One Life to Live Update Monday 5/8/06



Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex leaves Adriana alone in his apartment. While he is gone, the stalker sneaks into his apartment. Adriana is upset that she can’t find any matches, or candles, etc.

David calls Spencer. Immediately, Spencer wants to know where David is. All David will tell him is that he is on a “photo safari.” David tells Spencer that there is someone there that wants to talk to him. He hands Margaret the phone. Margaret says hello, but Spencer refuses to answer.

Roxie at the wedding reception is glad that there is an open bar.

Layla walks up to the bar beside Kevin. She asks him where Kelly is. Kevin drinks down the last of his drink. He tells her that Kelly is not his responsibility.

The thunder rolls, and the lightning flashes as Kelly and Duke kiss.

John finds out that his father’s killer is David Vicars. He threatens to kill him. He starts out of the church when they all hear something overhead. He yells for everyone to get down. The wind blows out the window behind the pulpit. Glass flies everywhere covering Vangie. The ceiling caves in as Natalie goes sprawling between the seats. Rubbish and debris covers them all.

Llanview Hospital

Tess demands to know from Antonio what this document says. He informs her that the baby has to stay there until they find out the results of the paternity test. They argue as usual. Tess slaps him.

Margaret asks, “who is this?” but Spencer refuses to answer. He tells Margaret to put David back on., Spencer demands to know what he wants. Spencer also wants some answers. David just laughs.

Adriana suddenly feels hands on her shoulders. She kinda panics because she thinks that it is Rex.

Rex is busy at work on the fuse box, but with no luck.

Adriana tells him to stop as she gets up. The stalker leaves as Rex comes in. She tells him not to ever do that to her again. Rex is confused.

John comes to, and manages to crawl out from under the rubble. He yells for Natalie, Cris and Vangie. He manages to get to his feet, and staggers through the rubble.

Cris comes to, and gets up. He yells for Vangie.

Tess demands to know how he had gotten the restraining order so fast. Nash tries to stop Tess from lashing out at Antonio. Tess calls him, “a pig.” Antonio insists that he is going to fight for Jessica. Clint comes up, and has to separate them.

Marcie sings Michael a very romantic love song. Michael throws the garter, and R.J. catches it. Marcie throws the bridal bouquet and Lindsay catches it .

Cris yells for Vangie. After frantically searching for her, he finds her buried under some rubble.

John finds Natalie pinned between the seats. He rubs his hand on her leg, and finds that she is bleeding profusely.

Layla leaves Kevin, and walks over to Michael and Marcie. She wishes them a happy marriage .

Michael tells Marcie that he is going to leave her for just a minute to find John so that he can propose the toast.

Rex lights candles when he comes into the apartment. Adriana fills him in on what had just happened. She accuses him of touching her. Rex denies it. Adriana and Rex finally realizes that it was the stalker, who had touched her. Adriana begins to worry that what if he is still here.

Spencer questions David as to what he will do now. David just laughs. Spencer demands to know what he wants. David tells him that in exchange for him keeping secret about Margaret, he wants Spencer to fix it that his name will never be mentioned in the Thomas McBain murder investigation. Before Spencer can answer, Michael comes up, and interrupts. Michael apologizes for interrupting. Michael asks him to propose the toast to make his bride happy. Spencer, reluctantly, agrees. Spencer and David hang up. Spencer calls Denton, and tells him where David is. He tells Denton to eliminate the problem .

Lindsay, R.J. and Marcie’s father all join Marcie. They all wish her congratulations. Marcie’s father feels her Mother right there with them. The lights suddenly go out .Kevin comes up, and asks has anyone seen Kelly. No one has seen her.

The thunder rolls and the lightning flashes as Kelly and Duke kiss.

Cris helps Vangie to sit up. She lets him know that her eyes feel like sand is in them. He tells her to keep her eyes shut. Vangie wants to know where John and Natalie are.

John urges Natalie to stay awake, and stay with him. She screams in pain from her leg.

Cris yells for John. John answers, and asks about Vangie. Cris lets him know that she is fine. Vangie doesn’t want Cris to leave her. Cris assures her that he is not going anywhere.

Lindsay insists to Kevin that she has not seen Kelly.

Clint fills Antonio, Tess, and Nash about the storm that is looming outside, and all they can think about is arguing about the baby. Clint tries to talk to Antonio about the restraining order that he had gotten against Tess and Nash. Clint suggests to them that he take the baby home with him until this is all over.

Spencer proposes the toast to the happy couple.

Cris instructs Vangie to relax.

John tries to reassure Natalie that she will be just fine. He orders her to focus on him. John tells her that he is going to apply pressure to the wound. She cries in pain. He tells her to lie still.

Vangie tries to open her eyes, but has difficulty. Cris offers her encouragement to try again. She slowly opens her eyes.

Rex searches the apartment for the stalker, but finds him gone. Rex lets her know that no one is there. Rex warns the stalker that he is going to get hurt.

Vangie tries once again to open her eyes, but still has difficulty. She finally manages to open them, and realizes that she can’t see.

John tries to stop the bleeding on Natalie’s leg. He instructs her to stay with him. He assures her that he is going to get someone to help them.

Tess, Nash and Antonio agree to Clint’s terms. She asks Antonio to tear up the restraining order. He agrees as long as they go along with Clint’s plan. She leaves to go back to her room, and throws the documents at Antonio’s feet.

Clint thanks Antonio for doing this.

David and Margaret discuss Spencer, and how he figurer into all of this. David asks her if he can stay with her for awhile. She agrees to one day.

Adriana gets a text message from the stalker. Rex reads the message.

Michael and Marcie kiss before he leaves to go to the hospital. She assures him to go.

Kevin says goodbye to people at the party., He insists that he has to find Kelly.

Kelly and Duke kiss, and begin to make love.

Vangie is extremely upset that she can’t see. Cris offers her encouragement.

John kisses Natalie to wake her up. She smiles at him as she wakes up.

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