One Life to Live Update Monday 4/24/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Angel Square Hotel

Tess is in labor. She wishes that she hadn’t let Nash leave. Jessica appears to her, and wants to help with the delivery. Tess fights hard not to let Jessica gain control.


Nash heads to Rodi’s to get Tess some nachos when he runs into Clint. They discuss when Tess goes into labor that they want Jessica to be the one to deliver the baby. Nash has some reservations about this whole deal. Clint orders him to do as he says.

Natalie confronts Vincent about the fact that he wants sex in exchange for the information that he has.

Vangie comes to visit at the condo. She asks Blair if she is alone. Blair confirms that she is. Vangie gives her a videotape that Todd had made especially for her. Blair asks Vangie to stay, and watch it with her.

At the airport

David and Dorian meet up at the airport. She is surprised to see him. She wonders where he is going. She looks at his airplane ticket, and finds out that he is going to Thailand. She wonders why he would be going to Thailand.

Llanview Hospital

John questions Paige and Spencer about their involvement in his father’s death. Both Paige and Spencer are both evasive, and doesn’t want to answer any questions.

Angel Square Hotel

Jessica offers to help Tess with the delivery, but Tess refuses. The only face that she wants her baby to see when it is born is hers. Tess lets Jessica know that the only person that she needs is Nash. Tess begins to have labor pains.

Nash thought Clint was on his side, but he finds out that the only thing that Clint wants is Jessica back, and to give birth to this baby.

Natalie refuses Vincent’s offer to sleep with him for the information. She lets him know that this is only business. Vincent lets her know that she will like it. She again refuses. He begins to tell her about the witness that he has that can supply her with the information that she needs. Natalie questions him as to who the witness is, but Vincent refuses to tell her. Natalie then asks for the man’s name. Once again, Natalie starts to leave. Vincent assures her that he will be willing to take her to him. Cris watches the goings on.

John questions Paige about her involvement in his father’s death. Bo tries to calm him down, but John will not listen. Bo takes up for Paige. Bo questions Spencer if he is blackmailing Paige, but Spencer refuses to answer. Bo insists on knowing what Spencer has on her. Spencer denies having anything to do with it. John accuses them both of covering this up. John questions them about Synder, and his involvement.

David finds out that Dorian has been to Toronto. He realizes that she lives her life in the fast lane. Dorian demands to know what is going on, and why David is going to Thailand. David is evasive, and doesn’t really want to tell her anything. She still persists.

Nash and Clint argue over Tess. Nash lets him know that he is not an outsider. Nash knows how good that he, and Viki have been to him. Nash gets a call from Tess, who tells him that she is in labor.

Natalie tries to get Vincent to turn the witness in to John for questioning, but Vincent refuses. Natalie makes him promise that he will not let John know that she is involved.

John continues to question Paige about her involvement in his father’s death. They know that Synder should have taken the blame. Paige lets him know that Synder could take the scrutiny. Paige tells him that she had tried to not think about Thomas McBain. John vows that he will come after her for his father’s death.

David and Dorian discuss his trip to Thailand. David lets her know that he wants to prove what he knows. He tells her to trust him. The receptionist announces that the flight to Paris is now ready to board. They both reminisce about their trip to Paris. He asks her does she want to go.

Blair and Vangie watch the tape that Todd had made for her.

Nash tries to calm Tess down, and to be strong. Nash lets her know that he is on his way, and he will call an ambulance. Nash and Clint both leave.

Vincent lets Natalie know that she had come to him for info. He assures her that the witness will not talk to John. Natalie questions him as to what he wants. Vincent tells her that he wants her undying gratitude. Natalie refuses to do as he says. Vincent gets up to leave. Cris confronts Natalie as to what she found out

Bo tells John to back off. John still persists in his questioning. Paige becomes upset, and begins to cry. She lets them know that she is guilty. Paige confesses that she didn’t even know the man’s name. Bo, once again, tries to calm him down. John goes balistic accusing both Paige and Spencer.

John tells them that he has had enough, and leaves. Paige urges Bo to go after him. Bo insists that John is not his responsibility, but she is. Spencer makes a sarcastic remark about how hard it is to find out that someone has been keeping secrets. Bo lets him know that he has no idea on how he feels.

Spencer mumbles to himself for Paige to keep on doing what she is doing.

Paige cannot understand how Bo can be so kind to her. Bo doesn’t know what to think or feel. Bo lets her know that they don’t the whole truth.

Natalie and Cris argue. She lets him know that nothing had happened, and there is nothing to tell. She starts to leave, but Cris stops her. She informs him that she is expecting a call from her Mother about the baby.

Vangie and Blair continue to watch the tape. Tears roll down Blair’s cheeks. She remarks that she can’t take this. Vangie urges her to keep watching. Todd insists to Blair that he didn’t kill Margaret. They finish watching the tape. Blair tells Vangie that Todd still can’t take responsibility for what he did. Vangie insists that Todd is innocent. Vangie tells her that she believes Todd. Blair is hesitant.

Jessica tries to come out again, but Tess holds her at bay. Jessica lets her know that they need each other. Tess lets Jessica know that she is going to have this baby by herself.

David and Dorian relive some memories of their trips to Paris. David asks her what are they doing apart.

Bo lets Paige know that none of this makes any sense. Bo urges him to give him time to work through all this. He tells her to stay away from John. After Bo leaves, Paige realizes that she has to tell David .

The E. M. T.’s arrive to aid Tess. Nash and Clint arrive. Tess urges Nash to not let them take her baby.

Cris orders Natalie never to put her life on the line for him.

Blair watches the tape from Todd again.

Dorian lets David know that they can never get back together. She leaves. David gets a call from Paige, who lets him know that the police know all about the man that she had let die, and his name was Thomas McBain.

Spencer locks the filing cabinet. John comes into his office. He locks the door behind him.

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