One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/26/06


Written By Suzanne
Pictures by Jennifer

At Rodi's, Natalie phones Clint to tell him that she'll be at the hospital soon (since Jessica is having her baby) and that she has some business that won't take long. Vincent Jones comes up behind her and offers to help with her family problems. She tells him off about keeping out of her business. He jokes about wanting to know how she takes her coffee, so she softens, embarrassed. They sit down to discuss things. She tells him that she wants to know about John's father's murder, regardless of what it costs her. He wonders if she wants to find the murderer in order to bring him to justice or because she wants her lover to come home to her. She says John won't be coming home to anyone if they don't find this killer. They discuss their deal. Natalie tries to squirm out of it but then agrees to go with him. They shake hands on it. She balks when his henchman starts to grab her. Vincent reminds her of his terms. She is reluctant to get into his limo and just go wherever he wants without asking questions, when she doesn't even know him except that some guy thinks he's a really scary dude. Vincent says he's a man of his word, but Natalie doesn't buy it. Vincent tells his bodyguard to go away for a minute. He whispers an impassioned speech to Natalie about how, even though he hates the police, he knows what it likes to hunger for justice. He says that John is very lucky to have someone like her on his side. He might have gone far with someone like her looking out for him. He calls her his "new friend". She doesn't know what to think. She tells him that she's not trading her body for information, even on this killer. He says that he thought they were friends and that is what friends do for each other. She tells him to meet her outside, so he chuckles and heads out.

At the PCPD, Kevin is brought into Bo's office, where Bo is looking at the picture of him and Paige on his desk. Kevin looks disheveled and acts defensive. He doesn't want to hear a lecture from Bo and expects him to just strike the offense from his record, so he can leave. Bo tells him it doesn't work that way. He throws a little fit about it. Outside, Kelly asks Hugh for his help in getting Kevin out of jail. Back inside, Kevin tries to apologize for his behavior, but Bo points out how high his alcohol limit was and yells at him for wasting his time there when Jessica is having her baby. Kevin admits he's right and tells him to do what he has to do. Kelly comes in and gives Kevin a hard time, too. He tells her that he can take care of himself and doesn't need her help. Kelly points out that he spent the night in jail and yells at Kevin for his recent behavior. Kevin is not happy that Hugh is there, either, but Hugh says he is dropping the charges. Bo wonders what he will do about Duke if he pursues the case, but Kelly assures them that she will handle Duke. Kevin laughs sarcastically at that and leaves; Kelly follows him out and grabs his arm, saying they're not done. She yells at him for not treating her with respect, since they are engaged. He can't believe she really still wants to marry him and suggests she take off the ring and give it to him, or better yet throw it in his face. Kelly looks at him, aghast. She tells Kevin she wasn't planning on breaking off their engagement. She is there to help him. Kevin makes suggestive comments about how she got Hugh to help her. Kelly looks at him in disbelief, saying she knows that Kevin loves her. Kevin blasts her, saying his whole life is falling apart. He finishes by saying that he doesn't care if she sleeps with Duke or the whole damn world. Bo comes in and tells Kevin to go home. Hugh asks Kelly if she's okay. She doesn't know what to say, so she just follows Kevin out.

Hugh asks Bo if he wants to talk to a witness in a liquor store robbery. Bo asks him to talk about something else as he looks at the picture of Paige again, but then he seems to change his mind. He tells Hugh he's taking the day off to go see Jessica in the hospital. After leaving Bo's office, Hugh looks suspicious.

Kelly finds Kevin at home with a beer in his hand, sitting on the stairs. She tells him that he doesn't want to drink that. She angrily tells him that she loves him and is trying to be supportive, but he's not allowed to verbally abuse her. He says that isn't enough; he doesn't know what to do or say. She begs him to talk to her. They kiss. He tells her that she's the only woman he wants to be with. More than anything, he wants to give her a child and a future, but he can't. He confesses passionately that it's killing him that he can't do this for her. He drinks so he doesn't have to feel anything. She refuses to let him push her away and says she will never let him go. Tears fall down her face as she holds his head in her hands. She promises to make it right. They comfort each other. Kevin hopes to find a way to make this work.

Blair, picking up around the house, leaves a message on the phone to Starr, telling her to come right home after school (she has a half day). Meanwhile, Jack starts watching the video that Todd made for his kids and exclaims that "it's Daddy!". Blair takes the DVD out as soon as she can. Jack wonders why Todd is saying some bad things about Spencer on the dvd. Blair tells Jack not to watch DVD's without checking with her first. He wonders what he did wrong, but she assures him that she's not mad at him. She comforts him about missing his daddy. Jack asks again why Todd doesn't like Spencer. She tells him that she thinks maybe Todd is worried that Jack will think of Spencer as his daddy. Jack says he likes Spencer, and he's glad he's around.

Cristian is at the hospital about his hand. Spencer is with him and introduces him to a female Doctor Hansen. Cris thought Paige would be helping him, but Spencer says her schedule has become very busy. Cris goes with her and they run into Evangeline. Things seem a little tense between them as Cris asks why she's there. She says she's there to see Spencer, so Cris tells her that they'll talk later. Evangeline overhears Spencer asking his lawyer about a possible wrongful death suit. He claims he is not worried. Evangeline slams the door right after he says he doesn't want to be convicted of a murder he didn't commit. She says they both know what murder he's referring to. They dance around verbally for a few minutes as Evangeline tries to get Spencer to admit something. He tells her about how Paige has admitted to John that she was the doctor who operated on his father. He smiles when he realizes she didn't know this. Evangeline can't believe it.

Earlier, Marcie and Michael are kissing at his place when Michael drops by for a visit. Michael wonders why he's there, so John replies that it's about their dad. Marcie excuses herself so they can talk. John fills Michael in on what Paige did. Michael can't believe it and tries to argue, but John yells at him that it's certain, Paige killed their old man. Michael and John continue to argue about it. Both Evangeline and Michael wondered why Dr. Snyder would cover for Paige and wreck his own career. John thinks there is more to the story than Paige being drunk. Michael wonders what he means, but John doesn't want to tell him any more until he has proof. Michael demands to know what's going on. He gets in John's face and wonders about his behavior, whether he will start shooting up someone else. Michael is very worried about John, saying he's scaring him. John doesn't want to be lectured. Michael wonders why John is acting like this because finding their father's murderer was supposed to help him cope with his demons, not make them worse. John wonders why Michael is not as angry as he is. Michael confesses that he is angry, hurt and confused, especially about Paige. He asks John to be his big brother for a minute, but John looks uncertain. Michael blasts him for leaving him alone to fend for himself again. John says he just wanted to tell him before he heard it from someone else. John grabs Michael's shoulders and tells him he loves him in a husky (but somewhat scary) voice. John says he knows where to find him when he's ready for a reckoning, then he leaves, with Michael calling after him, wondering what he will do now. Marcie returns, finding Michael looking very depressed. She asks him what happened, so he tells her that they know who killed his father and it's way worse than he ever could have imagined. Marcie listens while Michael pours his heart out about Paige. She wonders if they should postpone the wedding, but he refuses. He tells her how he is worried about John.

Dr. Hansen tells Cristian to continue his physical therapy and not to get into any boxing matches. He thanks her. Cris overhears Evangeline accusing Spencer of killing Margaret and her baby. Spencer laughs. Evangeline gets angry at his arrogance. Spencer wonders what motive he would have. All she really has is that Spencer wanted Blair, so he laughs at that. She tells him exactly what she thinks of him, and finishes with telling him that he's a guilty sociopath. She vows not to rest until everyone sees him for "the big piece of scary" that he is. She doesn't see Cris outside as she storms out, taking a deep breath. He looks worried and follows her. They argue. Cris can't believe she just threatened someone that she thinks is a cold-blooded killer. Evangeline chews him out for interfering in her life. She is telling him that Spencer might be involved in a cover-up of the murder of John's father, when John walks up and wants to know who told her. He decides he doesn't want to know but tells her to stay out of it. The three of them argue. John finds out from Cris that Natalie is up to something in order to help him. John stalks off. Evangeline warns Cristian that he should leave, too. Cris is not deterred; he's worried about her and Natalie. She says she's not Natalie and never will be, so he doesn't need to protect her. She storms off.

John phones Rodi's and finds out that Natalie was there with a smooth guy and his bouncer, and they drove off in a limo. John says, "Damn it, Natalie" and heads out to help her. John just misses Natalie as she rides off in Jones' limo.

Spencer visits Blair, saying he really needs to talk to her. She wonders what's wrong. He mumbles that he's not all that different from Todd and that he's responsible for the death of an innocent man. Inside, he reminds her that he had told her that he had told her he'd done things he was not proud of. She wonders what he means. He confesses that years ago when he was working in a hospital with Paige, something terrible happened. He says Paige was upset one night after a man died on her operating table, and she begged Spencer to help her. Blair nods understandingly, thinking that Paige just made a mistake. Spencer fills her in about the drinking. Spencer pretends to be upset about what Paige was going through and tells how he refused to give up on their love. He confides that he paid off the head surgeon to take the blame. She is sympathetic but wonders why he's telling her now. He tells her that the son of the dead police officer is out to get him--John McBain. Blair is having a hard time believing all thisl. Spencer says he is worried because he lied to John yesterday about not being involved in the murder. She wonders why he's telling her, so he reminds her that he promised never to lie to her. He wants to accept responsibility for everything he did all those years ago. Spencer asks Blair not to turn him in.

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