One Life to Live Update Monday 5/1/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Llanview Hospital

Viki paces the floor. She is deeply concerned about Jessica.

Tess is deep breathing. She begs Jessica not to leave her .Jessica assures her that she is not going anywhere.

Viki calls Natalie, and fills her in on Jessica. Natalie tells her that she will be right there. Natalie starts out the door when she meets Vincent. Vincent lets her know that if John dies it will be on her head. Natalie wants to know what he has done to John.

John arrives at the church for the rehearsel. John pulls Michael aside to fill him in on the information that he has found. John shows Michael a pix of the young boy, who had shot their father.

Vangie looks at the pix of Spencer, Paige, and the unknown boy. She gets a call which is a cancellation. Spencer comes up behind her, looks at the pix, and suggests that she be more discreet in her investigation of him.


David is surprised to see Margaret alive. She laughs, and tells him that, of course, she is alive. She questions him as to why he is calling her Margaret, and demands to know who he is.

Todd is led by a guard into the visitation area to await a visitor.

Natalie demands to know what he did to John. Vincent informs her nothing. Natalie demands to know what he had meant. Vincent lets her know how unhappy George was because she had gotten John involved. Vincent lets her know that he had handled the situation. Natalie is relieved that John is fine. Vincent wants a little thanks for what he had done for her. Nat thanks him. Natalie denies having anything to do with John appearing up at George’s. Vincent lets her know that she owes him double.

Michael looks at the pix of the boy, who had shot his father. Michael asks who he is. Michael tells John that he has to find him.

Marcie talks to Lindsay, and hopes that everyone is alright. Lindsay assures her that they are probably talking about guy stuff. Marcie thanks her for the help and advice.

Michael wants to know what John is going to do when he finds this boy. John wonders what does he think that he is going to do.

Spencer calls Vangie desperate in her search to find info on him in order to free Todd before his execution date. Spencer suggests that she resign, and save herself the embarassment. Vangie assures him that this is far from over. Spencer lets her know how much Blair cares for him, and how much Jack loves him. They discuss Todd, and his killing Margaret and his unborn child. Vangie tells him that she is going to get Todd exonerated .Spence just laughs. She tells him not to underestimate her.

David begins to put the pieces together in how Spence had planned all this. David asks her about the baby.

The guard hands Todd a calendar. Todd circles the date, the 26st of May.

Bo goes home to find Paige packing. He tries to talk to her, but she refuses to listen. He lets her know that he is confused. He also tells her that he should have known what was going on. All Paige will tell him is that she loves him. Bo questions her as to what is the rest of the story.

Margaret calls David, “rude. He continues to put the pieces together in this coverup. David confesses that he has the goods on his brother. Margaret threatens to call the police if he doesn’t leave. He tells her to go ahead.

Michael tells John if he kills the man, then he is no better than the man, who had done the shooting. John tells him that he just wanted to keep him in the loop. Michael tells him that he wants Marcie’s wedding day to be special.

The priest tells Marcie that he has enjoyed talking to her and Michael, but he can tell that they have a controversy over children. Marcie lets him know that they want children, but not right away.

Tess screams in pain. Jessica assures her that she is there for the baby.

Clint tells Viki that she had done an amazing thing when she convinced Tess to let Jessica help her have the baby. Viki wonders what will happen after the baby is born. Clint assures her that they will get Jessica back.

Jessica urges Tess to push. The baby is born. The nurse wraps the baby in a blanket, and places her in Tess’ arms. There are tears in Jessica’s eyes.

Natalie wants to know how Vincent wants her to repay him. He assures her that they are partners now. Natalie tells him that she is not afraid of him. Vincent thinks that that is good. He suggests walking her to the car.

Bo continues to question Paige about what she knows. Paige refuses to tell him anything. She tells Bo to tell Matthew good-bye for her. Bo suggests that she stick around until Matthew comes home, but Paige refuses. She kisses Bo before she leaves.

Vangie lets Spencer know that he has made a mistake, and she is going to find out what . Spencer wonders why she cares so much about Todd.

John and Michael apologize to the priest for the inconvenience. The rehearsel begins. Lindsay escorts Marcie down the aisle in place of her father.

Tess wants a moment alone with her daughter. She asks Nash and Antonio to leave. Jessica appears. Tess orders her to leave.

Bo and Matthew arrive home. Matthew asks if Paige is home. Bo tells him that Paige had to go back to the hospital. Matthew wants to know when she will back. Matthew wants Paige to help him with a science project. Bo offers his assistance, but Matthew refuses. Matthew tells him that he will just wait for Paige.

John imagines that he sees his Father, and talks to him. John questions his father as to who the boy is. His Dad refuses to tell him anything. He tells John to follow the clues. John lets him know that he needs his help, but his father refuses. Thomas advises John to not let Michael down. Michael tries hard to get John’s attention to give him the rings. John hands him the rings. Michael asks him to not let him down.

Margaret denies knowing either Todd nor Spencer. Margaret orders him out. The police arrive. David tries to talk to them, but cannot get through to them. The police grab him by the arms, and takes him out of the apartment.

Todd looks at calendar. He knows that he has twenty five days to prove his innocence.

Antonio and Nash fill Clint and Viki in that Tess had had a beautiful baby girl. Viki and Clint are thrilled. They tell Viki and Clint that Tess wanted a moment alone with the baby. Viki knows that she wanted a moment alone with Jessica.

Tess orders Jessica gone. Jessica just wants to hold the baby. Tess refuses. Viki comes in.

Bo tries to explain to Matthew about the situation with Paige. Matthew can’t understand why, and wants to know why she had left. Bo tells him that Paige wants to explain to him.

Michael thanks John for keeping him up to speed.

Natalie arrives at the hospital. Clint fills her in that Tess had had a baby girl. Natalie is thrilled.

Antonio tells Nash that it is time for a paternity test to determine who the father is.

Viki tells Tess that she is proud of them. Jessica tells Tess to take care of the baby. She leaves. Viki wants to know what is going on. Tess tells her that Jessica is gone.

Michael and Marcie discuss his father’s case. Marcie wants to know all about it. Michael refuses to tell her anything .Michael tells her that he loves her. They kiss.

Bo tries to explain to Matthew about his and Paige’s problem. Bo lets him know that he and Paige still love each other.

Nash and Antonio argue. Clint has to separate them. Clint tells them to concentrate on the baby.

Viki comes out of Tess’ room. She tells Nash that Tess wants to see him. Nash goes into Tess’ room. He looks lovingly at his family. He lets them know that they are his life.

Spencer grabs Paige by the arm, and demands to know where David is.

David tries to explain to the police the situation here, but they take him off to jail.

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