One Life to Live Update Friday 4/21/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

John is conducting his investigation and it leads him to Paige's office where he looks around. He rifles through Paige's office. "You are going to pay for what you did to my father…" he tells her picture on the desk.

Dorian has a lot of ideas that she wants to go over with Darryl, but he seems to be preoccupied with other things. "What are you doing?" she asks. He says that he is thinking of how to save Adrianna. She loves that about him.

Adrianna is having her photo shoot and doing great. She wears a bikini and she changes her pose from time to time as she lounges.

Rex enters…"Wow…" She stops the shoot and takes a break wrapping a sarong around her. "You look hot," he says. She gets a water gun and squirts him with it. "Stop harassing me or I will call the police…"

Tess lays in Nash's arms in bed. He wishes that he could take her away and marry her. She can't marry him. "It wouldn't be legal as she isn't considered a real, separate individual…" He knows that she is a whole person and she continues to amaze him. Jessica hasn't been around for a very long time and Nash wonders if she is gone forever. Tess hates this. "Not only are we fighting over who is the mother but we are fighting over who is the mother here."

Cristian tells Natalie that she isn't going to meet her contact if he can prevent her from doing so. "This isn't one of Roxy's friends from the joint Natalie…" Natalie has to do this. This guy could be able to help with the murderer John is searching for.

Spencer tortures Paige with what is going to happen to her. He shows her a certificate of death. "How do you think that John is going to take it Paige when he finds out that you killed his father and ruined his family…"

John is sitting in Paige's office.

Bo walks into the office. "What is going on here John?" John tells that Paige was the one that killed his father.

Natalie wants Cristian to understand why she has to help John. He is a cop but he is losing it and she wants to help. "This isn't about me wanting to hook up with John again." Cristian decides to be with Natalie while she visit with his Vincent person as he is someone that she should be fearful of and could perhaps hurt her.

The man arrives and doesn’t like the way that Cristian is talking about him to Natalie. Chris and Natalie turn to find Vincent and his bodyguard there.

John tells that Paige was drunk and was the person who killed his father. "Someone covered it up…Spencer…"

Paige denies that she murdered the man. "It was an accident…" Spencer laughs. "You were hammered and decided to operate on your patient anyway… If you confess, you will spend the rest of your life in prison…You hurt John's family. The book doesn't stop here. What about Dave? Are you going to take him down with you?"

David is at the airport. A woman talks to him about his trip. "I am going to Thailand to find a baby that my brother stashed there." The old woman looks a little disturbed by his words. "You gonna finish that muffin?" Daniel asks.

Nash tells Tess that they are going to have to baby-proof the place for the kid before he or she can walk. "We can play hide-and-seek with the child," Nash says. "We will all hide where no one can find us…"

Jessica calls to Tess as she lays in bed trying to go to sleep. "Tess! Tess!" Jessica calls out to her.

Tess turns over and sees Jessica standing at the foot of the bed. "You are crazy Tess if you think that I am going to give up my child…"

Dorian wants Darryl to get moving and get some ideas together to get rid of Rex in Adrianna's life. Dorian knows that even as they speak, Rex is probably working on an idea to get Adrianna back.

Adrianna says that she has received hundreds of emails from Rex and that she wants them all to stop. She shows the emails to Rex and he tells her that he wasn't the one to write these.

Spencer tells Paige how Bo won't believe her although this incident happened years ago and should be forgotten. "No one likes a cop-killer and you will be on the wrong side of all that pent-up rage."

John tells that Paige was drunk and botched his father's operation. Bo wonders if Schneider is trying to cover his own tail. "He flushed his whole career after he screwed up at work. You can't take this to the judge…" John wants to go and find Paige right away but Bo won't let him out of the room. "You will not go near Paige with that look in your eye."

Paige is alone in the corridor looking disheveled and leaning on the wall. "David…I have to tell him," she says.

The old woman hurries away from David.

He shouts after her seeing that she is afraid after the shocking things that he has said to her about Spencer and the things that he has done. "I wasn't the one who was the murderer! Hey! I'm not a killer!" David looks straight ahead. "You just keep telling yourself that Vickers," he tells himself.

"Are you David Vickers?"

David turns to the voice and sees that a cop is demanding an answer to this question. A look of unhappiness covers David's face.

Jessica has no intentions of letting Tess take over her life. "I will keep fighting to get my life back. My life! My baby!" Tess tells her to bring it on. Jessica tells her that running off isn't going to happen. "I heard you talking. I am getting stronger now. I will be in control and I will have this baby and you will be a bad memory… Nash will not have a choice but you can help him get through this. Let him go Tess. You are just borrowing my body Tess. I am going to get it all back." Tess will not give up anything. Jessica tells that she is stronger than her alter now. Tess doubts it. "Can you face what happened to you as a little girl?"

Vincent finds out that Cristian is that new up and coming fighter that everyone has been talking about. Cristian tells Vincent that Natalie doesn't want to do this anymore. Natalie isn't leaving. She wants to talk to Vincent herself. Cristian goes to wait at a nearby table.

Natalie has her meeting with the man and his bodyguard. He knows that she is a Buchanan but she doesn't act like one. "I can appreciate the difficulties that you have had to dealt with. Your uncle is the commissioner for the police. Natalie Buchanan…your blood runs blue…" Vincent rubs her hand. "I find you interesting…I am interested…I am going to help you Natalie Buchanan. How would you like to meet an eyewitness?"

Paige gets her cellphone out and starts calling David…

Michael finds her in the hallway and she stops dialing.

"Why are you doing this to me?" John asks. Bo reminds him that he just got off suspension. "Back off right now or I will bust you myself…" John just wants to talk to Paige and find out what she has to Do with his father's death. Bo asks if John is ready to risk his life for something that a drunk told him. John knows that Bo has to admit that maybe Paige has been hiding something from him.

Dorian figures that Darryl should just stick to his job at Ultra Violet and watch Rex. The planer is about to land and Dorian closes her eyes as she never gets used to that.

While her eyes are closed, Darryl goes back to his laptop and starts typing.

Rex tells Adrianna that she has a stalker who is sending her the emails and it isn't him. "It is just a fan," she says. That is what he is afraid of. She is starting to get freaked out. He wants to help her with this but she doesn't want his help. Rex emails the jerk.

Nat tells Vincent that his being nice to her is suspicious. "My silver spoon has been tarnished and I am not naïve." He laughs. She asks who the witness is. "He says that he has a real witness but that her cop boyfriend should be the one to handle this.

"All I am saying is listen to me! You might not know her as well as you think," John says. Bo feels that Spencer has been holding something over on Paige. "If Spencer has been pulling springs, he could end up walking if we don't handle this right. You stay away from Paige and Spencer…"

"Dr Miller," Michael asks. "You don't look well." She shouts at him not to be nice to her. "Sorry…It has been a terrible day." Michael says that he lost a patient that day and that it was his fault. She tells him that he is a good doctor. He is sad as he is supposed to save lives. She knows that sometimes things happen that are out of a person's control. Michael can't help thinking about the kids and how he is responsible for them not having their parent. Paige turns to Michael. "I have to tell you…"she starts.

Spencer comes out from a nearby doorway, walking towards Michael and Paige…

"You remember that man?" Tess asks. Jessica starts hugging herself. "You want to talk about that house that he took us too. Jessica's head turns downwards. "Do you remember the smell of his breath?" Tess asks.

Suddenly, she jumps up in bed. She has been sleeping and now she is wide-awake.

Tess tells how she had a dream and it seems so real. "Jessica is getting stronger. I was talking to her and she knew what I was getting at, and so she ran and hid. I am hungry. I could go for some nachos…" Nash can't believe this. She just ate. She says the baby wants it. Nash gets dressed to go out and get some nachos. Tess says that she will be alright until he gets back.

The cop tells David that he dropped his wallet and he gives it to the man.

David is relieved and takes the wallet.

Spencer wants to know what is going on. Michael tells that he was telling Paige about a patient that he just lost… Michael leaves.

Spencer opens the door nearby and makes Paige enter. He follows her.

Bo and John arrive but are seconds too late.

Michael shows up to tell that Paige has gone off with Spencer.

Spencer tells Paige that she was smart to keep her mouth shut to Michael. "I hate you," she says. He points out that he only saved her ass. "Keep your mouth shut as Bo and John will never forgive you. Suck it up Paige and get the hell out of my office…" He opens the door for her to walk out.

Bo and John walk up to the doorway and just stare at Paige who stands frightened inside the office.

Nash kisses Tess before leaving the room.

She rubs her stomach and turns gingerly to the mirror over the bureau… "Jessica?" No one answers and she breathes a sign of relief.

She smiles. Suddenly, she gets bad cramping. "Oh my god…I am going into labor."

Rex sees the stalker's address for email pops up as 'unknown'. Adrianna can't deal with this right now. "I have to get back to work."

She goes back to the photographers to start working.

Dorian and Darryl arrive at the airport. They say goodbye and Dorian walks off.

She turns a corner and sees David. "What are you doing here?"

Natalie and Vincent continue to talk as Cristian watches from a distance to make sure that she is safe.

John tells that they know what has been going on. "Paige, you killed my father…and then you Spencer…you covered it up… Now start talking…"

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