One Life to Live Update Friday 5/5/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

The wedding between Marcie and Michael begins.

Natalie compares the two pictures, and realizes that David Vicars killed Thomas McBain. She looks at John.

David yells at Margaret, and tells her that she had had a baby . She doesn’t even remember. Margaret owns up that she had had a dream in which she had had a baby, and it was a boy. She asks David who the father was.

Antonio and Nash stand looking at the baby. Nash remarks that she is a tough one just like her Mother because she hadn’t even cried when they took her blood. Nash hopes that they get the test results back soon so they will know the truth. Tess listens. She informs them that she doesn’t need a test to determine the Mother because she was.

Kelly suggests that they get back across the street to the wedding. Kevin begins to lash out at her that she wants a baby, but she doesn’t want to use a sperm donor. They argue.

The priest asks if anyone knows why this couple should not be joined together let him speak now or forever hold his peace. The church becomes silent. Natalie stands up. Everyone looks at her in amazement. She looks around, and sees that everyone is looking at her. She explains that she had a cramp in her leg. Embarassed, she sits back down. Roxie leans up close to Natalie, and asks her if she had ever slept with Michael. Natalie informs her, “no.” Rex puts his arm around Natalie, and asks her what is she going to do. Natalie informs him that she doesn’t know, but she has to do something. With the papers in her hand, Natalie goes over, and squats down behind Vangie. Vangie doesn’t really want to listen to her, but Natalie insists that she has to talk to her .Natalie shows her a pix. Natalie goes out, and Vangie soon follows. John and Cris both watch them leave, and wonders what is going on.

Tess wants to get out of the hospital, and take the baby. Antonio tells her that she is leaving the baby there. Tess wants to know, “says, who?” Antonio tells her that he does.

David continues to try to talk to Margaret about her baby. She still doesn’t remember. He tells her that the baby’s father is Todd Manning. Margaret still doesn’t remember. David tells her that she is missing her son, and he will help her to find him.

Natalie and Vangie compares the pictures, and they realize that David Vicars killed John’s father. They decide to tell John.

Kevin and Kelly continue to argue over her not wanting to do as he says. He begins to hurl very insinuating remarks her way. She begins to cry, but it doesn’t stop him from hurling his slurs her way. He orders her to find Duke, and have a baby with him.

The wedding ceremony continues.

Layla notices that Duke watches for Kevin and Kelly.

Cris tells Adriana that he is going to see what is going on. Adriana wonders what this is all about. She sees a text message from her stalker. Rex watches her. He sees an opportunity, and join her. He asks her what is wrong, but she lies to him, and tells him nothing. He checks her messages, and sees the one from the stalker.

John is deep in thought with his mind not really on the ceremony.

Natalie and Vangie agree that John has to be told. Cris comes out, and confronts them as to what is going on. Vangie doesn’t want to tell him, but Natalie insists that he should know.

John is still deep in thought. Michael has to jar him back to reality.

Tess and Antonio argue over the baby. They also argue over Jessica, and the fact that she would want to raise this child. Tess tells him that this baby needs its Mother. Antonio argues that this is not only her decision. Tess insists on taking her home. Antonio tells them to just watch him stop them from doing this .

Margaret doesn’t quite believe David. He insists that he can help her. He asks her to drop the charges against him.

Natalie fills Cris in on the picture, and that it was David Vicars, who had killed Thomas McBain. They agree to wait to tell John until the ceremony is over.

The lights blink, and the wind really picks up as Natalie, Cris and Vangie re-enter the church. Father Gregory calls for the rings.

There is a large puff of wind, and both doors fly open to the sanctuary. Thomas McBain stands in the doorway. The church goes dark.

With the help of Michael and John, order is restored to the church. Candles are lit, and the ceremony resumes.

Lightning flashes through the window., Adriana assures Rex that it is only the wind. The ceremony resumes. Father Gregory asks for the rings. They pledge their vows. Michael recites his wedding vows. Marcie recites her wedding vows. They are married. Everyone applauds.

Kelly lashes out at Kevin. She confronts him if he is drunk. He grabs her by the hand, and wrenches the engagement ring off her finger. He leaves the room. She falls to the floor, crying.

Duke tells Layla that Kelly and his father never came back. He goes to look for them.

John, Bo and Matthew exchange pleasantries. Matthew congratulates John for remaining single. Matthew and Bo make their way through the crowd. John watches Natalie and Vangie. He knows that they are up to something .

Rex tries to talk to Bo, but Adriana immediately comes up behind him. Adriana orders her phone back. She receives another message, and Rex knows that he is there. Rex takes her out of there.

Blair insists on going home, but Spencer wants to drive her. Blair insists on taking a taxi.

Lightning flashes, and the thunder rolls as John confronts Vangie, Natalie and Cris. Natalie finally opens up to him, and tells him what is wrong.

Margaret has the charges against David dropped. When he gets out, he takes his cell phone, and text messages Spencer a pix of him and Margaret.

Spencer is distraught when he sees the picture.

Everyone arrives at the reception. Ron proposes a toast to Michael and Marcie .

Rex takes Adriana to his penthouse. They find the lights are off. While Rex goes to check on the breaker box, the stalker sneaks into Rex’s apartment, unbeknownst to Adriana.

Natalie finally tells John that David Vicars is the one, who had killed his father. John threatens to kill him as he starts to leave the church. They hear a loud noise. The window above the pulpit blows out, hurling glass all over Vangie. The wind picks up a pew, and hurls it on top of other seats. John, Natalie, Cris and Vangie fall between the seats.

Duke finally finds Kelly, alone and crying. He tries to get her to tell him what Kevin had done to her, but she refuses to tell him anything. Duke kisses her.

Tess and Nash are distraught over this argument that they are having with Antonio. Antonio comes back with a restraining order that will keep them from taking the baby out of there until the paternity tests come back.

Kevin drinks his blues away, while he plays with the engagement ring.

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