One Life to Live Update Wednesday 5/3/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

The radio goes off at eight o’clock sharp. The announcer tells the audience that this next song out to Marcie on hers and Michael’s wedding day. Marcie pushes the covers off her head, and sits up in bed. She can’t believe that she is getting married.

Michael hurries into the church with the papers in his hand. He gives them to the priest, signed. The priest asks him if he is ready with his vows. Michael has completely forgotten about writing his own wedding vows.

Tess lies in bed with her baby in her arms. Nash lies beside them with a book in his hand, reading them a story. Tess comments on how good he is at parenting. She feels that she would just die if something happened that would break up their family.

Claudia meets with a representative at the hospital. She thanks him for meeting with her. Antonio comes into the hospital with a bunch of flowers in his arms. She comments on how beautiful they are. Antonio wants to know what she is doing here.

Duke visits Kelly and Kevin at the cottage house. She is upset to see him, and really doesn’t want to let him in. Duke confronts her about getting the charges against Kevin dropped. He questions her if she doesn’t see what he is doing. Kevin comes in, and tells him, “gee, thanks,” his support means the world to him.

John is busy going over mug shots when Vangie comes up behind him. She wonders what he is doing. He informs her that he is going over Atlantic City mug shots. Natalie comes up, and hands him some papers to sign. Angrily, he takes them from her, and lays them on top of the mug shots. He informs her that he will get to them when he can. Natalie tells him that they were due last week. Sarcastically, John signs them, and hands them back to her .Angrily, she stalks off. Vangie noticing the tension between them asks what is up with them now.,

Natalie sorts through some folders when Cris pokes his head in the door. She wonders what he is doing here. He asks her about the sketch. Natalie lets him know that they haven’t heard anything back from it yet. Cris looks around the office .Natalie asks him if there is anything else. He reminds her that this is Marcie’s and Michael’s wedding day. She knows that it is, but she isn’t looking forward to it .Cris can’t help but think about their wedding day.

Adriana sits alone in the chapel when Rex comes in, and sits down behind her . He explains to her that Matthew had given him a few pointers on how to pray. Adriana orders him to leave her alone since the wedding isn’t for a few hours. He lets her know that he has come there to pray. Adriana turns around, and sarcastically asks him, “for what.” He tells her what he is praying for.

Michael is frustrated that he doesn’t know quite what to say in the vows. His cell phone rings. He finds out that his Mother can’t make his wedding. He rushes out of the church.

Marcie dances around the room in her housecoat. The announcer announces about the bad weather that is headed their way. He tells them to enjoy the sunshine while they can.

Adriana thinks that a time machine is a tall order for a few minutes of praying. He asks her to be his spiritual guider. Adriana just looks at him.

Marcie dances out of the bathroom. Michael yells at her through the door. He needs to talk to her, but she refuses to open the door. She orders him to talk through the door.

Claudia admires the flowers. He asks her how she is. She informs him why she is there. She asks if Tess had had the baby. Antonio tells her last night . She wonders if Nash is with Tess. Antonio tells her for the moment. Claudia is concerned that Tess and Nash are responsible for that fragile little life. Claudia doesn’t think that she should leave Llanview.

Nash assures her that they will get this blood test down as soon as possible, and it will settle things once and for all. He assures her that it is going to be him and her. Nash changes the subject, and knows that they have to pick out a name for the baby, but they can’t decide what it should be. Tess knows that the Buchanans will never let them go back to Napa and live happily ever after.

Duke and Kevin argue over Kelly. Duke is not going to stand by, and let Kevin drag Kelly down. Duke thinks that Kevin is a lost cause. Kelly separates them. She orders Duke to go.

Kevin starts to leave, but Kelly grabs hold of his arm. She lets him know that he is not going anywhere.

John and Vangie discuss Natalie, and how that she is always interfering in his life.

Cris shows Natalie his father’s cufflinks. They both remember their wedding day when Cris had worn them. They both know that they were extremely happy the one day that they were married.

Vangie informs John that this between him and Natalie should not be considered friendship, but something deeper.

Cris kisses Natalie.

Michael informs Marcie that his Mother will not be able to attend their wedding. Michael tells her that he will understand if she doesn’t want to go through with the wedding. Marcie insists on going through with the wedding anyway.

Kevin refuses to listen to Kelly. He orders her to talk to Duke. Kelly is upset by his actions, and asks does he want her to leave him. She assures him that if that is what he wants then she will oblige him. They argue as usual. Kelly tells him that she only wants him, but Kevin refuses to believe her. He accuses Kelly of lying about her feelings, and everyone knows it but her. Kelly states that she is not giving up.

Claudia and Antonio discuss how conning and manipulative Nash is. She lets Antonio know that she doesn’t want Tess to suffer. She warns Antonio about Nash. Antonio starts to leave. Claudia asks him where is he going. Antonio tells her to protect his two girls.

Claudia calls Bruce to drop whatever he is doing, and call her. Before she can hang up the phone, Nash comes in, and orders her out.

Cris apologizes to Natalie for the kiss. John looks through the window, and sees them. Vangie tells John that she will see him later. Cris leaves Natalie. John and Natalie look at each other through the window

Cris wants to explain to Vangie, but she really doesn’t want to listen. She has more things to worry about such as Todd’s trial.

Antonio visits Tess and the baby. He asks her can he hold her. Tess agrees, but only until Nash comes back.

Nash and Claudia argue. They reminisce about the past, and how that Claudia had wanted Nash’s child.

Adriana doesn’t believe Rex, and his reasons for praying. She gets up to leave. She tells him that she needs her space.

Marcie lets Michael know that she is sure about their love. She tells him to close his eyes as she unlocks the door. She kisses him.

Cris and Vangie discuss Todd, and his case and how she is going to try to appeal it. Cris assures her that he is moving on with his life. He just wanted her to know. He gets up to leave. Vangie is so surprised that she doesn’t say anything.

Natalie tries to talk to John about his father’s murder case, and the evidence that she had obtained, but John lashes out at her, and tells her that she just doesn’t get it .

Rex sits on a pew, and asks for the Lord’s help in getting Adriana back. She listens to him. After a few minutes, she realizes that she had been listening to him. She apologizes to him, and tells him that she didn’t know. She tells him that his car is being towed. He rushes out of the church.

Antonio asks Tess can she really trust Nash. He tries to warn Tess against Nash, but Tess refuses to listen.

Claudia tries to assure Nash that she is not out to get him. She notifies him of how that her and her father are donating a wing to the hospital. Nash is confused. He doesn’t understand why they would be donating a wing here when she lives in New York. Claudia lets him know that she is moving to Llanview. Nash is confused.

John informs Natalie that she should have listened, and not gotten involved in this investigation when he told her not to. He tells her that unless she stays out of this, they have no future together. John walks off, and leaves her .

Kelly visit’s the nursery at the hospital. Duke comes up behind her. They look at Jessica’s baby at how beautiful that she is. Duke confronts her that she has feelings for him if she would only admit it. He lets her know that if she would leave Kevin then he could give her everything. Duke tells her that he loves her.

Cris calls Adriana and invites her to the wedding. During their conversation, Cris finds out that there is no Rex and no Natalie. She agrees to go to the wedding with him.

Rex comes to the police station to invite Natalie to the wedding with him. Natalie agrees, but Rex should have invited Adriana. Natalie thinks that Rex should tell Adriana how he feels. Rex agrees to tell Adriana when she tells John how she feels .

John looks at the pix of his father. He imagines that he is talking to Thomas.

Nash comes back to find Antonio with Tess. The nurse comes in. Antonio and Nash leave with her .

A nurse is in the hall with the baby. Claudia asks to see it. She realizes how beautiful the baby is.

Tess prays that the baby will be hers and Nash’s.

Duke promises to give Kelly the world if she will only leave Kevin for him.

Rex comes to visit Adriana at Marcie’s hotel room. Marcie pushes him back out into the hall. She counsels Rex to tell Adriana how he feels .

John sits in the church when Vangie comes in. She lets him know that Marcie had asked her to sing at the wedding. John tells her to not mind him. She goes to check on the music.

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