One Life to Live Update Tuesday 5/2/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Llanview Hospital

Paige orders Spencer to stay out of her way. Spencer refuses, and orders her to tell him where David is. Paige denies knowing where he is. Spencer doesn’t believe her .

Somewhere in Thailand

David insists that he is an American citizen before he is thrown into jail.

Death Row

Todd informs Blair that he had hoped it was her since Vangie had given her the video.

Roxie’s Hair Salon

Roxie instructs the other girls to hide right before Marcie comes in. When Marcie comes in the door, all the girls yells, “Surprise.” Marcie is thrilled.


Michael instructs everyone to grab them a drink just as long as they aren’t on duty at the hospital. He tells them that he will be with them in just a moment .He once again tries to cal John. He doesn’t know where John could be .

John orders Natalie to open the door because he knows that she is in there. Natalie comes up behind him, and tells him that she is here. Natalie tells him to let her have it. They argue about the sketch that Cris had drawn of the shooter.

Roxie tells Layla and Marcie not to be upset when the police officer arrives, but her words trail off in mid air. Layla finishes the sentence for her, when the police start stripping. Marcie becomes embarrassed, and excuses herself.

Lindsay goes after Marcie to find out what is wrong. Marcie admits to her that she was embarrassed when Roxie was talking about a stripper. Marcie and Lindsay reminisce about the past. Lindsay tells her to stop feeling embarrassed.

Adriana and Layla discuss Rex’s helping Todd. Layla lets her know that Vangie is helping him to get released. Adriana admits that what bothers her is that Rex had lied to her.

Blair admits to Todd that it wasn’t the message that she thought it would be. They argue as usual. She tells him that she had seen the DVD. Blair tries to make him understand that children need love and comfort, and he hadn’t given them either in that DVD. Todd informs her that he doesn’t plan on leaving them. Blair explains to him that his children need him.

Paige questions Spence as to what he is going to do. She refuses to tell him where David is. Spencer threatens to go to the police with the evidence he has against her and Bo.

Bo visits with Nora. He explains to her that he is an uncle again. He tells her that Jessica had had her baby. He also fills her in on how Paige had lied to him, and he just cannot let it go. He tells her that Paige is responsible for John’s father’s death.

Natalie tells John to get on with it that she has somewhere to be. John asks her does she think that this is a joke. They argue as usual over her involvement in his life. John starts to leave, but she stops him. Natalie informs him that she is glad that she had gone to see George.

Lindsay suggest to everyone that they attend Michael’s bachelor party. Everyone agrees.

Duke congratulates Michael on his marriage. Michael thanks him. Duke lets him know that you don’t have to be married to mess things up. Duke confides to Michael about Kevin’s drinking. Michael assures him that Kelly will help Kevin through this.

Rex lets Michael know that Lindsay is moving their party over to combine with his. Michael is less than enthused.

Hugh sits at the bar drinking. He puts out his hand to congratulate Michael.

John and Natalie continue to argue over her visiting George. Natalie remembers the look on John’s face when he had found out that Paige was responsible for his father’s death. Natalie lets him know that she thought she could find something that he couldn’t. She knows that John wants to make this investigation personal.

David paces the jail cell. He yells for the guard to let him have his one phone call.

Spencer and Paige discuss the file that he is hiding in his office. Spencer becomes angry, and hits his fist against the wall. He asks her does she want to see him lose it. Paige just laughs at him. Paige orders him to stop threatening her. Spencer orders her to tell him what he needs to know. Paige gets call. She looks at her phone, and see that the call is from David.

Hugh wishes Michael the best. They shake hands. The women arrive at the bachelor party.

Rex comes up behind Adriana. He hopes this was her idea. She refuses to talk to him, and excuses herself. She runs into Duke. They exchange pleasantries. Rex watches them.

Hugh asks Rex if he has seen Bo. Hugh fills Rex in that something is bothering Bo, but won’t tell anyone what is bothering him. Rex leaves.

Bo talks to Nora about Paige and her involvement in John’s fathers death. Bo admits that he just cannot let this go. They discuss the Todd Manning case, and how that the department could have dropped the ball. Bo admits that he misses talking to her. Bo lets her know that her son needs her.

Blair brings the children to see Todd. Starr hugs him, but Jack, upon seeing Todd in chains, refuses to hug him. He holds onto Blair.

Paige talks to David. He asks for her help. Spencer grabs the phone, and demands to know where he is .

John orders Natalie to keep her opinions to herself. Natalie lets him know that Jessica had had her baby. Natalie knows that she cannot get through to him. He grabs her by the shoulders, shakes her, and lets her know that he cannot lose her.

Natalie knows that John is denying his feelings for her. They argue. John knows that this is a bad idea so he leaves. Natalie follows him. She slams the door, hits it with her fist, and begins to cry.

David refuses to tell Spencer where he is. He hangs up on Spencer.

Spencer warns Paige to be very worried about him.

David asks to make one more call, but the guard refuses. The guard puts him in a cell.

Bo refuses to listen to Rex when Rex tries to talk to him. Bo lets him know that Paige has moved out, and Matthew can’t understand why. Rex wants to know why. Bo turns around, and sees Paige.

Todd tries to talk to Jack, but Jack refuses. Blair urges Jack to give his father a hug. Jack finally agrees to do as she asks. Jack wants to leave. Blair tells Starr to take Jack out into the waiting room. Starr hugs him, and leaves. Blair confides to Todd that she just cannot have hope anymore.

Rex fills Bo in that Adriana has been getting e-mails from a stalker. Bo hopes that Rex wouldn’t stoop that low to be doing this just so he can rescue her.

Bo runs into Paige. He had hoped that they could avoid this. Paige informs him that she was not going to Michael’s wedding, but she had brought them a present. She tells him to wait right there while she goes to get it.

Michael watches the time. He is worried about John.

Duke bumps into Hugh, who lets him know that the charges have been dropped against Kevin.

Spencer sees Denton outside Ultraviolet. He puts a coin in Denton’s cup. Spencer gives him an airplane ticket to Thailand, and tells him that he knows what to do

Spencer meets John outside Ultraviolet. John didn’t know that Spence gave to charity .

Duke calls Kelly, and tells her that they need to talk.

John finally arrives. Michael introduces himself to him as a joke. Michael tells John to get them some beers. Michael proposes a toast to Marcie. Marcie in return toasts Michael.

Blair and Jack leave prison.

Denton goes to the airport to catch him a flight to Thailand. The receptionist warns him of a tornado hitting Llanview.

Natalie closes the patio doors when the wind begins to get up. She begins to cry.

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