Layla walks into the church with her.

Michael and Marcie enter the church, and stop to talk to Spencer. Spence only wishes that he could have saved both Kelly and Duke.

Dorian looks at the pix of Duke. Dorian confides to Blair that she is glad that it was Duke, who had died instead of Kelly. Viki walks up behind her. Dorian turns around, and looks straight into Viki’s eyes.

Viki orders Dorian to sit down, and keep her mouth shut. She also orders her to go home after the funeral because she is not welcome at the house. Clint comes up to tell Viki that the minister is ready to begin.

Everyone sits down. The service begins with Viki’s eulogy to Duke.

Todd knows that he did a lot of bad things to people, but he didn’t do anything wrong. Andrew wants him to face the truth. Andrew reminds Todd about his children.

John and David join Natalie. Natalie tells John that Margaret is alive, and she had seen her in this hotel. David tells John that he tried to tell him.

Clint delivers his eulogy to Duke, and remembers how Asa had bought a cowboy hat to each new Buchanan. Viki watches Kevin grieve for his son. Viki then gives her eulogy.

John helps Natalie up. Natalie insists that John has to find Margaret. Natalie insists that John leave David with her.

Michael is uneasy about all this talk about family. Michael hopes john is o.k. Marcie gets up to sing a song in Duke’s memory. Kevin has tears in his eyes. Halfway through the song, Kevin goes up behind the casket. A nurse brings Kelly in.

Spencer reaches over and takes Blair’s hand.

Adriana calls Rex, and leaves him a message.

The nurse takes Kelly out before Kevin can see her.

Kevin delivers his eulogy to Kevin, and thanks Viki and Clint for their beautiful eulogies.

John takes David and Natalie upstairs. He handcuffs David to a chair, and gives Natalie a gun to watch him. John goes in search of Margaret.

The nurse pushes Kelly up the aisle of the church. Kevin sees her. He screams at her as to why she is here.

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