One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/11/06



Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Llanview Hospital

Cris sits with Antonio, who is asleep in the hospital bed. Cris lets him know that he and Vangie are being prayed for Cris picks up his water pitcher, and goes to get him some water. As he start out the door, he meets Tess. She wants to sit with him. Cris leaves. Tess goes over, and speaks softly to Antonio. He opens his eyes. When he sees her, he gently touches her cheek. They start to kiss.

The police are at Rex’s, dusting for fingerprints. Rex walks up behind Adriana, and places his hand on her shoulder. She jumps. She wonders what this stalker wants with her.

Dorian makes a call to Adriana. Viki comes up to join her. They discuss Kelly, and how Dorian hasn’t heard from her. Dorian asks Viki about her family. Viki assures her that they are fine.

The e.m.t.’s bring in Kelly and Duke with Kevin right behind them. Clint wants to know what had happened. Kevin tells him that Duke and Kelly had had sex. Clint doesn’t understand.

Natalie tries to get out of bed when John comes in, and catches her. He immediately puts her back in bed. He sits down beside her. She places her hand on her cheek. He pulls it away. She is surprised. John tells her that he has to go.

The police continue to dust Rex’s apartment. Rex tries to give Adriana, but she refuses. Adriana relives the previous night with the stalker. Rex insists they are going to find him. Adriana rushes out. Rex tells the police to lock up when they finish. He rushes after Adriana.

Tess pulls away from Antonio as Cris comes in. Tess lets Antonio know that it is Tess. Antonio apologizes. Cris brings him water. Tess is glad that he is alright. They discuss the baby. Tess asks him if they could take her to go to the hotel, and then they will move into Asa’s. They discuss Jessica. Tess tells him that she lied about Jessica being out. Antonio wonders why he would do that. Tess informs him so that he would want to live.

Clint demands answers from Kevin. They discuss Duke and Kelly. Kevin tells Clint that they had sex. Kevin tells Clint about the argument that they had had. Kevin becomes frantic with worry.

Spencer begins to lose Kelly as well as Duke.

Natalie and John argue over his trip to Bangkok. He insists that he has to go. John tells her that this doesn’t concern her. Natalie asks him to do this for her, but he refuses.

John and Natalie continue to argue over David. John is going to track him down, and beat David. Natalie tells John that if he goes to Thailand, she won’t be waiting for him when he comes back.

Viki and Dorian discuss Dorian’s concern for Adriana and Kelly. Viki gives her some coffee. They discuss Tess and Natalie and their health. Viki suggests calling Kevin. Dorian fills her in that Kevin and Kelly have split up. Dorian thinks it is for the best. Clint join them. He tells Dorian that Kelly is in the emergency room, and in critical conditon.

Spencer continues to work on Kelly. Kevin comes in. They order him out. Kevin overhears some men talking about Kelly and Duke. He lunges into him, and they both fall to the ground.

Adriana runs to docks. Rex follows her. They discuss the stalker. She begins to cry. She can feel the stalker watching her. Rex advises her that this running off will not help. He assures her that the police will find him. They remember the last time they were at docks. He tells her that he loves her. He will never let anyone hurt her. Rex threatens to kill the stalker.

Tess and Antonio argue over what she had told him when she acted like Jessica. After a few minutes of arguing, Antonio lets her know how much he misses Jessica.

John asks Natalie is that a threat. Natalie tells him that she can’t live like this. They argue over his father. She thought they had a connection. She thought there was an, “us.” John assures her that there is.

Clint takes Kevin off the man. Dorian comes up, and demands to know where is Kelly. She finds out that Spencer is working on her. Spencer comes out. He lets Kevin know that Kelly and Duke both need surgery, but he can only operate on one. While he operates on one, the other will die.

Rex tries to make Adriana smile. He offers to pull off his clothes, and take a swim in the icy cold water. He pulls off his shirt, but she stops him before he can go any further.

John insists on going after Vicars. Natalie wants to go with him, but he refuses to let her. She cannot lose him again. He tells her that he could have died. Natalie is worried about him. He kisses her on the head, and leaves. She tries to get up, but has excruciating pain in her leg.

Dorian encourages Kevin to let Kelly have the surgery. Viki becomes balistic. Kevin has to decide who lives and who dies.

They continue to argue over who gets the surgery. She begs Spencer to perform the surgery on Kelly. Michael comes out, and gives Spencer an update on the patients.

Clint tries to talk to Kevin, but Kevin refuses to listen to him.

Kevin decides to let Kelly have the surgery.

Antonio thanks Tess for what she had done to save his life. She leaves.

She brings the baby back to let Antonio hold.

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