One Life to Live Update Friday 5/19/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

All have gathered for the funeral. Viki is there and the press snaps pictures of everyone present.

Kelly feels that she is responsible for Duke dying. "That was the worst mistake of my life and everyone knows about it." Blair tells her that the news of Duke has gone a little farther than the hospital.

Clint and Bo discuss how they are going to tell Asa that Duke is dead. The brothers will support each other in good times and in bad times.

Spencer is around the corner listening.

Todd and Evangeline brainstorm to figure out how to save his life. They need someone in their corner. She can't do the legwork herself.

Natalie hobbles over to a table with the crutches.

A waiter offers to serve her but she wants to know if the waiter has seen the man in the picture she holds instead.

John jumps into action now that David has seen him. The door to the apartment is open. John jumps at David holding him up against the wall by the throat.

Margaret is inside and she hears the scuffling outside the room. Her eyes grow wide.

The waiter doesn't see why he should answer any of Natalie's questions. She tells that the man is wanted for a crime that happened long ago. The waiter will not help.

The funeral is going to start.

Viki is with Tess and Nash but they don't want to go inside as they are not really family. Viki leaves them and enters.

Tess has a few fond memories of Duke but not many.

Viki finds Kevin alone in a room. He hasn't hit the bottle. The reporters are outside but Viki will not let them near the family until Duke is … She can't finish the sentence. "The box he kept in his room," Kevin remembers. "I didn't know that he had those things." Duke had apparently kept things that reminded him of his father. "He apologized to me when he died, thinking that I hated him. I didn't say that I loved him… I knew how bad it was and I didn't say it. Then it was too late. He died because I let him down."

David denies that he did anything to John's father.

Margaret is inside panicking. "What is going on?" she asks herself quietly.

John shows David a picture of a man. "Is that you? Tell me the truth before I kill you."

Bo and Clint went to see their father but they couldn’t tell him the truth about Duke. "Pa is a rock but not anymore." They are going to have to take care of the family. They know that they can do it. "We are strong…we are Buchanans…we are like pa… We shouldn’t tell pa… It will kill him."

Spencer still watches the brothers as they walk through the hospital.

"I am sure that the press will want a statement from you," Blair tells. She has taken measurements to prevent the press from getting to her. "This is private," Blair confirms. "We know that this isn't going to be over soon. It will take a long time to get over. We have to rally together." Kelly can't do that after what she did. "I slept with his son…I don’t even know who I am anymore. His only son is gone because of me. I took him away and now the last memory that he will have of his son is finding him with me. It is the truth. I should have prevented this. Maybe we would have made it. Why didn't I push him away? I was weak…so weak. The only thing that I ever did wrong was love him. It should have been me. I wish I was dead. I wish… it should have be me."

Viki will not let her son put himself through this. "You didn't do this. You are not the reason that Duke died." Kevin felt that he picked who died. "I should feel the pain of what I did. I messed up." Viki will not lose her son to this grief.

Nash sits with Tess outside the doors. "My only concern used to be what bar I was going to drink at and now I have a child and a lot to deal with. This whole Duke thing is so sad. I have never lost anyone before. There was Ginger but she wasn't family. I have to get out of here…" Nash tells her that she can't go anywhere. "Your whole family needs you." She feels they don't want her there. "They want Jessica. I can't let Jessica out." Nash has an idea. He takes her hands.

John knows that David is the killer but David denies all of what John is accusing him of. "Have you spoken to Paige recently?" John asks. "She has admitted to being drunk and killing my father on the operating table." David learns that Spencer is behind what is happening now and tries to make things straight but John is past hearing. David tells that Spencer is behind everything it seems. "He is even behind Margaret Cochrane's death!" John punches David hard in the stomach.

Margaret hears everything and has to get out of there somehow but they are outside the door and she can't go there or there might be trouble for her too. She looks around the room.

"I didn't know he was your father!" David suddenly blurts out.

Spencer tells Kelly that she has been making excellent progress, but she needs to eat more. "I can't. I am tired right now." She turns her head from Spencer and Blair. Spencer tells that he saw Jack that morning and that the boy was asking about her. "You are going to come out of this just fine." Blair tells Kelly that she is needed to help with Starr. Kelly says that she should be let anywhere near the children or anyone else they care about. Blair and Spencer leave the room.

Spencer tells that Kelly will be fine physically but otherwise they can't be sure. Blair asks about Spencer and what he has been going through lately. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" he asks harshly.

Evangeline is frustrated. "Why did this have to happen to me? It is like we are cursed Todd. It is a week before your execution. I am going to do everything in my power to stop this." Todd will look through his file again, and Evangeline will work on things from her end. "John is out of the country following a lead. He is investigating something but not Margaret's murder."

Margaret has had enough of this. She figures out a way to avoid all of it. She opens the window to the room, and climbs out into the rain, running off. She if free.

John holds his gun in David's face now, certain that he has the right man. "Please don't do that," David begs. "Is that what my father said?" John taunts. John holds the gun still aiming right between David's eyes. "Put it down," David begs. "If you kill me…we will never know the truth." BANG! David's body involuntarily bounces from the shot.

Bo and Clint arrive to tell Viki that they couldn't tell Asa what happened. The men came in the service entrance as the press is camped out front still waiting to make news.

Clint goes to Kevin asking if he is holding up okay.

Nash and Tess walk in with the baby. "I thought that you might want to hold your niece," Tess offers. Kevin doesn't move. "But if you don't," she finishes. Kevin gets up and goes to the precious pink bundle. "She's a beautiful baby," Kevin says. Tess tells that the baby is really good and barely ever cries. "Duke was like that…a really good baby."

Kevin has a flashback to taking the ring off Kevin's finger…

He remembers finding Kelly and Duke under all the rubble and thinking that his son was dead at that point. They were naked with Duke laying on top of Kelly.

Spencer apologizes for lashing out at Blair when she meant no harm by her question of how he is doing. She worries that he hasn't been sleeping as he has been edgy lately. He hasn't been sleeping, but seems to think that he is doing okay in spite of it. Blair tells that the kids are not dealing with the execution very well. She wishes that it were just she who had to go through all this. Jack doesn't understand what is going on and Starr just thinks that he is innocent. Blair says that she can't believe in Todd's innocence.

David enters the room and finds the window open and Margaret gone from the room. He rushes to the window and looks out. When the gun went off just now, it was John shooting at Denton who was behind David, ready to strike. John saw him just in time. John goes to Denton and sees the man isn't moving. He takes the man's firearm and orders David away from the window as he closes it. "Now tell me," John orders. "Why did Denton want to put a bullet in your back?"

Evangeline wants to talk about the first time Todd had contact with Margaret... when all this first began. They have to pick away at everything that happened to find the answer.

Margaret told him to arrive alone and unarmed.

"You could have been followed…"

He remembers her finding him first.

He then remembers her falling into the water.

"What if her falling in the water was part of a plan. She was an excellent swimmer in spite of what she told you."

Todd remembers her holding the gun and announcing that she can't swim.

"Her body was found in the water but she didn't drown…Dammit! Why didn't I think of it before? Spencer is the one who looked at the autopsy report. We thought that there was something fishy in the report and you thought that his opinion was a lousy idea." Evangeline wonders if the medical examiner was forced to cover up the real way that Margaret and the baby died…"

Natalie sits at her table alone wondering where John is. She looks at David's picture. "Do the right thing John…"

David asks John if it is okay if he has a drink. John calms down now. "I won't talk without a lawyer…" David says. John points his gun at David. "You need a lawyer now?" David tells that he has more information that John will want to hear. "It is about my brother. He sent Spencer to shut me up for good! Todd didn't kill Margaret Cochrane!"

Kevin tells Tess to treasure the baby everyday and not to forget to do that. He hands the child back to her mother. Kevin then looks at the picture of he and his son on the mantle. "It is time. Let's go bury my son!" He walks out confidently.

Blair offers to get Kelly something but she wants to just be left alone. Blair walks out.

Spencer is there for Blair and he wants to hug her but she doesn't want that. She suddenly loses it as she has no idea how she is going to handle this. He is sure that in time things will be better. "You think things are that simple?" she snaps!

"She is alive and living in Bangkok," David tells John.

Evangeline can work on this but she will need help. "I could use the D.A.'s office." She calls for the guard.

The man arrives. I need a body exhumed and I will find the one tiny thing that Spencer missed." Evangeline is escorted from the room by the guard.

Todd is alone in the interview room.

Another visitor is coming to see him.

It is the priest. "I am here to save your soul Todd."

Margaret arrives at the place where Natalie is sitting at a table waiting for John to return.

Natalie hears someone behind her. She sees a disheveled woman, soaking wet behind her, sitting at a table nearby. Natalie's mouth falls open. "Oh my god! Is that Margaret Cochrane?"

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