One Life to Live Update Friday 5/19/06


Written By Rebecca

Vicki asks the press, which are milling around the mansion, to give the family some time to grieve over Duke's death. Kevin states the family will be bothered by the press forever. Kevin refuses to let his family comfort him. Vicki states she is glad Kevin has not resorted to drinking to handle his grief. Kevin tells of how Adriana gave him a box of memories that Duke had of the things they had done together through the years. Kevin thinks Duke died thinking he hated him. Kevin believes he let Duke down. Vicki tells Kevin he is not responsible for Duke's death. Vicki states she will not lose Kevin as well.

Tess tells Nash he does not deserve any of this. Tess confesses to Nash that she is scared of losing it all. She states Duke was too young to die. Tess wants to leave, but Nash talks her into staying by telling her she can help ease the grief the family is going through.

In the meantime, Clint and Bo are at the hospital and plan to tell Asa that Duke is dead. Bo tells Clint to remember they are ?family? in good and bad times. Spencer looms close. Bo ends up not being able to tell Asa. Clint states he and Bo will have to get the family through this. Bo believes if Asa finds out Duke died, the news could kill him.

Clint and Bo return to the mansion through the service entrance, and Clint tells Vicki they could not tell Asa. Nash and Tess bring the baby to Kevin to hold. Tess hands the baby over to Kevin, and Kevin reminisces of when Duke was a baby. Kevin tells Tess to cherish all the moments with her baby. Kevin looks longingly at a picture of him with Duke. He then tells everyone it is time to bury his son.

Kelly tells Blair she is so sorry. Blair tells Kelly she wants to help her. Kelly believes that sleeping with Duke was the worst mistake of her life. Blair reassures Kelly that she hired security to help avoid the press. Blair states it will take a long time for this to be over. Kelly laments over how she betrayed Kevin. She believes she should have been stronger, but she was weak. She wishes she was dead. Spencer tells Kelly she isn't eating enough or taking enough walks. Kelly complains of being tired. Spencer explains to Kelly that little Jack has been asking about her. Kelly finally flashes back to the rectory, after Bair and Spencer leave to talk alone out in the hall, and cries about what she has done.

In the hallway, Spencer talks to Blair about Kelly and becomes defensive when she tells him she feels bad about what he is going through. Blair tells Spencer she is having a tough time, especially with the kids. Spencer asks Blair is she believes Todd is guilty. Blair states she has made the mistake of believing in Todd's innocence before. Blair does not know how much more she can handle. Spencer comments that when Todd dies, she can go on. Blair is upset by Spencer saying this.

Evangeline wants to prove that Todd is innocent, but she only has one week to do this. Evangeline tells Todd that John is following a lead. She has Todd recall everything leading up to Margaret's death. Evangeline believes Margaret was an excellent swimmer and did not drown. She remembers that Spencer signed off on the autopsy report. She wonders if Spencer got the medical examiner to falsify the report. She tells Todd she wants to have the bodies exhumed. After Evangeline leaves, the priest comes to see Todd.

John confronts David in Thailand. David admits it was him in the picture, and John hits him a few times. David admits Spencer is involved in Margaret Cochran's murder. He tells John he did not know he shot his father. In the meantime, Margaret is in another room and leaves through the window because she hears John and David arguing in the other room. John fires his gun towards David, but he shoots Denton instead and saves David's life. It seems Denton was gunning for David. David tells John again that Todd is innocent. He tells John that Spencer sent Denton to shoot him. David informs John Margaret is alive.

Natalie asks the waiter in a restaurant in Thailand if she has seen the man (David) in the picture she has. The waiter will not give her any information However, as Natalie is sitting in the restaurant, she catches a glimpse of Margaret later.

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