One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/27/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Spencer fills Blair in on how he had covered up a malpractice which Paige was involved in. Spencer asks her now that she knows what is she going to do about it. Blair wonders if Spencer, who had covered this up, and made it look as though someone else was responsible, would set up Todd for the murder of Margaret Cochran.

Vangie visits Todd in prison. He asks her immediately if she had given the tape to Blair. She confirms that she had. Todd knows that Blair still believes that he is guilty of the murder of Margaret Cochran. Vangie tells him that she has some news. Vangie lets him know that she has turned over every stone, and all evidence points to the fact that Spencer had set him up.


Adriana is busy at work looking through some papers when Dorian comes into the office. Adriana jumps as though she has been shot. Dorian wonders why she is so jumpy. Adriana lies, and tells her that she has a lot of work. There is a knock on the door, and Rex pokes his head in. Adriana tells him that she is busy. Rex lets her know that he hadnít come to see her, but Dorian. Adriana is surprised.

John follows the car that Natalie is a passenger in. He wonders where she is going .

Natalie demands to know where they are going .Vincent just laughs. He refuses to tell her where he is taking her as he covers her eyes with a blindfold.

Vangie fills Todd in that Paige was responsible for a manís death on the operating table, and that Spencer is helping her cover it up. She tells Todd that the man, who died was John McBainís father. Todd wonders how this will help him. Vangie feels that now since this has come out that Paige would be more susceptible to tell them what she knows about Margaret Cochran. Todd wonders if Paige had told her that she was being blackmailed. Vangie confirms that she hadnít. Todd then asks about Vickers, and where he is. Vangie informs him that Vickers will not return any of her phone calls.

David questions the bartender about Spencer, and shows him a pix of Spencer. The bartender confirms that he had been there in February, and he had left very big tips .

Spencer canít understand how Blair can see any similarity between the two things. Spencer denies having anything to do with Margaret Cochranís death and that of her unborn child. Spencer apologizes to Blair for asking her to keep this a secret about his involvement in the cover up of the death of John McBainís father. Spencer tells her that he knows what he has to do, and that is to turn himself in.

Natalie wonders where Vincent is taking her. She compares him to the, ďgodfather.Ē He assures her that he is taking her to meet their friend. Natalie lets him know that she is bad on directions, and that she even loses her car at the supermarket. He assures her that he thinks that she always finds what she is looking for . Vincent tells her that she is laying it all on the line for a man, who she says that she is not in love with.

John is frantic, and wants it to load. The G.P.S. tracker beeps. John wonders why Natalie is leaving town .

Dorian questions them as to what is going on. Rex reveals to her about the e-mails that she had been receiving. Adriana apologizes, and tells Rex that she doesnít share every facet of her life with her Mother. Dorian wishes that she would .Adriana asks Dorian to give her and Rex a minute. Dorian is reluctant to leave, but Adriana begs her to give them a minute. Once Dorian is gone, Rex confronts Adriana about her making her Mother think that it was him, who was sending her the e-mails. Adriana assures him that she doesnít want her Mother to worry. Adriana knows that Dorian would make her stop modeling, quit the magazine, and would send her back to the nuns in Puerto Rico. Adriana vows she couldnít live like that. Rex admits that neither could he.

David questions the bargender about Spencer. The bartender refuses to give him any info. David asks if Spence had had a baby with him. The bartender tells him that he didnít have a baby with him, but he did have a woman with him. David is puzzled.

Spencer picks up his phone, and requests the number of the L.P.D.. Starr comes into the apartment, and is also on the phone. When she sees Spencer, she hangs up. She starts to leave the apartment. Blair questions her as to where she is going .Starr just tells her, ďout.Ē Blair informs her that, ďno, she isnít.Ē Jack comes running downstairs. He asks Spencer to go to career day with him, but Spence refuses .Jack also asks him to go to soccer practice with him, but once again, Spence refuses. He tells Jack that he might not be seeing him for a while.

Vincent takes Natalie into a house, and takes off her blindfold. Natalie questions Vincent as to where the guy is. A man comes from the back of the house, and tells her that he may be just that guy.

One of Vincentís goons paces outside the door. John watches him. John sneaks up to the door, and overhears the man telling Natalie that he can identify the boy, who had shot McBainís father.

David questions the bartender about the woman. The bartender gets a phone call from a woman wanting takeout. He tells her that the delivery man is gone for the day. She insists that she will come and get it .

John captures one of Vincentís goons.

The man wants something from Natalie in exchange for his information. He wants Natalie to pull off her clothes, once piece at a time. John walks in with his pistol in his hand. He orders the man away from Natalie .

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