One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/25/06


Written By Suzanne

John stops by Spencer's office and locks the door, making sure that Spencer will talk to him and can't leave. When Spencer says he has a meeting, John hangs up the phone and tells him that he's going to answer his questions. Spencer tries to get out of the questioning, but John insists that he sit down. John interrogates him about his father's death and threatens him in the process. Spencer tries to change the subject, but John won't let him. Spencer hints that he knows who shot his father but then backs off when John demands to know who it is. He tells John that it's a waste of his time to question him because he really wants to know who was responsible for putting his father in the hospital. After some more arguing, John lets Spencer leave. Spencer looks at his pager outside his office. He looks back at John, who points his fingers to Spencer like he's shooting him.

Roxy tries to cheer Natalie up at Rodi's. She can tell it's because of a guy. Natalie fills Roxy in on the witness that she found but that she couldn't get the person because the price was too high. Roxy tries to cheer her up, but it doesn't work. Natalie leaves to use the restroom, so Roxy phones Rex to ask him to come over and help Natalie.

At UV, Darryl sees Rex mooning over Adriana's photo in a magazine. He is determined to get her back. Darryl phones Dorian to let her know that Rex is not giving up, so she instructs him to keep an eye on Rex. Kevin, Kelly, Duke, and some other BU employees are there to celebrate closing a big deal. Kevin seems jovial and orders champagne for everyone, but Kelly and Duke are wary. She orders water, so they get into an argument about that. Things are very tense. Kelly tells Kevin that she doesn't like him when he drinks like that, but Kevin ignores her and opens the champagne. Kevin drinks a lot. Nearby, Rex wonders who is stalking Adriana.

A marketing guy comes over and says hi to Duke, thinking he's Kevin. He praises Kelly's beauty. Duke points over to Kevin and says he's Kevin, his father. Kevin is already drunk, so he makes bad jokes about Duke and Kelly being close. Then he goes over to Kelly, tripping as he does, and plants a big wet kiss on her. Duke tries to rescue her by getting Kevin to go talk to the marketing guy, but he won't. Then Duke tries to drag him outside for some air, but Kevin pulls away. They argue, and Duke calls him a drunk, Kevin punches him. Kelly is shocked.

In the hospital, Tess has contractions with Nash and the doctor by her side. Antonio comes in and tells Jessica that he's there. Nash gives him an angry look. Tess yells at Antonio, not wanting him there. Nash supports Tess' wishes. The doctor tells everyone to get out except for Tess/Jess, and Clint helps the guys leave the room so she can focus. Antonio and Clint leave, but Nash stays. Clint wonders where Viki is.

Dorian goes to Viki's house, but of course Viki is not happy to see her. Dorian tells her that she's looking for Clint, figuring he was there because of what's going on with Jessica. Viki tells her that he's not there and to look at Asa's. Dorian gives her Clint's cufflink to give to him, mentioning that he must have dropped it the other morning when he left her house. Viki jokingly pretends to be shocked. Dorian is disappointed that her attempt to upset Viki didn't work. Clint phones to let Viki know that Tess is in labor, so Viki gets ready to leave. She tells Dorian to get out.

Paige tells David over the phone that the man he shot was John's father, Thomas. David is not happy to hear that. He thinks he must be dead now. Bo comes in just when Paige is assuring him that the police don't know that he's involved. Paige covers by pretending David is someone else. He tells her he's sorry for letting her take all the heat. Bo wonders who she was talking to, so she lies that it was a colleague in town for the night. Bo wonders if she's keeping more secrets. She says that it must be over between them. Bo just wants straight answers. Paige reminds him that she was drunk when she operated on John's father, but he thinks there's more to it. She says she can't tell him what that is. Bo knows she's covering for someone and wonders who that is. She tells him again that she can't tell him, but she loves him. None of it makes any sense to Bo. They argue. A woman comes in and informs them that Jess is in labor. Paige informs Bo that she had said she would assist the doctor. Bo stops her and says he doesn't want her to treat Jessica or any members of his family. Paige assures him that she's not drunk; that was 20 years ago. Bo won't budge, so she tells him to let the other doctor know that. Before Bo leaves, she tells him that she's sorry. Spencer walks in, and, as usual, she is not happy to see him. He reminds her to be extra careful right now. She wonders what else could go wrong. He states that John is on overdrive, and she is not off the hook yet. She makes a sarcastic remark, so he reminds her that he still has the proof that could put her and Bo away for Margaret's murder. He threatens to give it to John if she doesn't show some respect. Paige wants to know if Spencer killed Margaret's baby, too. He says that he took care of it. Paige remembers David saying that he has to find Margaret's baby in Thailand. She assures Spencer that she won't say anything; she is just going to sit back and watch it all blow up in his face.

Still at the airport, David talks to himself about how he's a dead man for shooting John's father. He boards his plane, determined to find Margaret's baby.

Adriana goes to the magazine offices late at night. When she turns on the light in the main office, she seems a man sitting in the chair, smiling. She demands to know who he is. She threatens to call security, but he stops her, saying he's a reporter for Model Behavior Magazine. He's been trying to get an interview with her, but no one has phoned him back. He hands her his press credentials and a number to phone so she can check it out. She looks unsure. He asks if she isn't impressed with what lengths he went to, in order to get this interview. He tells her that it will do her a lot of good. Adriana agrees to the interview but is still cautious. She admits she's been getting some weird emails; she's usually not so paranoid. He agrees to sit far away and puts on his tape recorder, with her permission. He asks if she's really an overnight sensation or whether she's been really working at modeling for years. She tells him that no, the whole thing was an accident and explains how she had to step in at the last minute as the model on her mother's magazine's photo shoot. He asks how her boyfriend thought about her sudden fame. She tells him she doesn't have a boyfriend any more.

In the main Llanfair room, Dorian tells herself that she knows the earring got to Viki anyway. She looks around and says it should all be hers because she earned it the hard way. Dorian has a fantasy....She imagines the room decorated in her own style, with a big picture of herself hanging over the mantle. Kevin and Natalie are nearby in rags, with dirt on their faces, cleaning. She wonders why they're there. Kevin reminds her timidly that she said they could visit the house at night if they made themselves useful. Natalie is dusting and Kevin is picking up trash. She tells them that it's daytime now, so they have to get back to their hovels. They apologize, but she makes them call her "step-mommy-dearest". They run out, scared. Dorian uses the intercom to get coffee. Clint walks in, wearing a dressing gown. She asks him if he slept well as he kisses her hand. He begs her not to ask him that because Viki used to ask him that every morning and he couldn't bear the monotony and boredom. Dorian reminds him that Viki is gone. Clint thanks God for that and for Dorian. Dorian tells him that they'll be together forever and have everything they've ever wanted. David walks in, carrying the coffee tray and being very obedient. She tells him to throw it away because she and her husband are busy. David leaves, being very subservient. Clint and Dorian kiss very romantically. Back in real life, Dorian plots how to make this fantasy happen. Dorian puts the cufflink back in her purse. Darryl phones her to tell her that Rex left; he thinks he might be going to see Adriana. She tells him to meet her at Craze. He reminds her that if he just leaves his job at UV, he could lose it. She tells him if he doesn't, he'll lose his real job with her.

Viki goes to the hospital. Clint fills her in on Tess' condition. Antonio is nearby. Inside, Tess can't take the pain, so the doctor agrees to give her some pain medication. He asks Nash to leave the room while he starts the IV drip. Tess doesn't want Nash to kiss her, but she yells at him to have the baby for her. He smiles and says he would if he could. Antonio goes to call his mother. Clint and Viki hope that the pain of labor will bring Jessica back. Clint says they need to phone the kids to let them know what's happening. Bo comes by and finds out what's going on with Tess/Jess. Clint wonders what is going on with Bo. Bo tries to say things are fine, but Clint can tell something's going on. Bo just says that he and Paige are having problems. Clint doesn't want Bo to stick around and pretend to be calm. He asks Bo to find Kevin because he's not answering his cell phone. Bo knows where he is, so he agrees. Clint tells him to take his time. Bo slaps Clint on the arm and jokingly, "You just hang in there, Grandpa".

Meanwhile, Antonio and Nash argue again. They are interrupted by the doctor, that asks Nash some questions. Antonio sneaks back into Jess/Tess's room. He asks Tess if the drugs have kicked in yet. Tess tells him archly that a ten-pound baby is trying to push its way out of her body. Antonio apologizes, saying he doesn't think she should be alone. He also tells her that he loves her. Tess looks at him suspiciously. Antonio tells her he's just kidding, but he admits that he was too quick to judge her. He does respect her for how she protects the baby and has always protected Jessica. Tess stops him from going on, saying that he's freaking her out. He says that she is having a new baby, one that he already loves, and they will be a family. Nash comes in and isn't pleased to hear this. He tells Antonio that Tess doesn't need him pushing his agenda right now. Antonio claims he has no agenda. Nash tells Antonio to leave because she needs to concentrate. They argue some more. Antonio says he will have a paternity test done once the baby is born. Nash agrees that is a good idea so they know what their rights are. Antonio adds that they have to find out who the mother is as well.

Rex arrives at Rodi's; Roxy jokes with him. Natalie comes back, wondering why Rex is there. She is a bit annoyed that Roxy called Rex about her personal problems. Viki phones her to tell her about Tess being in labor. Natalie, excited about being an aunt, leaves to go to the hospital. She sees John, who is looking at an old photo of him and his dad that he has in his wallet. She looks concerned and asks if he found out who killed his father. John doesn't answer at first but says he needs to tell Michael. He tells her about Paige's role in it. Natalie can't believe it. They both worry about Michael, who respects Spencer and Paige. John adds that it doesn't tell him who shot his father, either. Natalie looks thoughtful, so John asks her what she's thinking about. She denies that she was thinking about anything particular. He tells her again that he wants to do this on his own. He leaves. Natalie phones Vince to tell him that she's been thinking and will take him up on his offer.

Back at Rodi's, Rex shows Roxy the emails and tells her that he thinks Adriana has a stalker. Roxy wonders if it's a computer worm, not a stalker, but Rex thinks it's a real-life worm, a dangerous person. He wants to find out who it is before something bad happens.

Clint tells everyone to relax and have more champagne, so they leave him alone. Kelly blasts Kevin for what he did. Bo arrives and sees that Duke is nursing a bloody nose. Bo is shocked when Duke tells him that Kevin did it. Bo goes over and tells Kevin he must be having a great night. Kevin doesn't want to hear it, but Bo continues. He can't believe that Kevin is there fighting with his son when his sister is in the hospital, having her baby. Kelly and Kevin are shocked to hear that. Bo says to Duke that he assume he is not pressing charges, but Duke says, "You assume wrong". Kelly and Kevin look stunned. Duke is angry, but Bo tries to calm him down. Duke assists that Bo arrest him. Bo doesn't want to, saying that this is not the way the Buchanans handle things, but Duke insists, so Bo arrests Kevin. Kelly is disgusted.

Viki tells Clint about Dorian's ploy with the cufflink. Clint teases Viki, saying it kind of worked. Viki acts shocked. Clint knows that Viki still wants to know if it's true. Viki claims that anything between him and Dorian doesn't bother. Clint goes on and on about great it was with Dorian, so Viki gets irritated. Then he reveals that he's talking about the great omelet that Dorian's cook made. Viki is relieved but pretends to cover.

Dorian and Darryl arrives at Craze. She doesn't think it will work for him to work for both her and Rex, especially if Adriana finds out. Adriana walks in just as she says that. Dorian covers by saying that she is angry because Darryl has been moonlighting for Rex. She fires Darryl; he looks surprised.

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