One Life to Live Update Friday 4/14/06


Written By Glynis
Pictures by Jennifer

Todd is brought back to his cell. The guard tells him to cheer up. "Death row ain't the worst place in the world."

Todd freaks out after the guard is gone and starts wrecking the things in his cell out of anger due to his situation.

Cristian tells Natalie that he can't do this anymore. She looks at him strangely. "You and me…It's over…"

John and Michael discuss the case. John has been making progress it seems and has some clues that he will check on.

David asks Paige when she helped deliver Margaret's baby. "What was the date?" She did that on February 6th. David bangs his fist on the table. David remembers that Spencer was supposedly in Thailand at that time.

Both look up from their table and see Spencer and Blair standing over them and peering at them inquisitively.

Evangeline comes to see Todd in his cell. She walks up to the bars timidly. She tries to be upbeat but he can tell that something is wrong. "They have set the date for your execution. It is going to be May 26th, she says.

Kelly is in the park jogging.

Hugh runs by and then stops to talk. She was clearing her head with the run but there is too much activity in the park for that.

Some kids playing soccer come over to horse around with Hugh and Kelly smiles as he runs off with them.

Lindsay and Marcie discuss wedding dresses. Marcie feels that they are looking in the wrong place for her gown. "I am not a supermodel and designers don't make dresses for people my size. I don't fit in."

Evangeline is glad to be able to tell Todd the news personally and not have him hear it from a stranger or read about it. She refuses to let them kill him, she says. She will find something to get him free. "I am sorry that it had to come to this…after everything that has happened, I still feel like I have let you down. I will try something else." Todd tells her to forget it. "The real killer has to be implicated in this for me to be free."

Paige covers well, not knowing what Spencer and Blair have heard of her conversation with David. Spencer watches her face closely. "We were discussing sending doctors overseas and what that entails..." Blair walks ahead of Spencer to their table while he lags back.

He finds his brother strangely quiet and tells him so. David's response to that is to make a joke. Spencer stares the man down for a couple more seconds and then leaves.

David feels that Spencer may have used the trip to Thailand to get as far away as possible for some reason.

Blair is upset that Starr doesn't like seeing her mother with Spencer. Spencer is sure that she will come around in time.

Michael wants to help with the case, but John wants him kept out of things. Michael wants John to control his temper whatever happens with the interview that he has to conduct later on. "Anything that we can find out about the surgery will be written down and you can help me figure it out later."

Natalie is confused. Cristian explains that he has been trying to win her back and he really thought they could pick up where they left off. "You keep saying that we will never be back together though." She wasn't trying to be cruel. He knows that but can't keep beating his head against a brick wall. "I know that you care for me, but you don't love me anymore…" She doesn't know what to say. He wants her to say nothing. "I can see a future now that I couldn't see before. A future without you in it. I need to live my life Natalie…"

Marcie and Lindsay enter the designer boutique… The place and the clothes inside immediately overwhelm them. Marcie is sure that there aren't dresses in there for someone like her. Marcie can't afford anything in there, she realizes. Lindsay has decided that she will buy one of the gowns for Marcie, as Jen would like that. Marcie loves the gesture but wants Lindsay to understand she isn't a replacement for Jen.

Kelly watches Hugh with the soccer boys for a while. When the kids run off, Hugh explains that most of the kids are foster children and he gets together with them once a week to play. Kelly says that she had a brother but he died. "We didn’t know each other for very long." Hugh says that one-day she will be able to have a big family of her own. She is suddenly sad. She might not be able to have kids at all. She breaks down now, crying.

Paige tells that Spencer has changed since she was married to him. David finds she gives him too much credit. David feels that Todd's baby is out there somewhere. He believes the child is in Thailand somewhere.

Margaret is happy and smiling as she settles in all by her lonesome.

Todd knows that the state can't wait to kill him and that he is running out of hope. Spencer left something somewhere and Todd wants Evangeline to go and find it. "Go talk to your boyfriend and get him to find the truth. I thought that you and he cared about the truth Evangeline, but you don't."

Natalie feels like Cristian is breaking up with her, and they are not even together. He loves her now and can't wait for her to love him again. "I have to go for a walk now," he says. "Can you close the door on your way out Natalie?" She calls to him but says nothing when he turns in her direction before leaving.

Natalie makes a call leaving voicemail. "I need to talk to you. I am kind of messed up right now."

She hangs up. She can't call Viki as she is too busy with Jessica, and she doesn't feel like calling Roxy…She gets frustrated and just puts the phone down, running from the apartment.

David and Paige put more pieces together about Spencer and Todd. What Paige and David can't understand is the reason that the baby is still around. David understands. The baby is the safety net for Spencer. "If Todd goes after him, he uses the baby to keep him in control," Paige sees could be Spencer's reasoning. "But why Thailand?" David sees that hiding the baby is the best place as it is so far away.

Todd tells Evangeline that she needs people to tail Spencer. Evangeline can do this but she can't make any of what Todd says 'true' unless she gets something concrete. Todd seems ungrateful for Evangeline's help. She gets angry and suggests that maybe it is time that he confess.

A man comes to see John in the bar…"You killed my son," he says.

A salesperson comes to assist Marcie and Lindsay. The woman immediately thinks that they will be looking for something for Lindsay, but she is directed to serve Marcie. Marcie has a picture of the dress that she would like but the woman has other ideas. Lindsay sends Marcie off to look at dresses.

"Let's get something straight," Lindsay says to the salesperson. "That woman over there is getting married and I am not going to let some stuck-up salesperson ruin the best day of her life."

Michael explains to the man that his brother had to shoot the man's son as his own life was in danger. "Your job made an orphan out of a twelve-year-old boy. He had troubles but my grandson deserved a chance and he can't have that chance to know his father. Ray was a working stiff trying to support his family. He would have turned things around. I know how he must have looked to you but my son wasn't a hopeless case. You ruined three generations of a family in one shot, and I just wanted you to know that." The man walks off.

Evangeline asks Todd to confess to killing Margaret. "It would be a stall tactic and it could get you clemency. I want to keep you alive long enough to fix this and six weeks may not be enough time." Todd can't do it. "This would destroy my kids. I would rather be executed…" Evangeline wishes that the jury could see Todd the way that she does. That would be all the proof that they would need.

Hugh helps Kelly to feel better and promises that he will not pry into her business. "I know a bit of what you went through with your son but I can't really relate as I have no children…" She loves seeing him with those soccer kids, she says.

Marcie finds a gown and tries it on. When she shuffles to the mirror and sees herself, she hates it. "I look awful!" Lindsay says that they will just have to search for the dress elsewhere. The sales clerk say that she matches ladies to dresses all the time and she offers to help if they will let her.

John hated the way that he was just confronted. It happens from time to time. Michael is sorry that happened just now. "A twelve-year-old boy suddenly hasn't got a father and I am the one that killed the man…" Michael sees that his brother is spiraling out of control. John walks out of the bar and Michael calls to him but he won't listen.

Spencer sees that Michael is alone and he goes to talk to him.

David and Paige see Spencer making a move and they watch him.

Evangeline comes to see Cristian. She tells how Todd accused her just now of not doing enough to help him. Cristian updates her on how he told Natalie that they need to be over and let things be. Evangeline suggests they have some drinks.

David goes to Blair's table and sits in Spencer's seat, as she is momentarily alone. While Blair and David talk, David nonchalantly shakes salt all over Spencer's meal for a very, very long time. Blair demands to know why he treats his brother the way that he does.

Spencer sees them and eavesdrops on their conversation.

"I wish that you and Paige would leave Spencer alone and stop trying to ruin his life," Blair says. David rushes off.

Spencer comes over to the table now…"That went well…."

David returns to his table with Paige, remarking that Blair's boyfriend needs to be put in prison.

Marcie is back in her street clothes. She has found the perfect dress and both the saleslady and Lindsay are pleased. Martin rushes off to call Michael now.

Kelly and Hugh talk with the kids for a while before they run off to play.

Hugh sees that she is smiling now and that makes him very happy.

David and Paige watch as Spencer and Blair leave the bar.

They know that finding the baby is the key to this whole thing.

Margaret is alone, and smiling…

Todd is on the floor of his cell with a pen and paper making a calendar leading up to his execution.

Cristian breaks out the beers and he and Evangeline drink.

John is alone, and fighting to stay calm. He is having a beer. He suddenly looks at the bottle in his hand and then pitches it as hard as he can to the door. One after the other, the bottles of beer are smashed…

The door suddenly opens. Natalie walks in cautiously. "What is going on here?"

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