One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/10/06



Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Vangie is at the hospital with Cris by her side. They want to perform some tests. The nurse tells Cris to leave, but Cris refuses. Spencer comes in, and asks what had happened. He examines Vangie’s eyes. She lets him know that she is blind.

Clint opens the door for Dorian at Asa’s. He wonders what she is doing out on a night like this. She lets him know that she is worried about Kelly.

The wind blows hard through the rectory. Kelly and Duke are still knocked unconscious from the debris.

Nash orders Tess to throw the baby to him. Tess looks at the baby, and decides that she can’t throw her to him.

Viki hurries into the hospital. She meets up with Michael. She asks about Natalie. Michael fills her in on Natalie’s condition. Michael asks about Viki. Viki wants to see Natalie. Michael tells her that John is with her, and has been by her side ever since she was brought in.

John takes off his tie. John realizes that he and Natalie are partners, and that is the only way to keep her safe. She asks him about the sketch. He lets her know that it is somewhere in the church, but he has other sketches. She wonders what he is going to do now.

Clint tries to get hold of Kevin, but with no luck. Dorian wants to go search at the carriage house for Kelly, but Clint orders her to stay there. He offers her a drink. They drink a toast to his new granddaughter. Dorian knows that Viki must be pleased. Clint confronts her about making Viki believe that they had slept together. They share a laugh about an article she is editing for “Craze.” Kevin comes in. Dorian questions him about Kelly., He has no clue where she is.

Michael tells Viki that he is going to keep Natalie overnight for observation. Viki thanks him. Viki congratulates him on his marriage. He tries to assure her not to worry about Natalie.

John tries to get Natalie to concentrate on getting better. All she wants to think about is catching David Vicars, and what John will do to him once he finds him. She knows that John wants justice.

Spencer examines Vangie’s eyes. He lets her know that the blindness could be permanent. He orders a cat scan.

Tess refuses to drop the baby. Nash keeps encouraging her. She finally agrees to drop it. She wraps it up tightly, and throws it out the window. Nash catches it .

Kelly and Duke are still unconscious.

Nash tells Tess to jump from the car. Tess doesn’t think she can. She climbs out the window, and when she clears the car, she jumps.

John and Natalie discuss Vicars, and that they have to find him. Viki comes in to visit. John tells them that he will be right back. Viki asks Natalie if she is alright. Viki noticed that Natalie and John were getting along better.

Spencer writes out the orders. He tells her that he has to get back to his patients. He leaves. Vangie admits that she is scared. Vangie reminisces about a game that her and her sister used to play. Cris tells her to let him be her eyes. Vangie wishes she could see what he sees.

John talks to Michael about Vangie. John mentions about their father. Spencer listens. Michael asks if John knows who had shot their father.

Tess takes the baby from Nash. Nash goes to check on Antonio. Tess tells Nash to not let him die.

Dorian demands info from Kevin about Kelly. Kevin doesn’t know where she is. Dorian demands to know what had happened between them. Clint comes in and tells them the tornado watch has been called off, but the police are advising people to stay off the roads. Dorian tells them that she is going to take care of her family. She insists that if something has happened to Kelly, she will hold Kevin responsible.

Kelly begins to come to, and begins to cry.

Marcie’s father tells her that she is the most beautiful bride. Ron join them.

Vangie thanks Cris for his help. She insists that he doesn’t have to stay.

Spencer continues to listen to John and Michael. John tells Michael that they have come up against a brick wall. Michael is frustrated.

John comes back into Natalie’s room. He asks her to keep this between them. She agrees. She wants to talk about revenge. John doesn’t know what he will do yet.

Tess wants Antonio to stay alive. Jessica tries to get out to help Antonio, but Tess refuses to let her. Tess pretends to be Jessica. She goes up to talk to Antonio. Antonio opens his eyes, and smiles.

Viki calls Clint, and fills him in on Natalie. Clint tells her that he will be right there. He fills Kevin in on the situation. Kevin goes to search for Kelly at the rectory.

John visits Vangie, and thanks them for their help. Cris leaves. John wants to know what the doctors are saying. Vangie asks about Natalie. John doesn’t know what to say. Vangie was looking into Spencer’s background. John reaches out, and holds her hand. A doctor comes in. John leaves.

Vangie talks to doctor.

John calls Roxie. John asks Roxie has she seen David Vicars.

Dorian comes into the hospital, and asks about Kelly. The orderly can’t tell her anything .Viki listens. Viki calms her down. Viki wants to know what is going on. Dorian tells her about Kelly.

John talks to Spencer. John noticed he has worked himself on Michael’s good side. John walks off. Spencer gets call from Denton. Spencer wants to know if he found David.

Marcie encourages Lindsay and RJ. To go home and check on Jaime.

Spencer talks to Denton, and finds out that someone had sprung him.

Dorian calls Kelly.

The E.M.T.’s and Kevin find Kelly and Duke.

Tess pretends to be Jessica. Nash reaches into his pocket, and gets Antonio’s cell phone. Nash calls an ambulance. Tes tells Antonio that she loves him. He drifts off, but comes back.

Michael re-join Marcie .They hug. They kiss. Marcie opens gift. Michael asks her to dance.

The ambulance drivers take Antonio to the hospital.

The doctor examines Vangie’s eyes. The doctor knows this is hard. Cris comes in. Cris holds her hands. He promises to stay with her.

Dorian reports to John that Kelly is missing. He asks Dorian about David. She tells him that David is in Thailand. John calls Ralph, and tells him to check out someone in Thailand. Natalie comes up behind him.

The ambulance drivers find Duke, naked, under the debris. Kevin is shocked.

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