One Life to Live Update Thursday 5/4/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Marcie, Lindsay, Layla, and Roxie hurry into the church. Marcie is glad to be out of the rain. She looks at her hair in the mirror, and knows that her hair looks like a wreck. Lindsay tries to assure her that they can fix her hair. Roxie opens up her big mouth, and tells Marcie that if it storms on your wedding day, to divorce court you’re a-headin. Everyone looks at her in disbelief.

Michael is a nervous wreck. He feels as though he is missing something. John offers to go over his list again with him. After going over the list, Michael realizes that he hasn’t taken their license to Father Gregory. John offers to take the license over as he hands Michael the bottle. Michael thanks him for everything. They both feel that their father should be there today.

David urges the guard to get him out of there. The guard completely ignores him. Margaret comes in. She is the last person that David had thought he would see. Margaret wants to know more about Todd Manning.

Spencer and Blair are in the church forum. Blair wants to say a prayer for Todd’s soul. Spencer can’t understand it.

Rex and Natalie enter the church. She lets him know that she had told him a little lie about the time so they would get there on time. She realizes that she had left their present in the car. Rex offers to go and get it until he sees Adriana enter on the arm of Cris. Rex tells Natalie to go and get it. She leaves. She meets up with Cris. She sees his hand bandaged. She wonders if he has hurt it again. He informs her that he is just keeping it bandaged just in case. They both think that it is weird them being here since this was the place where they were married. Natalie excuses herself. Cris walks up to the altar. Vangie comes up behind him. She lets him know that he cleans up pretty good. He remarks that she looks amazing.

Natalie meets John in the foyer. She tells him that he had given her an ultimatum, and she had reached a decision.

Todd is brought into the visitors room. Bo visits him. He is the last person that Todd thought he would see. Bo lets him know that he didn’t expect to be there either.

Michael looks at a pix of his father. There is a knock on the door, it is Spencer. Spencer hands him an envelope. It is a membership in the country club. Spencer hopes he plays golf instead of tennis. Michael is surprised to see him there. Spencer lets him know that he was invited. Michael lets him know that he knows that Paige was involved in his father’s death, and he had been avoiding them both. Spencer hopes that Michael knows that he didn’t have anything to do with his father’s death.

Lindsay tries to assure Marcie that Roxie had the saying wrong. Roxie starts to object, but the others, shhh’s her. Layla tries to smooth over what Roxie had said. She pulls Roxie aside to talk to her. She reprimands her for what she had said to Marcie.

Lindsay tries to offer Marcie assurance that everything will be alright. Marcie knows that she is right. Marcie lets them know what she had done to Michael that morning by making him close his eyes when he kissed her. They all laugh. They discuss how bad the storm is outside. Roxie gives her a present of a lottery ticket worth 47 million dollars. Marcie thanks her. A big clap of thunder scares them. They jump, then bursts into laughter.

Rex and Adriana notices that the thunder is close. Adriana reveals that she is not afraid of a little thunder. Rex knows that they should be closer, but Adriana refuses to forgive him for lying to her. He apologizes to her for what he had done. She has no comment.

Cris tells Vangie that she looks incredible. They exchange looks. Cris tells her that he has to talk to Father Gregory.

Natalie tells John that she wants him in her life, but she is not leaving him alone in this search for his father’s killer. She asks him what is it going to be.

Margaret reveals that it was curiosity that had brought her here. She denies knowing Todd or Spencer. He tries to talk to her, but she calls him crazy. She finally admits that she has been lying to him.

Bo lets Todd know that there is no evidence pointing to someone else killing Margaret. Bo lets him know if he only had something to work with. Todd tells him to talk to Paige. Then Todd remembers that Vangie had told him that she had confessed to being responsible for killing John’s father. Todd knows that Spencer is pulling Paige’s strings, and Bo knows it.

Paige looks out the window at the storm that is brewing. She sits down in a chair with a box on her lap. Matthew comes in, and is surprised to see her there. Matthew asks her does she have to move out. Paige tells him that it is for the best. She also tells him that he has a lot going on in his life right now. He asks her if she is running away from something.

Rex reaches out his hand to Adriana. She refuses to take it. Adriana knows that there is no reason for hurting the people that you love. She leaves.

Duke looks at Kevin and Kelly as they enter the church. Kelly tells Kevin that she sees Blair, and is going to speak a word to her. Blair informs her that she is saying a prayer for Todd’s soul. She knows that she is better off without Todd in her life. She also knows that in a few weeks that Todd will be gone for good, and will not be coming back. Kevin comes up, and needs to talk to Kelly. Blair encourages her to go.

John knows that this is not the time for this. He admits that he wants her in his life. He tells her that he needs to go. He pulls out the pix that Cris had sketched. She wonders why he has that in his pocket. She demands that he give it to her. He,reluctantly, hands it to her.

Marcie and her bridal party exchange the traditional wedding gifts. Lindsay gives her a present of a necklace that she had given to Jen on her wedding day, and she knows that she would want Marcie to have it. They hug.

Kevin tells Kelly that he has figured out a way that they can have a child.

Natalie sees Ron. They hug. Nat meets Ron’s brother, Eric and his husband. Ron questions Nat about John. She tells him that they are no longer together. Ron lets her know that it is John’s loss.

R.J. meets up with Vangie, and makes his usual sarcastic remarks. He wants to know where Lindsay is. Vangie lets him know that she is with Marcie.

Rex talks to Vangie about Todd’s case. She asks him for his help. At first, he refuses, but then he has a change of heart, and agrees.

Margaret fills David in on what had happened to her since she had left Llanview. She still denies knowing Todd nor Spencer, and denies having a baby.

Spencer can’t blame Michael for believing that he had something to do with this. Spencer admits that he feels sorry for Paige. Michael hugs him and thanks him. John comes in, and sees Spencer. When Spencer leaves. John goes out with him. He orders Spence to stay away from Michael.

Marcie’s father visits her before the wedding. He can’t believe that his little girl is getting married. They wish that her Mother could be here. Lindsay comes in, and tells them it is time for her to get ready for the wedding. Marcie looks in the mirror, and can’t believe that she is getting married.

Margaret still denies having a baby. David asks her for her help. She agrees to help him be committed to psych ward.

He yells at her as she starts to leave what about her baby.

Bo comes home and finds Paige there. She quickly gets her things together, and leaves. She promises that she will see Matthew soon.

Everyone gathers for the wedding despite the storm outside. Vangie gets up to sing as the wedding begins.

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