One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/20/06


Written By Suzanne

Nash surprises Tess with a new place he rented for them and decorated with baby stuff. He tells her it will be a place for them until they can get back to the vineyard. Tess thinks it's awesome until she sees the stuffed animals on the bed--it gives her flashbacks to her childhood with the pervert. Nash wonders what's wrong. She swears she's fine and lies that it's because she didn't have this stuff when she was a baby (Jessica did). He tries to reason with her when she is a bit freaked out. She worries about who will keep their baby safe because their own backgrounds were so screwed up. He assures her that they know better than anyone just because of where they come from. They sit down on the bed and he tells her that what happened to her will not happen to their kid. He adds that as long as they love each other, they can do anything. Tess smiles and looks reassured. She tells him how impressed she is by everything he's done. There are even some toy grapes there to remind them of their "real home". They both miss it. She tells him she's sorry for making him leave it. They are looking forward to the paternity test, but he's confident that he is the father. She has a craving for a Rodi's burger, so he rushes out to get her one. Before he leaves, she thanks him for doing all this, especially since he is not rich. He tells her that Roxy gave him a good deal and adds with an impish grin that Roxy thinks he's cute. She kisses him, saying that Roxy better watch out or she'll claw her eyes out. They kiss and then Nash leaves. Tess talks to her unborn baby, saying that she is its mommy, Nash is the daddy, and everything is going to be ok.

Antonio has just met Claudia at Leeds' hospital room; he knows just who she is, even though she tried to lie to him. She swears she never wanted her dad to beat up Nash. She wants to break Nash and Tess up, just like Antonio does. When she mentions that he is in love with Tess, he smiles and assures her that he's not. He asks her how she found Leeds or knew he had anything to do with Tess. One of her father's private detectives had been following Nash and told her about Nash and Tess going here. Claudia claims that she feared that Nash had brought Tess to the same type of place where she got dumped (a rehab facility). Antonio asks why she came there, so she says she wanted to warn Tess about Nash and that she should save herself by getting away from Nash. He questions her about why she would help Tess. Claudia lies that she'd hoped that she and Tess could help each out the way recovering addicts do because Nash is a dangerous drug. Antonio realizes that she's not over Nash. Claudia admits that she is, but she is confident that she will get over him the way she did the pills. She maintains that Nash is toxic for her and dangerous for Tess. Antonio's cell phone rings, so he answers it outside the room. Claudia goes through Antonio's jacket and finds the picture of him and Jessica, with "Love, Jessica" on the picture. She remembers previous scenes that give her clues about what's going on. She quickly puts the coat down when she hears Antonio coming back. He has to leave, so he gets his jacket. Claudia warns him again to keep Tess away from Nash. After he goes, she makes her own cell phone call to the private eye, to get him to find out all about Tess and Jessica. Later, she gets a call back to tell her that there is no information at all on Tess. She figures out that Tess and Jessica are the same person. She smiles and says that it's very interesting.

A guard named Kovacs brings Todd into a room so he can meet with a visitor-Blair. Todd is surprised because he expected Evangeline. She asks how he's doing, but he ignores her. He gives her a hard time about sleeping with Spencer. He reminds her that he will executed in 37 days, saying that she will probably be counting down the days. She gets up to leave, with Todd's comments behind her, but then she turns and sits down, saying that he is not going push her out. She wants to help him say goodbye to his children. Blair tells Todd that she thought maybe Todd wanted to put together a goodbye package for his children (something she saw on TV that gave her the idea). She shows him a video camera that the warden let her bring in, so he could record a message for the kids. Todd laughs bitterly at the idea. Blair points out that she thought the kids would want a video of him for when he's gone. He corrects her that he will be dead, not gone. Todd accuses Blair of thinking that he's going to make a death-bed confession. Blair denies that she's trying to do that. Todd tells her again that he's innocent and that her boyfriend Spencer is the one who killed her and set him up. She thinks that sounds crazy, but he keeps on with his theory. They continue to argue. Todd tells Blair that if she's the woman he thought she was, she should be able to tell just by looking at Spencer. Blair throws some of his past lies up in his face. As she storms out, Todd says that deep-down she knows he's right and that she will always love him. She looks upset by his words when he says that he's a part of her and that she came there because she needed to see him.

Michael is depressed from losing a patient-a young guy. Spencer tries to cheer him up and gives him a glass of alcohol to calm his nerves. Spencer remembers that his father died on the operating table, so Michael wonders how he knows. Spencer covers by saying that he did research on him when he was picked for his fellowship. Michael apparently mentioned his father's death on his med school application. Michael fills Spencer in on how the surgeon botched his father's surgery and they didn't know his name, until now. Spencer is surprised that Michael knows the name. Michael tells him that the guy's name is Snyder and that he was drunk. Spencer pretends to feel sympathy and asks him what happened to Snyder. Michael tells him that Snyder lost his job and family for what he did. He says that Snyder was not the only one at fault because some "trigger-happy street thug" shot his father. Michael tells him that John's still investigating the shooting, even though it's a "cold case", but he admits that he hasn't made any progress. Michael doesn't think they'll ever find out who did it.

John's office is a mess, with files and junk all over. He is on the phone to someone, asking questions about his father's death. He's trying to find out who was on the surgical team when they operated on his father. He is told that he will get a fax of the names. Natalie drops by for a visit and is shocked at the mess. She wonders what he will do if he never finds the people responsible for his father's death. She tells him that he's obsessed and continues to question him about what he will do even if he does find out. He just wants to find them and bring them to justice, he yells at her. She looks worried how he will react if he doesn't find the person. Natalie keeps nagging John about the way he's acting. She asks him to look at his bandaged hand. He doesn't want to, but he does let her look at it. She gets some water to clean the wound. Their hands touch when she tends to the wound. Dr. Crosby walks in, so Natalie leaves. He looks around at the messy room and then asks John what happened to his hand, so John makes a joke about cutting himself shaving. Crosby is curious, but John reminds him that he only gets 45 minutes a week, in his office, and he's not allowed to check up on him. Crosby asks him how his father's case is going. John just hangs his head, so Crosby tells him pointedly that it looks like they will have plenty to discuss in their next appointment. Crosby leaves. John gets the fax he's been waiting for. Paige's name is not on the list. John wonders which one of them killed his father. He listens again to the tape where Snyder says there were six of them in the O.R. (there are not six names on the paper). He phones Michael and asks him to come by. Michael agrees and goes to see him. John asks Michael how many people are usually in an O.R. Michael lists the possible number of people and confirms with John that it wouldn't be less than six. John shows Michael the list he got, that has five people. He says that it looks like one of the names has been erased. Michael knows that it would be the assisting physician and wonders where the name went.

Natalie tells Crosby that he's worried about John. She thinks that their sessions are taking John to a really dangerous place that he can't come back from. They discuss John's past. Natalie thinks that John will let go of all of his guilt if he finds his father's killer. She almost lets slip that she wants John cured so that he can have a real relationship. She laughs that Crosby is good at this. She tells him that she hopes Crosby can help John if he isn't able to find the killer.

John gets on the phone with the person who sent him the list, demanding to know who the missing person is and wanting the phone numbers of all of the person. He is very rude, so the person hangs up on him. He gets angry and throws some papers off his desk. Natalie was outside and heard it, so she pokes her head in and tells him that she is afraid what he will do even if he does find out who killed his father.

Bo meets with Paige at Rodi's. He tells her about Leeds molesting Jessica and adds that he is too old now to pay for what he did. Paige says that if he has any conscience at all, he's tormented by what he did. We can tell she's thinking about her own misdeeds. Bo figures it out, too, and asks her if she's talking about herself. She doesn't answer but looks scared. Bo, playing detective with the clues she's dropped, He questions her about the secrets she's been keeping. Bo mentions his breakup with Nora, saying it was because of secrets. He wonders if there is something about him that makes people not want to trust him with secrets, but she assures him that it's not him. He also talks about Matthew, trying to get her to open up more. Bo tells her that he trusts her and nothing she did is unforgivable. She asks how he could forgive her when she can't even forgive herself. Paige gets upset, crying, and stands up. Bo comes up and holds her from behind, telling her that she's scaring him. He worries that she hasn't been eating and sleeping. Bo tells her that he'll stop bugging her and wait until she's ready to tell him. He plans to trust her. She is grateful and kisses him, saying he's so much more than she deserves. Paige rushes out, saying she has one thing to do and then she'll tell him everything, even if it means that she loses him. She gives him another quick kiss and then leaves. Bo looks confused and worried.

Spencer phones Snyder, who assures him that Michael and John think that he is the one that operated on their father. Snyder seems a lot more clear-eyed than he previously did. Spencer warns him to make sure that they continue to believe that. Paige arrives a little later and tells Spencer that she's made up her mind and isn't going to do this any more. She makes a speech and says that she can't keep lying to Bo anymore about her own secrets. Spencer warns that she lose her medical license and probably go to jail. She doesn't care because the burden is killing her. Spencer laughs at her, saying she is predictable. Spencer tells her that she can't tell Bo everything because she doesn't know everything. She looks shocked but tells him there's nothing he can do. Spencer smiles and tells her that she might change her mind once she knows the identity of the man that died. She stops in her tracks.

Bo meets up with Antonio on his way out of Rodi's, asking how everything is going. Antonio tells her that Tess is till in charge; he hopes that Jess will come out in time to hold the baby. Bo tells him they are investigating the video that Leeds made. He tells Antonio to let him know if there's anything else he can do. Antonio shakes his hand and thanks him. Antonio sees Nash getting the food. Antonio says he got a phone call from Clint, who sounded upset about Tess leaving. Nash assures him that they are fine and just needed some private time. Antonio tells him that they have a problem: Claudia. Nash gets a distasteful expression on his face.

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