One Life to Live Update Monday 4/17/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

At the hospital

Rex leaves Adriana a message, trying to get her to talk to him.

La Boulee

Adriana lies in bed, and listens to the message that Rex is leaving her. She picks up the phone, but refuses to answer it. She places it back in the hook, and takes a bite of the ice cream.

Buchanan Enterprises

Kelly sits on Kevin’s desk. Kelly and Duke are busy getting undressed. Kevin comes in, with a ball bat in his hand. He raises it up to hit Duke when the phone rings. Kevin awakens with a start. It is Kelly on the phone, and she waits for him at Rodi’s. She asks him if he is still there, and had he forgotten that they were having dinner at Rodi’s. He lets her know that he is swamped with work, and he will be unable to make it. They hang up. Kevin gets up from the desk, and drinks the last sip of whiskey in the glass. He heads for the door when Duke comes in. Duke tells him that he needs to talk to him about Kelly.

Kelly sits on a bar stool at Rodi’s. Hugh comes up, and tells her that he is glad to see her.

Cris’ loft

Cris and Vangie share a beer. Cris vows to Vangie that he is moving on with or without Natalie. Vangie doesn’t quite believe him.

Up on the roof

John, angrily, throws empty beer bottles at the door. Natalie opens the door, and comes in. Looking around, she sees all the empty bottles, and wonders what is going on. John apologizes, and tells her that he didn’t know anyone was there. Natalie asks John what is happening to him. He just doesn’t seem to know.

Llanview Hospital

A doctor is in with Nora. He checks her vitals. R.J. stands outside her door. R.J. questions the doctor about Nora’s condition. The doctor informs him that Nora is making progress. The doctor informs him that he doesn’t know what kind of recovery Nora will have. Matthew listens, and becomes upset.

La Boulee

Adriana listens to the message that Rex leaves. When Adriana refuses to pick up the phone, Rex begins to explain his situation. His explanation is suddenly disconnected. When she does pick up the phone, she thinks that it is Rex she is talking to, but is confused when she hears Layla’s voice on the other end.

Layla tells her that she is sorry for letting her down. Layla questions her as to what is wrong. Adriana tells her everything.

Rex leaves another message .


Kelly wants to know why Hugh is glad to see her. They discuss his date, who has just hit a man in the behind with her pool stick. Kelly and Hugh are in awe. Hugh orders two drinks. Kelly wonders if she is drunk. Hugh tells her, “no.”They discuss his date’s shortcomings. Kelly gives him a half hearted smile.

Buchanan Enterprises

Kevin, upset that Duke is even there, wonders what they could possibly have to talk about concerning Kelly. Duke hands him the papers that Kelly had been working on for the Lenox account. It just needs Kevin’s signature. Kevin looks over it, and signs it. Duke wants it back, but Kevin decides to give it to Kelly himself. Duke closes the door. Duke tells him that he is in his office drinking, and wonders if everything is o.k. Kevin looks at him, angrily.

Natalie suggests that John talk to someone. John refuses for anyone to help him. Natalie offers her help, but once again, he refuses.

Cris assures Vangie that he makes his own decisions. She smiles. He assures her that she inspired him. She is flattered. They discuss Todd and how she had helped him. Cris vows to Vangie that whether or not Natalie comes back to him, he needs to move on.

Duke and Kevin argue over Kelly, and what is best for her. Kevin tells him that he is his son, and not a shrink.

Kelly sits on a bar stool with a drink. A woman, with a baby, approaches the bar. She and Kelly strike up a conversation. They discuss the baby’s teething problem. Kelly offers to hold the baby. The woman gladly lets Kelly hold the baby.

R.J. has a conversation with Nora’s doctor, who isn’t very optimistic for Nora’s complete recovery. The doctor informs him that Nora has no motor activity. He also explains that Nora’s left side will probably remain paralyzed.

Matthew, angrily, tries to get a candy bar out of the machine. He becomes angry when he can’t manage to get the candy. He begins to kick and shake the machine. Rex comes up, grabs him around waist, and stops him from trying to destroy the machine. Rex shakes the machine, and manages to get Rex’s candy. They both sit down in the floor.

Adriana fills Layla in on what Rex had done, leaving her a message on her answering machine. When Layla finds out that Adriana is eating cookie dough ice cream, she suggests a night out on the town. Adriana, reluctantly, agrees.

Cris and Vangie continue to talk. Vangie tells him to tell her about the new Cris. They discuss his interests in boxing and painting.

John admits to Natalie that Dr. Crosby had told him that he had issues. Natalie asks him who is the enemy. Natalie looks at him, and asks him why won’t he let her help.

Duke and Kevin argue over the fact that Duke doesn’t think that Kevin is good enough for Kelly. They discuss Kevin’s drinking problem. Duke wonders what Kelly would say. Kevin orders Duke to be a man.

Kelly gives the baby back to the woman. The woman leaves with the baby. After their departure, Kelly begins to cry. Hugh comes up, and wants to know what is wrong.

R. j. tells Nora about Todd‘s conviction, and that he deserved it .He encourages Nora to get up out of that bed, and be there for Todd‘s execution. When he doesn’t get any response, R.J. kisses her on the cheek.

Rex and Matthew have a heart to heart talk about a number of things. Matthew opens up, and tells Rex what the doctor had said about Nora. Matthew wonders if Nora will ever be there again to love him. Rex assures him that love will always be there. Matthew knows that he is talking about Jen.

Adriana and Layla arrive at Cris’ apartment. Adriana is reluctant to go out, b ut finally agrees.

Vangie asks Cris if he is giving Natalie a reason to come back to him. There is a knock on the door. Adriana and Layla enter the apartment. They suggest to Cris and Vangie that they go out .Cris and Vangie agree.

Adriana and Layla wonder what was going on in there. Layla admits that it was something big. Vangie comes out of apartment, and they leave.

Cris puts paintings in a box.

One of Vincent’s goons gives Vincent Natalie’s number. Vincent vows that he might be able to use Natalie.

Natalie and John discuss that what everyone wants is to live happily ever after.

Rex admits that he wanted to see Bo Matthew knows all about the trouble that Rex is in. Rex admits that he feels like he is between first and second base, and both men are swinging at him. Rex suggests that he go to see his Mother.

Cris seals the box, and gives it to a delivery man to deliver to Natalie.

John thanks Natalie for butting out of his business. Natalie gets a call from Vincent, who wants to meet her at Rodi’s. They agree to meet.

Duke knows that Kelly deserves better than Kevin, and his drinking problem. They argue. Kevin tells him that no woman can meet up to his standards. Duke leaves the office in a huff.

Adriana, Layla and Vangie enter Rodi’s. They argue over the thought that Layla had wanted to date Hugh. Rex comes up.

Kevin remembers his love for Kelly, how he had asked her to marry him, and this past New Yea’s Eve. Kevin pours himself a drink. He throws the empty glass against the wall. He drinks the rest of what is in the bottle, and leaves.

Rex wants to talk to Adriana. Adriana gets up to leave. Rex finally corners her outside. She doesn’t know what to think or feel. Rex grabs her, and kisses her. He leaves.

Vangie watches for Cris. She smiles when he finally shows up.

Hugh leaves. Duke takes Kelly two hands in his, and wants to know what is wrong. Kevin watches.

Matthew visits his Mother. He shows her some pictures of his baseball game. Nora moves her arm.

John pushes the hair back out of Natalie’s eyes.

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