One Life to Live Update Friday 5/12/06



Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Kevin gives Spencer his decision to operate on Kelly first. Viki panics as Dorian is thankful that Kevin came to this decision. Dorian excuses herself to make a call.

Viki and Clint notices Kevin, and the agony that Kevin must be going through.

Margaret and David come into the Internet Café. She thinks that this makes no sense that he couldn’t have just used her computer. David lets her know that someone must be following her. Margaret thinks that he must have her mixed up with someone else. She wonders what he is looking for. He lets her know that he is searching for something that will make her remember what Spencer had done to her.

Natalie starts out of her hotel room when Michael catches her at the door. He wonders where she could be going . She lets him know that she needs to help John. Michael is confused.

John is in his office at the police station. He is on the phone. He needs info on a flight to Bangkok. Bo comes in, and confronts him about his taking a leave of absence. Bo wonders where he is going, and what kind of business is he doing. John is reluctant to answer.

Spencer readies preparations for Kelly’s surgery. He lets the other nurses know that time is of the essence. He orders the nurses to get Kelly prepped for surgery.

Kevin goes in to join Duke. He sits down beside him, and just looks at him. Duke is still unconscious with tubes and wires attached to him.

Michael makes light of Natalie’s concern for John. Natalie refuses to tell him the truth about what is going on. Michael reminds her of how she had interrupted his wedding ceremony. She apologizes for that. She tells him that he has to tell him the truth.

Bo and John discuss John’s father’s death. They discuss Paige, and how she had stepped down from her position. She also may lose her license. Bo lets him know that they have split up. John lets him know that he has to do his job. He puts a gun in his pocket. Bo asks about Natalie, and how she is. John looks at his watch, and tells Bo that he has a plane to catch.

Todd dreams of being released from prison. He thinks that it is Blair that has gotten him released.

Blair comes to the hospital to join Dorian. Dorian fills her in on Kelly’s condition, and that she has to have open heart surgery. Blair is speechless. They discuss Kevin, and how he and Kelly had had a fight.

Kevin wonders why Kevin had done this. Kevin can’t believe that Duke would betray him like this. Kevin hopes it was worth it. Kevin looks at Duke, and needs to know why he had done this.

Natalie remembers John telling her to keep this between him and her. Natalie lies to Michael. Natalie tells him that she had discovered that she was mad at John, and that she had been living a lie. She had to tell John the truth. Natalie admits that she wants to be with John. Spencer pokes his head in the door, and asks for Michael’s help.

Bo wonders how Natalie will feel about this. Bo asks him about the killer, and what is he going to do.

David is very much upset because the computers are down. Margaret tries to calm him down. Margaret asks him about Todd.

Todd dreams of Blair, and having a conversation with her. He knew she would come through for him. She lets him know that she wasn’t the one, who had gotten him released. Todd thinks that she still loves him. She tells him that it hurts too much to love him. He begs her to stay. She runs out. He walks down the hall, and sees Margaret.

Dorian begs Spencer to concentrate on saving Kelly’s life. Spencer assures her that he will. Dorian tells Blair that she has to call Adriana.

Spencer is glad that Blair is here. Blair has realized how important family is.

John wants justice served to the man, who had killed his father.

Natalie and Viki discuss Duke and Kelly’s critical condition. Viki assures her that she needs to worry about herself. Viki asks about John. Natalie thinks that they are back together. Viki tells her that she is worried about her. Natalie lets her know that she wants to save John. Viki calls her a headstrong Buchanan.

John assures Bo that he knows the right thing to do. Bo orders John to give him the gun. John turns it over to him.

The operation on Kelly begins.

Kevin still sits at Duke’s bedside. Clint comes in. Kevin wonders what kind of father he is. Kevin remembers when he had seen Duke and Kelly together.

Dorian questions Spence about Kelly’s chances for survival. Blair tells Spence that they have faith in him.

They begin the surgery on Kelly.

Dorian is upset. Blair tries to comfort her. Blair defends Spencer.

Todd still dreams of Margaret. She is there to save him.

Todd questions Margaret as to what Spencer had done .

David fills Margaret in on Todd and his feelings for her. Margaret knows that David is running from his past.

Kelly’s surgery ends with success.

John makes it to his plane, and is surprised that Natalie is also aboard.

Denton watches David and Margaret. He pulls out a gun.

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