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La Boulee

Dorian, sits at the table in the kitchen. She plays with the cuff link that Clint had left there when he had joined her for breakfast. The phone rings, and it is Darrell. He informs her that he has a meeting set up with Rex. Dorian is thrilled. She orders him, by all means, not to let this be traced back to her. Kelly comes into the kitchen, and wants to know what she doesn’t want traced back to her .

Buchanan Enterprises

Kevin is busily getting dressed for his meeting with Lenox. Clint comes into the office, and asks is he ready for the meeting.

La Boulee

Dorian invites Kelly to breakfast which consists of croissants, etc. Kelly declines the invitation by telling Dorian that she has to get to work because they are having an important meeting that morning. Dorian becomes upset. Dorian notices that something is bothering Kelly. She questions Kelly if she is pregnant. Kelly tells her, “no.” She goes on to tell Dorian that Kevin had stayed out all night.


Adriana sits at a table. Hugh comes in to join her. Hugh immediately begins to question her about Rex,

Rex meets with Darrell outside of Rodi’s. Rex suggests that they go inside to talk salary. They start into Rodi’s. Rex stops in his tracks when he sees Adriana. Darrell eavesdrops.


Tess throws her shoes at the door. Duke comes in, and wants to know what is wrong as he picks up the shoe. Tess lets him know that the shoe is too little. She compares her feet to a football.

Nash comes downstairs with a bag of baby clothes, as he talks to Viki on the phone.

Antonio talks to a nurse about Norman Leeds. The nurse explains that a man and woman had been there previously to see Norman, and they had seemed very much in love. They go to Norman’s room. The nurse opens the door, and tells Norman that he has a visitor.

Kevin denies that he had been drinking. Clint tells him that he can smell the whiskey. Kevin lies to him, and tells him that he had taken some clients out to dinner, and one of them had spilled whiskey on him. Clint doesn’t buy his explanation. Clint lets him know that this meeting today is very important for their company. They argue over his drinking problem.

Duke tells Tess that he is looking for Kevin because he has a few things to discuss a few things with him. Duke opens up, and tells her that he knows exactly what she and Tess are going through. Tess is surprised that she has finally found an ally in a Buchanan. Duke gets up, and lets her know that he has to get to work. As he leaves, he meets Nash at the door. They exchange pleasantries before Duke leaves. Nash asks Tess what had he wanted. Tess informs him that she has finally found an ally.

The nurse lets Antonio know that Norman has only a few weeks to leave. Antonio asks the nurse can Norman talk. The nurse informs him, “no.” Antonio asks her if he can have a moment alone with him. The nurse leaves. Antonio pulls off his jacket, and lays it on the back of the chair. He rolls up his shirt sleeves. He begins to talk to Norman as he sits down on the side of the bed.

Tess informs Nash that she has figured out a way to get rid of Jessica for good. She asks Nash to make love to her.

When the nurse gets back to the nurses’ station, there is a young lady waiting there. Claudia informs her that she is there to see Norman Leeds. The nurse is surprised that Norman is having so many visitors. The nurse lets her know that Antonio Vega is in with Norman now.

Darrell, apologizes, and tells Rex that he has a previous meeting, but he will meet with him later.

Rex join Hugh and Adriana. Rex tries to talk to Adriana, but she refuses to listen. Hugh brings it up how Rex had aided and abetted Todd. Hugh wants to know why he had done that. Adriana seconds that.

Dorian and Kelly discuss the problems that Kelly is having with Kevin. Kelly confronts Dorian about how close that she is becoming to Clint. Kelly demands to know if she is just using Clint to get info on her and Kevin. Dorian denies that that is the reason. Kelly admits that she doesn’t know what to do about Kevin. Dorian brings up the subject of Duke, and the trouble that he is having with Kevin. Kelly wants to know how Dorian knew about that.

Clint informs Kevin that he is acting like a child. Clint pours him some coffee to get him sobered up just in time for the meeting. Kevin denies that he is drunk. Clint wonders what effect that this would have on Viki and Kelly if they only knew that he was drunk in the middle of the day.

Tess insists on having sex so that it will induce labor. Nash resists the temptation by telling her that he doesn’t think that it is such a good idea. Tess insists that she cannot let Jessica out before her due date.

Claudia calls her Daddy, and requests info on Antonio Vega. She thanks her Daddy for the info. The nurse comes out, and asks her if she would like to see Norman now.

Dorian admits to Kelly that her and Clint are friends. Dorian offers Kelly some orange juice. Dorian pours it, and hands Kelly a glass. Dorian questions her that since Duke has admitted his feelings, is there any action on her part. Kelly doesn’t answer.

Antonio reminds Norman of what he had done to Jessica. He places his hands on both sides of Norman’s head. Norman is afraid. Antonio notices that someone is looking in the window. He suddenly opens the door, and demands to know who she is.

Adriana and Rex discuss Todd’s innocence, and how if they execute him they will be executing an innocent man. Hugh comes back to the table. Rex wants to know what he is still doing there. Hugh informs him that he was here first. Rex and Adriana get up from the table. She reminds him of his past indiscretions. Rex admits that he had put someone else above her in order to protect them.

Kelly admits that she sees Kevin in Duke before things had gone so wrong. She denies having any romantic feelings for Duke. Dorian advises her to cut her losses. Kelly insists that she will never run from Kevin. The phone rings. Kelly prays that Dorian will answer it so this line of conversation will stop.

Daryl informs Dorian that Rex is with Adriana, and he couldn’t risk Adriana seeing him with Rex. Dorian orders Daryl to come by house. They hang up. Kelly refuses to ask what that was all about. She leaves to go to work.

Duke informs Kevin that he is not up to the meeting. Kevin insists that he is fine. Clint orders Duke out into the hall for a talk. Clint orders Kevin to pull himself together.

Duke tells Clint that he had cancelled the meeting. Clint is relieved. Duke lets him know that he had talked to Tess. Clint immediately wants to know how she looked. Duke lets him know that she is tired of sitting around the house. He also tells Clint that Nash is with her .

Tess refuses to marry Nash.

Claudia lies to Antonio on how that she knows Norman Leeds. Jill comes in to tell them that Norman is scheduled for x-ray.

Antonio orders Claudia to stop lying that he knows who she is. Claudia is puzzled.

Adriana and Rex are approached by two girls, who had seen Adriana’s pix on the front cover of “Belle” magazine. They are confused as to how she does it .Rex explains to them that someone had believed in her.

Kelly arrives at Buchanan Enterprises. Duke fills her in that the meeting has been cancelled. He also fills her in on Kevin’s condition. Kelly confronts him doesn’t he care about his father. She goes in to see Kevin.

Kelly confronts Kevin as to what he is doing. He lets her know that he is dealing with his problems.

Nash comes to get Tess. He tells her that he has everything in his car, and he is taking her somewhere.

Daryl fills Dorian in that he is in at Ultraviolet. Dorian tells him that she is pleased.

Hugh lets Rex know that he understands why he had helped Todd. Hugh also tells him that they may not be on the same side now, but one day they might be on the same side.

Claudia starts toward the nurses’ station, but Antonio grabs her purse. He goes into Norman’s room. She follows him. He looks at her driver’s license, and finds out that she is Claudia Reston.

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