One Life to Live Update Friday 4/28/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Cris is busy painting when there is a knock on the door. He tells them that it is open. Vangie pokes her head in the door. He is as surprised to see her as she is surprised to see her.

Natalie and John meet with the informant, who knows the identity of the man, who had shot John’s father. Natalie suggests that they get an artist to sketch a picture of the man. John pulls Natalie aside, and explains to her that she had better not be meaning Cris. They begin to argue. The informant orders them to both shut up. He tells them that this is a waste of time.


Margaret has just gotten her something to eat, and left. David comes in, and approaches the counter. A man approaches him. David begins to question him. The man is very evasive about the info that he gives out, but changes his mind when David offers him money. The man agree to spill the beans for one hundred American dollars.

Blair is so tired of everyone warning her about the men in her life. Dorian explains that where there is smoke there is usually fire. Blair compares her to the boy that cried wolf. They discuss David calling her to warn Blair about Spencer. David is concerned about Blair. Dorian tells her that David has warned her to get away from Spencer before the hammer comes down. Blair is confused.

Llanview Hospital

Tess cries out in pain. Nash reminds her to remember her breathing. Nash begs the doctor to do something .

Antonio, Clint and Viki are waiting impatiently in the hall. Antonio insists that he can’t wait any longer. Viki covers her face when Tess cries out in pain. The doctor tells Nash they have a problem. Jessica appears and tells Tess to let her take over before it is too late.

David orders the man to start talking. The man insists on seeing the money first. David hands him the one hundred dollar bill. The man examines it. David tells him his name, and orders him to tell him everything that he knows about Spencer Truman.

Blair calls Dorian and David, “drama queens. Dorian tries to explain that her heart was broke about Todd, but she is worried that Spencer will be worse. Blair, sarcastically, asks Dorian how much time she has spent with Spencer. Blair orders her to get on with her life, and to stay out of hers. Blair insists that she doesn’t want to discuss it anymore. Dorian tries to explain, but Blair refuses to listen. Blair insists that Paige, David and all the others are just jealous. Blair then gets the idea to call Spencer, and have him come back over there that Dorian has something to say to him.

Cris paints while he and Vangie talk. Vangie tells him that it is too dark for her taste. Vangie admits that she has been unfair to him. Cris tells her that it has been bugging him what she is doing to herself. Cris admits that he cares about her .Vangie confesses to Cris that Todd thinks that something is going on between them. Before Cris can answer there is a knock on the door. When Cris opens it, he finds that it is Natalie. He wonders what she wants . Natalie tells him that she needs to talk to him. Cris informs her that he is kinda busy. Vangie tells them that she has some work to do on Todd’s case, and leaves. Natalie tells Cris that they need his help.

Vangie leaves the building. John and the man wait until she is out of sight. They go into building. Natalie opens the door for them. They inform Cris that they need his help.

Antonio knows that he should be in there with Jessica. Clint assures him that after the baby is born there will be a blood test. They hear Tess screaming. Viki knows that Tess can’t do this by herself.

Nash tells Tess to focus. Jessica stands by. Jessica assures her that she can’t lose another baby. Tess knows that she has to stay in charge or she will lose everything. Jessica still offers her help.

Dorian wants to know why had she called Spencer to come over there. Blair is busy reading a magazine, and refuses to answer her. The doorbell rings, and it is Spencer. Spencer asks what is up. Blair asks Dorian did she want to tell him what she had been telling her or should she. Dorian is speechless.

Viki assures Clint and Antonio that she needs some time alone with Tess to try to reach out to her. They agree. Antonio insists that that baby is his and Jessica’s. Viki tells him that he couldn’t be too sure about that. Viki goes in to see Tess.

Tess, through tears, tells Nash and the doctor that she just wants to have this baby .Tess becomes hysterical when the doctor mentions about a C-section. She wants to know what is wrong with the baby. Viki comes in to join them.

David questions the man about Spencer, and if he had had a woman with him. The man refuses to answer. David offers him more money, and the man opens up, and tells him that, “yes, he had a woman with him, but he wasn’t having too much to say to her.” David questions him more about the woman.

Dorian refuses to talk to Spencer about what she had been discussing with Blair. Blair mentions that David had gone out of town. Spencer wants to know where he had gone, but Dorian refuses to tell him anything. Dorian leaves without giving out any information. Blair and Spencer are both puzzled by her actions.

Natalie fills Cris in on what is going on with the man. She asks Cris to make a sketch of the young man, who they think killed John father’s. Cris refuses to do the sketch for Natalie, but he will do it for John.

Antonio is restless that he cannot go in to where Tess is. Clint tries to talk to him, and get him settled down. Nash comes out of Tess’ room leaving Tess alone with Viki.

Tess and Viki discuss the C-section. Tess is afraid that she will lose control to Jessica. Viki tries to assure her that she will be the one to have his baby. Viki urges Tess to let Jessica help her.

Dorian leaves Spencer and Blair. Spencer and Blair wonder what Dorian is up to that she wouldn’t tell them where David was.

David finds out the woman’s address. David has to give the man more money in exchange for the info. David orders him to write down the woman’s address.

Cris doesn’t want Natalie involved in all of this. He refuses to do the sketch for her, but will do it for John. He begins to sketch the boy, who was involved in the shooting.

Nash, Antonio and Clint argue amongst themselves about Tess/Jessica.

Viki assures Tess that she wants this baby to be born healthy. Viki pleads with Tess to let her talk with Jessica. Tess has reservations about letting her talk with Jessica because she is afraid that Jessica will gain control. Viki assures Tess that she only wants to help. Tess looks up, and sees Jessica behind Viki.

Cris begins to sketch the boy’s face.

John and Natalie. John wonders if there is a connection between the shooting, and Paige letting the man die at the hospital.

Vangie looks up info about Spencer and Paige on the computer. She comes up with a pix of Spencer, Paige and a boy at Spencer’s and Paige’s wedding.

Spencer calls David and tells him to call him a.s.a.p. Blair comes back downstairs. Spencer asks if the children are alright. They hug.

Tess and Viki argue over the fact that Viki wants Tess to let Jessica help.

David knocks on a door. A woman yells something through the door. David orders her to open the door. When the woman opens the door it is Margaret, alive and well.

Viki comes out of Tess’ room. She tells Nash and Antonio that they can go in. The delivery of the baby begins with Jessica helping Tess.

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