One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/20/06


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Llanview Police Department

John is on the phone requesting information from a woman about the phone numbers of the surgical team that had done surgery on his father. He orders the woman not to hang up on him. John bangs the phone into the receiver. Natalie comes in. She tells him that she was worried about what would happen if he didn’t find out, who had killed his father, but now she was worried about what would happen if he did.

Llanview Hospital

Spencer and Paige relive the day in the o.r. when Thomas McBain had died. Spencer lets her know that she knows the man that she had let die.


Antonio fills Nash in on Claudia. Antonio tells him that Claudia wants him back.

Angel Square hotel

Tess talks to herself, and remarks that she is going to be a mommy. There is a knock on the door. Tess thinks that it is Nash, and he had forgotten his key. When she opens the door, she finds that it is Viki. She wants to know why Viki is there.

Todd is brought into the visitation area. His visitor is Cristian. Todd questions him as to what he wants.

John tells Natalie that he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. He demands to know what it is to her since she isn’t his Mother, or his girlfriend. Natalie doesn’t know quite what to say. Vangie comes in, and wants to know what is going on.


Nash and Antonio discuss Claudia, and the fact that she wants Nash back. Nash tells him that he is worried about Tess/Jessica. Antonio doesn’t buy this. They argue again as usual. Nash catches hold of Antonio’s arm. Antonio warns him to take his hands off him. Antonio lets Nash know that Claudia wants to know everything about him. Nash tells Antonio that he is there for Tess. Antonio walks up to the bar, and orders a drink. They argue over Claudia, and her plans for Tess/Jessica.

Viki comments on the crib. Tess tells her that Nash had fixed as a surprise for her. Tess questions her as to how that she knew where she was. Viki lets her know that Roxie had let her know. She assures her that Roxie could be a good friend. Viki mentions that this baby could be a part of a big family, who wants so much to be part of its life. Tess isn’t too enthused with the idea. They discuss the integration process. Viki assures her that it will work, and she has to accept it. Tess surprises her by saying that she does. Tess goes on to explain that she had done some research on it, and most of the time the integration results in one person going into the dominant person. Tess thinks that that will be her. Viki doesn’t seem to think so.

Todd wants to know what Cris wants. Cris tells her that he wants to discuss Vangie. Cris lets him know that Vangie had had a nervous breakdown. Todd asks if she is alright. Cris tells him that she is, but he needs to fire her from her case.

Todd orders Cris to butt out of this. Cris refuses. He tells Todd that he is not going to let Vangie go to jail for the likes of him.

Vangie tells him that it was just a guess, but she thinks that it had something to do with this. John questions her as to what if it did. Vangie lets him know that the other officers are saying some very unflattering things about him. John tells her that he doesn’t care. Vangie assures him that he should

Natalie tells John that Vangie is right. John informs them both that they don’t tell him what to do. Natalie accuses him of being out of control, and that he was going to lose his job, and his badge. John tells her that that is the smartest thing that had been said to him all day. He grabs his coat, and walks out. Natalie turns to Vangie, and tells her that this is all her fault.

Natalie and Vangie argue as usual. Natalie blames Vangie for making John feel weird around the people that he works with. Vangie informs her that John just doesn’t care. Natalie wonders why had he tore out of there like he had. Vangie tells her that maybe it was something that she had said.

John comes into the bar, looking for Synder. John begins to question him as to what he knows about the person, whose name is missing from the list. Synder doesn’t really want to tell him anything.

Viki tells Tess that the crib is lovely. Tess tells her that Nash had surprised her with it. Viki wants to know if she is scared. Tess tells her, “no.” Viki informs her that it will be all worth it when she holds her baby in her arms. Viki assures her that when the integration takes place that Tess will not come out on top.

Nash tells Antonio that he and Claudia are both on the same side. Antonio assures him that he only cares about Jessica and the baby. They both vow that they need to find out what Claudia is up to. Nash tells him if he brings up Claudia again, he will take Tess and the baby, and leave here, and they will never see them again. Antonio assures him that no matter where they go, he will find them. Nash tells Antonio to leave Claudia to him. Antonio tells him that he can’t do that.

Todd confesses that he cares about Vangie. Cris asks Todd to cut her loose. The guard brings Vangie in to visit Todd. She wants to know what is going on. Todd tells her that Cris wants him to fire her from her case. Vangie is confused.

Natalie vows to help John even if he doesn’t want her help.

John questions Synder as to whose name is missing. Synder doesn’t really want to give him any information. John still persists. Synder tells him to figure it out himself. He tells John that he doesn’t remember the other name on the list. John doesn’t believe him. John insists on knowing who Synder is covering for.

Vangie confronts Cris as to why he had told Todd what he did. Cris tells her that there is nothing that she can do for Todd. He threatens to carry Vangie out of there if she still persists in helping Todd. Vangie exclaims, “how dare him.” Vangie begins to get angry with Cris for his actions.

Todd tells Vangie that she hadn’t told him that she had a new man in her life. Vangie denies anything going on between her and Cris. Vangie vows that the only thing she is into is his case.

Spencer warns Paige not to let any of this leak back to John McBain. Paige wonders why.

John remarks, “Paige Truman.” Synder tells Bobby that he will pay for the glass. John admits that he knows her. John finds out that Paige had been drunk in the operating room.

Todd tells Vangie that he knows about her meltdown. Vangie tells him that Cris had no reason to be worried about her since nothing was going on between them. Vangie assures him that Cris is in love with Natalie. Vangie vows that she is not giving up on finding information on Spencer.

Synder warns John to let this go if he values his life.

Nash comes home to Tess. He assures her that everything will be fine.

Natalie and Cris exchange pleasantries. He wonders what she is doing here. She informs him that she is meeting someone. She tells him Vincent Jones. Cris exclaims, “Vincent Jones.”

Todd gives Vangie a videotape to give to Blair for his children.

Spencer lets Paige know that it was Thomas McBain, John McBain’s father that she had let die in the operating room.

Synder warns John that he might have just signed their death warrant. He tells John that Paige might have changed her name, but her husband hadn’t.

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