One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/25/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Llanview Hospital

Spencer locks the filing cabinet. John comes into his office, and locks the door. John informs him that it is just him and Spencer. Spencer informs him that he hasn’t gotten time for this right now that he has a board meeting. Spencer tries to make a call, but John takes the phone out of his hand, and hangs it up. John tells him that he is going to ask the questions, and he is going to answer.


Natalie sits on a stool at the bar. She has a drink in her hand, sipping on it slowly. Roxie comes in, and pushes the drink away from her mouth. Roxie tells her didn’t your Momma ever teach you not to drink when you are in the dumps. Roxie laughs. She tells Natalie that with her it is always John or Cris, but with Rex it is definitely Adriana.


Rex is behind the bar when Daryl join him. They discuss his two gig nights at the club. Rex is busy looking at the magazine with Adriana’s pix on the cover. Daryl informs him that she would make any man lose his way. Rex vows to him that he would get Adriana back.

Daryl calls Dorian, and fills her in on the details of Rex and Adriana. Dorian orders Daryl to keep an eye on Rex, and not let him out of his sight. Dorian hangs up. She knocks on Viki’s door. When Viki sees that it is Dorian, she tells Dorian that she gave at the office.

Viki and Dorian discuss Clint and Jessica. Dorian lets Viki know that when Clint was over to her house he had dropped his cuff link. Viki is surprised.

Tess has another contraction. Antonio comes in to join them.

Paige tells David that the man he shot was John McBain’s father. David tells her that he is dead. Paige informs him that the police doesn’t know of his involvement. Bo listens.

Spencer and John discuss his and Paige’s involvement in his father’s death. John orders him to sit down. They discuss what had happened the day his father died. John orders him to tell him what he knows.

Daryl works on his sound before his gig.

Kevin, Kelly and Duke come in. Kevin orders drinks to celebrate. Kevin goes over to another table, and opens their champagne. He pours himself a drink. He proposes a toast to the merger. Kelly watches in disbelief that Kevin is acting like this.

Adriana comes into the Craze office. She sees a man sitting behind the desk. She inquires as to who he is.

The doctor orders Antonio out. Nash remains.

Antonio join Clint in the hall. Clint wonders where Viki is.

Viki and Dorian have a confrontation over the cuff link. Viki becomes sarcastic. She receives a phone call from Clint, who tells her that Tess is in labor. Viki invites Dorian to leave.

Paige gets off the phone. Bo comes in, and wants to know who that was. Paige, once again, lies to him. Paige wonders what does it matter now because she knows they are through. Bo instructs her to just be honest with him.

Spencer and John argue over what had happened the day his father died. Spencer lets John know that he knows who had shot his father. John is confused.

Roxie questions Natalie about the info that Vincent had given her. Natalie is evasive in her answers. She finishes her drink, and leaves. This gives Roxie the opportunity to call Rex. She informs Rex that Natalie is in trouble.

Duke and Kelly discuss how hurt Kevin is about the things that have been going on. A man comes up to them and introduces himself. He tells Duke that he had heard how beautiful his fiancee was. Duke clears up the misunderstanding and points to Kevin that he is indeed Kevin Buchanan. Kevin comes over, and kisses Kelly.

Adriana confronts the man, who sits behind the desk. He introduces himself, and informs her that he wants an interview with her.

Paige refuses to tell Bo anything else. She insists that Bo knows everything. Bo knows that she is covering for someone but who. Paige refuses to tell him anything more. A nurse comes in to notify Paige that Jessica is in labor. Bo tells Paige that he would rather if he didn’t perform the surgery on Jessica. Paige is hurt and confused.

Adriana looks at the man’s credentials. She lets him know how careful that she had been since she had been receiving scary e-mails. She asks him what does he want to know. He begins to question her as to how she had gotten started modeling. Adriana fills him in.

John fills Natalie in that Paige had been the one, who had killed his father on the operating table.

Clint and Viki stands outside Jessica’s room. Bo comes up to join them. He asks them how Jessica is . Bo lets them know that nothing is as important as Jessica. Clint questions him about Paige. Bo lets them know that he and Paige have a problem. Bo questions them as to where is Kevin. They fill him in as to where Kevin is. Clint asks Bo to go find Kevin, and to take his time.

Antonio wonders why Nash had left Tess alone when she was about to go into labor. Nash lets him know that Tess had wanted some nachos. They argue as usual. Nash leaves for just a moment. Antonio sneaks into Tess’ room.

Viki fills Clint in that Dorian had stopped by, and had left his cuff link that he had left at her house. Clint thinks that Viki is jealous. Viki lets him know that she feels sorry for Dorian.

Tess, upon seeing Antonio, wants to know what he wants. Antonio tells her that he loves her .

Adriana leaves the office with the man just missing Dorian and Daryl.

Dorian insists that Daryl cannot work at both places. She insists that Adriana need to never know. Adriana comes back in, and confronts her about her recent statement.

Kevin says goodnight to his clients.

Kelly suggests to Kevin that they go home. Kevin refuses to leave .

Bo comes into the bar. He sees Duke at the bar, nursing his wounds. Bo wonders who had done this to him. Duke tells him Kevin did.

Bo walks over to Kevin and Kelly. Bo fills them in on Jessica. They want to go immediately to the hospital. Bo asks Duke if he wants to press charges against Kevin, and he assures Bo that he does. They are all surprised by Duke’s decision.

John fills Natalie in on what had happened that had killed his father.

Rex shows Roxie the papers that makes him think that Adriana has a stalker.

Dorian fills Adriana in that Daryl is not only working for “Craze”, but he is also working for “Ultraviolet.” Dorian fires him.

Spencer warns Paige to be awfully careful for the next few days.

David readies to board the plane. He vows to find Margaret’s son so he can prove Spencer’s connection in all this .

Natalie calls Vincent, and tells him that she will take him up on his offer.

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