One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/16/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Ms. Rancliffe has come to see Tess and Nash as they didn't name the baby and the hospital needs that information. She will not leave without a name. Tess writes 'Brennan' on the form. Now the woman needs the name of the mother. Tess walks off to write it down on the form, using a table.

Nash doesn't understand what Tess is doing. She is fixing the papers so that no matter what, they baby will have his name.

"Thank you Ms. Buchanan," Ms. Rancliffe says looking down at the form. "I will have the birth certificate sent to you." The woman leaves.

"Why did she call you Ms. Buchanan? Did you sign your name Tess or Jess?"

Blair and Todd talk under the watchful eyes of the guards. "He is curious as to what has been happening between she and Spencer. "Are you still sleeping with the enemy?"

Dorian comes to Spencer. She is smiling and upbeat. She thanks him for the job that he has done. "Because of that…I am forever in your debt," she beams.

Kevin comes to Kelly's hospital room door. He is angry. She turns her head looking at his face. "He's dead! My son is dead!" Kelly starts crying. "I killed him…I killed Duke!"

Evangeline is determined to do things on her own but Chris wants to help. "Do you want to make things worse by flailing around on your own? I want to help you but it will take time." She doesn't have time. "I spent all of last year learning one lesson. There are things that I can't fight and there are things that I can. I can help Todd but if I stay in my apartment Todd dies."

"Duke Buchanan is dead," Blair reveals. Todd wishes that he could be there for his sister. Blair wishes that too but assures that she is doing fine. "She believes in me," Todd says. "What happened to Evangeline?" He learns that she has lost her sight. Blair hasn't got the details though. Todd tells her that she is lying. "Spencer has you lying for him now."

Spencer is upset. He had to make a choice and he couldn't avoid it. Dorian wonders how he feels about the way that the Buchanans are going to feel about him now. "I agree with Asa about you wanting to make the Buchanans miserable and in this case Kevin is more miserable than anyone after the choice that he had to make. What a lucky break this is to you. You got to do damage to a family that you despise. Did you want that boy dead?"

"I was supposed to love him," Kevin says. "I didn't spend time with him and now it is too late! I was angry though and confused and because of that, I sent him to his death!" Kelly listens quietly.

Chris apologizes for pushing Evangeline as it isn't his call. She senses that he is about to leave her room, and she calls to him to stay with her. "I know that you are right about me not ignoring this but I have to help Todd or his life will be over. I am terrified really. My world and whole reality will never be the same. I don't even know if my shirt is inside out or not. I rely on noticing things to get along, but right now that is impossible but I have to try. I have to be that kind of person as that is what I need to prove myself." Chris understands her. "I am here for you Evangeline. Whatever you need…all you have to do is ask." She will ask for help then. "Is this shirt inside out?" He tells her to feel for the seams. She isn't sure that there are seams but she can feel for the tag. "Can you help me get out of here?" He can do that. He leaves the room now.

He gets a call in the hall from his trainer who wants to know if Chris is coming down to fight. He isn't. "I have had enough of your crap," the trainer says. You think that you can bail on me?" Chris doesn't care what he thinks.

The trainer hangs up. "Be careful what you wish for kid," the old man says.

Shannon tells Antonio that her life doesn't revolve around Nash anymore. "He is the one that caused all my problems and I need to stay away from him." Antonio finds it funny that she has ended up here in Llanview. She says that Llanview is a great place for her. "I am sponsoring a clinic. Maybe you can't see my point as you have never screwed anything up."

Tess admits that she wrote Jessica's name on the birth certificate. "I had to protect our daughter." He tries to hug her but she has a headache and leaves for aspirin.

"Spencer said that you and Duke were in trouble and that both of you needed operations," Kevin says. "There was no way to know who could last the longest and I kept thinking of how I found you in the rectory. I told Spencer to take Kelly. I thought that Duke was stronger and he couldn't hold on. I chose you and he is dead because of it."

Blair starts leaving again but Todd talks to stop her. "These guys took my shoelaces cause they want to kill me themselves. Evangeline was the only person that wanted to help me…that believed in me." Blair tells that she isn't the only person. "I believe in you too."

Tess goes to the bathroom and Jessica is there. She thanks Tess for how she has been handling things. "It is the way that I would have done things."

Nash gets a call from Shannon's dad who makes a subtle threat against the baby.

Shannon and Antonio talk and he gets to know her better. She really believes that Llanview is the place where she should be.

Spencer feels that he is being accused of murder. Dorian says that she wouldn't be the first on to think that he was a murderer.

"I don't want you to die." Todd feel that she still loves him but she denies it and says that she is there for the kids. "I just wanted to help you. I don't love you anymore."

Spencer thinks that Dorian has through a lot that day and isn't thinking straight. Dorian how Spencer came to town and tried to make Kevin jealous by hitting on Kelly.

"My son is gone and I didn't tell him that I loved him. Do you have any idea what that feels like Kelly?"

"Next you tried to get Blair…but Spencer…the only man that Blair ever loved…will ever love is Todd."

Todd knows that Blair believes in him now as he believed in her when he pulled her off a ledge once. "I have ten days." She tells him that she and he had hurt and hate and pain, but not anymore. "Don't confuse compassion with love…cause I don't love you anymore." He makes a lunge to be close to her and the guards rush into action and restrain him. Blair rushes out of there as fast as she can while Todd shouts after her.

"It was all my fault cause I didn't see it coming but I guarantee you that I will not let you hurt my girls," Dorian says confidently.

"Hate me," Kelly begs. Kevin turns to her slowly.

"There is not a trace of remorse in your eyes is there Spencer? He was everything to his family and now they have nothing left but memories. In this case, you have taken a tragic act of god and you have turned it into your victory. You may have a heart Spencer, but you most definitely do not have a soul." She walks out. Spencer walks around kicking furniture and pushing all the papers off his desk as he walks by.

Evangeline can't find her shoe. Chris finds it and gives it to her.

The nurse with the wheelchair comes for Evangeline but she really doesn't want it. "I have my friend here," she says.

Shannon says that she has promised that she will not make waves with Nash, and that she will be there for Antonio. She won't make it hard for Tess and that cute little baby.

Jessica begs to be let out so that she can hold her baby. Tess will not let her out. "You are not strong enough anyway. Remember the house? That is not your baby…You will not hold her…ever …ever!" Tess starts having one of her famous headaches and she clutches her forehead.

"You had just better keep an eye on that precious baby of your…" CLICK. Nash has been warned.

"Who was that on the phone?" Tess asks. "Just telemarketers," Nash lies.

Kevin puts a picture on Kelly's stomach. "I killed my son because of you!"

Spencer is having a shower.

He remembers Kevin realizing that he was going to be deciding who was going to live and who was going to die.

He remembers doing the CPR…

He remembers Dorian telling him that he doesn't have a soul.

He returns to the shower and bangs on the wall. "It wasn't supposed to feel this way!"

Blair arrives at Spencer's place. She sees the place is a mess. She walks through the rubble…

At the prison, the guards have Todd alone now and they work him over.

Blair takes off her clothes, piece by piece…

"Omfff" Todd is repeatedly punched in the gut by one guard while another holds him still to take the beating.

Spencer thinks that he hears something in the apartment. He turns to the doorway in the bathroom and sees Blair coming in. She is naked. She walks to him slowly and steps into the shower with him. They passionately kiss.

Evangeline clutches Chris's arm as he walks her out of the hospital.

Nash and Tess flay with their baby in their bed.

Kelly sobs silently with her head to the side.

Dorian comes to the window and peeks in at her.

Spencer and Blair kiss and make passionate love in the shower.

Todd is taken to his cell by the guards who have just roughed him up.

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