One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/9/06



Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex and Adriana look at the text message that the stalker had sent to Adriana. Adriana is afraid of what is happening outside as well as something happening to Rex. She doesn’t know what she would do without him. Rex is surprised that she cares. Adriana assures him that of course she cares. She asks him if she can spend the night there.

Kelly and Duke kiss as the lightning flashes outside the window.

John urges Natalie to stay with him. He kisses her. She opens her eyes and smiles. He tells her that he is still there. He offers her assurance that everything will be alright. He yells to Cris if he had called 911. Cris tells him that the lines must be down.

Vangie reminds Cris that she can’t see. She hears the wind picking up outside, and fears that another tornado is coming. She can sense something is wrong, and questions Cris as to what it is. Cris is reluctant to answer.

Nash is on the phone with Clint telling him that they are headed back to the hospital. Nash suddenly loses signal. The baby cries. Tess gets her bottle, but drops it on the floor. She asks Nash to get it. Antonio suddenly slams on the brakes, and the car swerves .

Adriana doesn’t want Rex to leave her, but Rex knows she doesn’t want him in the same bed with her. He then changes his mind, and tells her that he will sit on the edge of the bed. He goes through a drawer, and hands her a pair of pajamas. She goes to the bathroom to change. He stands outside the door.

Michael instructs the patients at the hospital where to go to get treatment. He gets a call to come to I. C. U. A nurse stops him to ask him about some patients that had come from the nursing home where a wall had collapsed. He instructs her as to what to do, and he heads off for I.C.U.

John tries to offer Natalie assurance that everything will be alright .He asks her about the pain in her leg. He tells her to let him know when she needs another dose.

Cris thinks Vangie must have glass in her eye. Vangie begins to panic when her eye begins to hurt. Cris is on the phone, trying to get through to 911. Vangie admits that she is scared .

John covers Natalie up with his coat.

Cris finally gets through to 911. He instructs the ambulance where to come.

Antonio comes to, and asks about baby. Tess assures him that she is fine. Tess calls for Nash, but no answer. Antonio urges her to concentrate on the baby. Antonio looks out the window, and sees Nash lying unconscious. Tess begins to scream at him.

Rex waits for Adriana outside the door. He assures her that they are going to get through this. They are going to make the stalker pay. Adriana tells him that she believes him. She gets into bed, and snuggles under the covers.

Blair orders Kevin that he is not going upstairs. He yells for Kelly. Blair tells him to quiet down. Kevin tells her that they had had a fight, and he needs to talk to Kelly. Blair reminds him that a tornado had touched down at St. Judes.

Kevin tells Blair that he and Kelly had broken up.

Duke and Kelly have made love. Kelly begins to wake up as the lightning still flashes outside the window.

Cris goes to Vangie’s side. He tries to clean her up before the ambulance gets there. She begins to cry.

John admits that he was worried that she wouldn’t wake up. He knows now that they are good together.

The ambulance arrives outside, and hurries in.

John assures Natalie that everything will be fine.

Cris offers Vangie assurance.

Adriana wakes up. Rex notices that something has happened outside on the fire escape. He comes in, and closes the door. He tells Adriana that he is going to check on boiler but will be back in five minutes. He instructs her to keep the door locked until he comes back. She kisses him, and tells him to be careful.

Lightning flashes. Adriana stands in front of the door. The stalker comes up behind her, puts a sack over her head, and drags her out the window, screaming.

Rex knocks on the door, but Adriana won’t let him in. He takes a fire extinguisher to try to open the door. He runs out.

Adriana and the stalker struggle with each other .Rex gets there just in time to run off the stalker. He quickly takes the sack off Adriana’s face .

Blair and Kevin argue over Kelly, and him leaving her at the rectory.

Tess yells for Nash to wake up, but gets no response. She cries and screams for him. Antonio offers her assurance that everything will be fine. The baby begins to cry loudly. Antonio tells her to sing to the baby. Sparks fly from the car. When Antonio can’t get the door open, he climbs out throught the broken windshield. He yells at Nash again, and this time Nash answers. Antonio begins to climb down. Nash yells at him to stop. Sparks fly, and Antonio falls to the ground. Tess yells for Antonio.

John ushers the ambulance drivers in to where Natalie and Vangie are. The emt’s examine Vangie.

Blair and Kevin discuss Kelly and how much she loves him. He begins to hurl insults toward Kelly. Blair tells him that she is not going to stand there, and listen to him slur Kelly.

Vangie and Natalie are brought into the hospital. They bandage Vangie’s eyes. John stands by Natalie’s bedside.

Kelly and Duke awake, and they realize that they have made a terrible mistake. The wind begins to blow hard. Kelly looks up just as the wind blows out the rectory window. The debris falls all over Kelly and Duke knocking them unconscious.

Adriana and Rex kiss as rain pours down on them.

Antonio is still unconscious. Nash instructs Tess not to rock the car too much. He asks her does she trust him. He tells her to throw the baby down to him.

Blair orders Kevin up on his feet, and to go find Kelly, and talk to her.

John stands by Natalie’s side as she lies in a hospital bed.

Cris stands by Vangie’s side as her eyes are bandaged.

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