One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/19/06


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Angel Square Hotel

With his hands over her eyes, Nash leads Tess into a room. Tess wants to know what is going on? When Nash finally clears the doorway, he says, “Ta-da” as he takes his hands off Tess’ eyes. Tess wants to know what is all this. Nash informs her that this is their new house. Tess looks at the animals on the bed. She remembers when Norman had taken her into a room where the bed was covered with dirty stuffed animals. She also remembers him asking her for a hug. Nash senses that something is wrong, and asks her about it.

Antonio remarks, Claudia Reston. He makes the connection that she is Nash’s ex. He questions her as to what she wants. She informs him that she wants to break up Nash and Tess.

A guard brings Todd into a visitation room. The guard remarks that he has only got one month left, and how does it feel. Todd tells him that he is sorry to disappoint him, but he is getting out of here. Todd thinks that his visitor must be his lawyer. The guard informs him that it is not his lawyer. Todd looks up, and sees that it is Blair. Todd, sarcastically, asks her what is she doing there.

Llanview Hospital

Spencer assures Michael that he has lost patients before, and so has he. Michael is upset because the guy had a wife, and two kids. Spencer questions him about his father dying on the operating table. Michael wonders how had Spencer known about his father.

Llanview Police Department

John argues with someone on the phone. He tells the person that he is investigating a cold case, and all he wants is a list of names that were part of the surgical team. John apologizes for yelling at the person. He tells the lady to fax him the information as soon as possible, and then thanks her. There is a knock on the door. John asks, “what is it?’’ Natalie comes in, and upon seeing John exclaims, “oh, my God.” John asks her does she want a doughnut or something. Natalie calls him, “a wreck.” She wonders what will happen if he never finds his father’s killer or what will happen to him.

Blair asks Todd how he is. Todd, sarcastically, asks her how did she tear herself away from Spencer’s bed. Blair asks him if he is really going to do this. Todd wonders what should he do since he is going to be stuck with the needle in 37 days. He wonders if she cares. Blair orders him to stop Todd questions her if she and Spencer are shacking up or has Spencer moved into her apartment. Blair comes to the conclusion that this was a mistake. Todd tells her to run away; to go and put on her red dress, and pretend to move on. Todd insists that she will never forget him. Blair tells him that she came here to help him say good-bye to his children.

Spencer informs Michael that on his application for the fellowship that he had noticed that the reason why he wanted to get into medicine was to prevent another patient from dying on the operating table. Michael confirms that he is right. Spencer apologizes if he has overstepped his bounds by bringing this up. Michael tells him that it is o.k. Spencer then asks what had happened. Michael tells him that the surgeon had botched the surgery. Michael and John hadn’t’ known the surgeon’s name until now.

Bo tells Paige that he was just thinking about Jess. They had found out that the man’s name, who had molested her was Norman Leeds. Paige tells him that if the man had any conscience at all then he is tortured by what he did. Bo just says, “hmm.” Paige comments on how many lives that Norman had destroyed. Bo remarks, “tortured, tormented.” He asks Paige if she is talking about herself.

John apologizes for the pigsty. Natalie tells him that he is obsessed. John informs her that she would be obsessed, too. Natalie wonders what if he gets lucky. John tells her that it doesn’t have anything to do with luck. Natalie questions him what if he gets the names of the person, who shot his father, and the doctor, who had messed up in surgery. John assures her that he will get an arrest warrant. Natalie begins to mention some more what if’s”. John bets that they are all still alive. John vows that he is going to track them down, and bring them to justice.

Antonio wonders what makes Claudia think that she can break up Tess and Nash. Claudia mentions that by the way that he defends Tess he is in love with her. Antonio denies being in love with her. Antonio questions Claudia as to how she had found this place. Claudia lets him know that her father is keeping an eye on Nash. Antonio still questions her as to what she is doing here. Claudia tells him that she wanted to see Tess to warn her about Nash. Antonio accuses Claudia of still being addicted to Nash.

Nash tells Tess to look at him. He demands to know what is the matter. She tells him that she loves this place, and that she is fine. Nash doesn’t buy her explanation, and orders her to tell him what is the matter. Tess tells him that when Jessica was little she was the one, who had a family, and everything. Nash assures her that she has this now. Tess wonders who will keep their baby safe. Nash assures her that they can do anything.

Bo explains to Paige that he had given her every opportunity to be straight with him, but she refuses to tell him anything. He tells her that his marriage to Nora had broken up because of a secret that she had kept from him. Paige tells him that she knows. Bo also blames himself. Paige calls him crazy. She tells him not to blame himself, that he is wonderful. Bo tells her that he doesn’t want to make the same mistakes again. He insists that he wants Paige in his future. Paige just says, “oh.” Paige tells Bo that she loves Matthew as if he is her own kid. Bo assures her that he trusts her. Bo also assures her that there isn’t anything that he couldn’t forgive her for. Paige tells him how can he forgive her when she can’t forgive herself.

John apologizes for raising his voice. He assures her that he has gotten it under control. John insists that he doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. Natalie tells him, “oh, sure, you have gotten it under control. That is why you were up on the roof last night. Natalie notices John’s hand, and orders him to let her see it. Natalie wants to clean it and rewrap it, but John refuses. John asks her doesn’t she ever listen. John orders her to let it go that it is fine. Natalie notices that he needs stitches. John tells her that there is no time for that. John asks her if she is some sort of nurse. Natalie finishes bandaging his hand. There is a knock on the door. It is Dr. Crosby. He apologizes for interrupting. Natalie tells him that she was leaving. Dr. Crosby questions him about what had happened to his hand. John tells him that he had cut himself shaving. John wants to know what he wants. Ed tells him that he was just in the neighborhood, and thought he would stop by. John accuses him of checking up on him. Ed questions him about his father’s case. John is reluctant to tell him anything.

Bo tells Paige that she is starting to scare him. Paige assures him that she is fine. Bo knows that she is not fine, Bo tells her that he is not going to ask her any more questions, and he is going to trust her. She knows that is more than she deserves. Paige tells him that there is somewhere she needs to go. Bo is puzzled.

Blair encourages Todd to make a videotape for his children so they will have it after he’s gone. Todd, sarcastically, tells her after he is dead. Blair assures him that his children love him very much. Blair knows that it would help his children to have this videotape. Todd refuses to make a deathbed confession since he is innocent.

Spencer is surprised to know that Michael knows the surgeon’s name that had botched his father’s surgery. Michael tells him that the surgeon’s name is Snyder. Spencer can only imagine how difficult it was for John and Michael losing their father. Spencer offers his condolences to Michael and his family. Michael thanks him for his concern. Michael fills him in on the details that his father had been shot. Spencer asks him if he, and John have any leads. Michael tells him only dead ends.

Claudia tells Antonio that she is still in love with Nash, but she would get over him because he is a dangerous man.

Antonio gets a call from Clint. Claudia gets the impression that Antonio is talking to Jessica.

Tess mumbles to herself that she and Nash have it all, but they may not be able to raise this child.

Antonio states matter-of-factly that he is not in love with Tess. He thanks Clint. He informs Clint that he will be right there. Antonio tells Claudia that he has to go. Claudia advises him that she hopes that he had listened to her. Antonio affirms that he had. He informs her that he had heard her loud and clear. Antonio leaves.

Claudia makes a call, and wants all the information that they can get her on Tess/Jessica.

Todd insists to Blair that he is innocent. Blair doesn’t believe that Spencer could kill anyone especially Margaret. Blair encourages him to do something for his kids. Todd insists that Blair still loves him, and will never forget him.

Paige tells Spencer that she is going to keep his secret, but she is going to tell Bo everything that she had done. Spencer reminds her that she will lose her medical license. Paige tells him that she doesn’t care. Spencer tells her that she can’t tell because she doesn’t know the whole story.

Michael comes into John’s office, and wants to know what is so urgent. John begins to fill him in on the information that he has gotten. John shows him the list of names, and that one name has been omitted. They notice that the name missing is the one of the assisting physician. They wonder where that name is. John tells him he doesn’t know.

Tess talks to the baby, and tells it that she is its Mommy, and Nash is its daddy. She assures it that everything will be o.k.

Antonio meets with Bo. Bo hopes that everything is alright with Jessica. Antonio reveals to him that Tess is still in charge. Antonio hopes that Jessica will come out in time for the arrival of the baby. Bo assures him that they are doing all they can do to recover all the videos that Leeds had made. Antonio thanks him for his help. Antonio tells Bo that he had gotten a phone call from Clint, and he can’t seem to find Tess. Nash informs Antonio that Tess is fine that they just need a little private time. Antonio assures him that that is a problem. Antonio fills him in on Claudia Reston.

Claudia finds out that there is no record of a Tess Buchanan. She thanks them for the information. She finds that interesting.

Paige assures Spence that there is nothing that he can say that will change her mind to keep her from telling Bo everything. Spencer assures that she will change her mind once she finds out the identity of the man that she had let die.

John notices that his father was attended by six people, and there is only five on the list. He orders the person on the phone to get him the phone numbers of everybody on that list. John doesn’t care how they do it just as long as they get it done. He orders the lady not to hang up on him. Natalie comes into the office. She informs him that she was worried what would happen if he didn’t find his father’s killer, but now she is worried what will happen if he does.

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