One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/18/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

John comes to see Natalie in her room. She worries about him. He leaves her room now.

John goes to the elevator and he sees people on the elevator... One person in particular. He suddenly runs to the elevator to get on it.

"Wait!" The door closes.

Natalie comes to the door of her room. "What is wrong?" John tells that David is in Bangkok. He has to find him.

John hits the stairs and runs as fast as he can to get to the elevator, hopefully before it opens.

Margaret and David head to her place. She wonders why he hasn't called his brother yet. "Cant' he be trusted?" she asks. David says that the only person that Spencer cares for is Blair and he would do anything to have her.

Bo comes to see Spencer and Blair is there. "Sorry…I just need some documents to send to the funeral room for Duke." Spencer goes to get the papers.

Bo talks to Blair telling that John has headed to Bangkok.

"Uh…Bangkok?" Spencer asks. Bo wants to know why Spencer would be interested in this news. It has clearly caught his attention. "You are white as a ghost," Blair remarks.

John is still running as fast as he can down the stairs.

Chris is with Evangeline and he takes care of her as she sits blindly staring at nothing.

She gets a call from Todd who tells her not to worry about him anymore.

John makes it to the ground floor and he finds the man that he has been hoping to catch.

He drags the man up against the wall by twisting his arm behind him. "Where is David?"

Todd tells Evangeline that he wants her to concentrate on taking care of herself. She can't do that. She is his lawyer and what is happening to him is more important to her than anything. "I need to do this." Todd can't let her do this as it may hurt her.

The guard holding the phone for him suddenly hangs the phone up.

"He just fired me!" she tells Chris. "I will not let him die so that I can sit around feeling sorry for myself."

Starr is brought into the station with her friend. They are going to be locked up. Starr demands a call to her mom.

Blair asks Spencer in front of Bo if anything is wrong.

Spencer's phone rings but he ignores it.

Blair talks to her daughter and learns that she just got arrested.

Paige tells Michael that she has resigned. "Good," he responds. "This way you won't get drunk and kill any more patients."

John roughs the thug up somewhat. Spencer's henchman has genuine panic in his eyes as John tosses him around, while holding him by the collar. John pushes things a little too far with his threats.

"John! Stop!"

He turns and finds Natalie fully dressed propped up by crutches, standing behind him.

Evangeline makes arrangements to go to the prison.

Chris wants to drive her but she insists on going herself.

"You don't have anything to prove to anyone," he reminds her. "I can call the prison from my cab," she says. "Someone can come and see me at the gate. I have to do this alone." Chris still helps her out the door, and steadies her as she walks the hallway.

Michael tries to leave Paige but she calls to him. "I have been in agony." Michael doesn't give a damn what she suffered. "You operated on a patient while drunk. You walk around giving orders and you were drunk. Maybe you are drunk now. " He sniffs at her. She can only say that she is sorry, but that means nothing to him. "All the sorries in the world are not going to bring his father back."

Spencer offers to go with Blair to the station but Blair insists on doing this alone. Bo will give her a lift to the station. Blair tells him that he doesn't have to do that. "I promised Todd that I would take care of Starr," Bo responds.

He and Blair leave the office and they see Paige and Michael. Paige tells him that she is sorry about what happened to Duke. Bo quickly leaves with Blair.

Paige turns to Michael telling that the one thing that meant anything to her is now gone. "Bo and I are finished." Michael couldn't care less. "Karma's a bitch!"

Spencer is in the office fuming. "Why Bangkok? Why is John in Bangkok?" he asks himself. He is so angry; he grabs a paperweight and flings it at the door.

David orders Margaret to get packed as they are leaving soon.

He receives a call from Spencer. "David! We have big trouble. John knows everything!"

Natalie is still trying to tell John to get his hands off the thug's neck. The man points out that he could get John in some serious trouble with the authorities for doing this. John soon lets go of the man and then pushes him out of there.

He has managed to get the man's little black book while they were struggling just now. "It has to tell us something." He and Natalie search the pages but understand nothing. They need a native of Bangkok to decipher the words for them.

"Why are we in trouble?" Starr wonders. Her friend wanted to help her and now he is in trouble too.

Blair arrives and Starr introduces Ricky to her.

Starr tells how she was accused of vandalism but she was actually painting over it to get rid of it.

Bo comes over and Blair tells the story to him about the confusion. "The jerks who wrote the bad things on the wall are the bad ones, not us," Starr tells. Bo says that the vandalism isn't the issue, it is the shoplifting.

Todd is in the interview room.

Evangeline is led in by a guard. She is seated across from Todd. "I don't think that you should have come," he says. "I am glad to see you…How are you? Are you in pain?" She isn't anymore. He takes her hand. He puts it to his forehead. "I am so sorry. You have done so much for me and you don't deserve this." She has lived a charmed life up to now and there are others who live with hardship and tragedy. "I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The doctors don't know for sure what is going to happen to her eyes." Todd offers to pay whatever it takes to make her better but she feels that she is the same high-priced attorney that works for him. "What do you say? Will you let me get you out of here?"

Spencer tells David that Bo knows that Margaret is in Bangkok and so he has to get Margaret out of there. "Bo will exact revenge if he catches you." David thanks his brother but not really.

John needs to work on this case some more. Natalie wants to come with him but she insists on going with him. He can't let her do that. "Oh!" she shouts. She loses her balance and falls into John's arms. She is in pain.

"Shoplifting?" Blair asks. Bo fills her in. Starr made off with cans of spray paint and Starr matches the description. "Was it you?" Starr says 'yes'. "You don't have to steal. You have money." Ricky says that he was the one who forced her to do it. Starr says that he is lying and that he forced her to do it. Blair doesn't care who did it. "You will have to pay." Starr remembers her mother saying something like that to dad. "The only difference is that he is innocent and I am not. You should be out there helping dad!"

Layla returns to the apartment and doesn't find Evangeline there.

Chris comes out of a room and he tells that Evangeline went to meet with her client alone. "I had to respect her wishes and she has someone meeting her at the prison to escort her. We have to treat her like we believe in her. She is going to resent us if we don't let her do this." Layla can see that he is right. "I'm sorry…I am worried how she is going to adjust. She acts like she won't have to change anything."

"Are you going to let me help you?" Todd agrees to keep her. "You got here on your own?" he asks. She tells how she came in a cab. "I always wondered what it was like for people who were born blind. What is darkness to them if they never see light?" Evangeline tells that she can still see everything in her mind. "A lot of your world revolves around seeing. On the bright side, my hearing should improve though." Todd tells that he keeps thinking that something is going to happen to save his life and here she is. Evangeline will still do everything in her power to save him. "The proof is out there. We just have to shine a light on it!"

Paige is walking with her storage box of office items.

Michael sees her and tries to go the other way. She stops him and tells him that she still has things to deal with as a result of what she did. Michael is glad to hear that.

A nurse comes to her asking her for direction regarding a patient. "I don’t work here anymore," she says. "This doctor is capable of doing the job."

Spencer tells David to keep Margaret hidden from John or they will all be in trouble. David hangs up.

"Margaret get ready! We have to get out of here!"

Natalie seems to have really hurt herself. She tells John to go and get to work on the case. She will call a doctor. "I hope that you find what you are looking for," she says. He strokes her hair and walks off. "I will be back soon."

"Don't bring up your father as this is about your stealing. Don't use your father to get sympathy from me." Bo asks Blair to his office to talk.

"Maybe you should give Starr your sympathy right now. She is going to lose her dad. Cut her some slack on this one." Blair is sorry for the way that she spoke to Starr just now. Bo tells her to do the right thing. She knows that his advice is good advice.

She goes to Starr and tells that the commissioner is a really great man. "Come on and let's go to the hardware store and pay for the paint. And as far as your friend goes, you will not see him again."

Spencer ends a call…

Paige comes in. He doesn't want to see her. "I know that Spencer could have saved both Kelly and Kevin…and what about Margaret?" Spencer laughs. She tells him that the last laugh is going to be on him.

David hurries to pack and get he and Margaret out of there.

John is in the hallway, very close to the door where David and Margaret are. He quietly gets his gun out and prepares it, in case he needs it.

Starr finds that her mother is being unfair to her friend. Blair won't listen.
Starr apologizes to her friend for this but he is fine with what is happening. Starr and her mother leave.

Ricky thanks the commissioner for helping them out.

Bo goes into his office. He looks at the picture of the men in their family.

He grabs the phone…"We have to talk about how we are going to break the news about Duke to pa…"

Chris and Layla talk about Evangeline and the great type of person that she is.

Evangeline feels that they should stick to the theory that Spencer killed Margaret and her baby and not Todd. "Let's start at the beginning. We have to figure out what Spencer's plan was and how he set you up," Evangeline says. "I am not leaving until we figure this out."

"Get out," Spencer orders. Paige won't go. "I would turn you in so fast if it didn't mean protecting Bo." He opens the door for her. "Oh…don't forget that I am not the only one who knows what you did." Spencer knows that his brother won't say anything against him. "He may not have to," Paige tells smugly. "There may be some other wild card in the deck."

Natalie is in the lobby and she gets out the picture of David and looks at it.

David and Margaret are in the room still preparing to leave.

David heads to the door and opens it. He and John seem to see each other at the same time. Both are quiet and neither moves.

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