One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/13/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Llanfair (cottage house)

A man runs his hand run Kelly’s leg. She smiles thinking it is Kevin, but when she opens her eyes, she sees that it is Duke. She wakes with a start, and sits up in bed. This awakens Kevin. She apologizes for waking him up. He wonders what is going on. She tells him that she has had a nightmare.

In the park

Duke does warm-ups before his morning run. He looks at his watch, and wonders where is Kelly. He runs off into the distance.

Layla and Vangie have just gotten out of an aerobics class. Layla begins to question her as to what is wrong. Vangie, reluctantly, agrees to tell her. Vangie reveals that she had made a complete fool of herself in front of Cris. Layla wants to know how the gory details.

Cris’ loft

Cris exercises his injured hand. Antonio suggests that he get physical therapy on his hand, and he will even pay for it. Cris finishes his physical therapy, and lets Antonio know that it feels better already. Cris suggests that Antonio come with him sometime to the gym. Antonio states that he may just take him up on that.

La Boulee

Dorian offers Clint some muffins, but Clint is deep in thought. He really doesn’t pay any attention to what she is saying . He lets her know that he is bad company, and doesn’t know why he even came over. Dorian asks him how are things going at home .Clint doesn’t know how to answer. Clint cautions her not to let Viki know about Jessica, and what had happened to her.


Viki walks into Jessica’s room, and sits down on the bed beside her . Tess awakens, and asks her as to what she is looking at.

Kevin apologizes to Kelly. Kevin sees no use in making love if you can’t have any children. Kelly is still bothered by her dream. Kevin remembers what their sex life had been like before. Kelly assures him that she is in love with him. Kevin admits to her that he had a couple of nightcaps the night before just to be able to sleep.

Vangie admits that she completely lost it in front of Cris. Vangie admits that she had told Cris about their father. Layla considers this line of conversation boring. Vangie denies being interested in Cris.

Cris tells Antonio that Natalie has been to one of his boxing matches. Antonio urges him not to give up on Natalie. Antonio admits to Cris that he is not giving up on Jessica. Antonio knows that he can’t expect things to be the same between him and Jessica. Antonio also knows that if he has Jessica then he has to accept Tess.

Tess wants to know what Viki is doing in her room. Viki brings up the past, and what had happened to her. Tess assures her that she would never do that to a child of hers. Tess tells her that it would serve her right if she never saw Jessica again.

Kelly starts to come into Kevin’s office, but sees Duke changing clothes.

Kelly turns her back until he gets changed. Duke wonders why she hadn’t shown up for their run. Kelly doesn’t think that it is such a good idea that they run together any more. Duke doesn’t understand, and he finishes the sentence for her, “until his feelings goes away for her.” She nods her head. They discuss her feelings, and how if she didn’t have feelings for him then it wouldn’t bother her to run with him. Duke confronts her about her feelings for him.

Clint and Dorian share breakfast together. He comments on how good the eggs are, and he wonders how the man from take out had kept them warm. Dorian tries to lie that she had made the eggs, but then has to own up that her maid had made the eggs, and also the pot roast. Clint laughs. Dorian asks him what that is on his face, as she feeds him a bite of egg.

Natalie studies her lesson when Kevin comes in to join her. They exchange pleasantries. They start to discuss Jessica and the tape. Kevin asks her has she seen the tape. Natalie tells him that Tess had destroyed the tape, but there were copies on the internet. Kevin blames himself for not being there to protect Jessica. Natalie tries to assure him that no one knew.

Viki knows that Tess resents her for what she had done so many years ago. Viki admits that she just didn’t want to face the things that were happening. Viki promises that she won’t abandon her again. Tess doesn’t quite believe her .Tess tells her that she can talk and talk, but she wants Jessica back. Viki confesses that when she was young something similar to this had happened to her, and if she wants her to she will talk to her about it.

Vangie admits that she was only trying to save her client, but in a weak moment, she had let her defenses down, and had lost it. Layla compares Cris to John. Vangie tells her that Cris is in no way like John. Vangie tells her that she has gotta go. Layla mentions Cris. Vangie tells her that she will handle Cris.

Antonio just doesn’t understand this situation with Jessica/Tess. Antonio knows that Jessica’s alters will always be a part of her just as Viki’s alters are a part of her. Antonio is afraid that when they are integrated Tess will be Tess, and she will love Brennan. Cris asks him if that happens then how will he deal with it.

Tess suggests that they play a game of childhood poker. She will trade Viki a pedophile for a father, who had molested her. Viki informs her that that is not funny. Viki warns her that alter personalities never grow up. She urges Tess to grow up, and face this situation. Tess goes over, and sits down on the bed. Viki sits down beside her. Viki offers her help. Tess just looks at her.

Clint calls the breakfast delicious, and thanks Dorian. He tells her that that is just what he needed a vacation from his life. Dorian informs him that anytime he needs a break for him to just call. Clint relives past memories of when he had put a rubber snake in Dorian’s bed. Dorian laughs, and can’t believe that he had brought it up after all these years. Dorian shakes him. They share an intimate moment, but Clint draws back just before he kisses Dorian.

Viki offers to help Tess deal with this.

Clint tells Dorian that he just can’t do this. She is confused, and wonders why not. He begins to give her a sad story about how their families had always been enemies. Clint doesn’t know why he had come over there. Dorian advises him if he doesn’t like it here then he is free to go. Clint thinks that that would be the best. Clint reminds Dorian of all the things that she had done to Jessica, and now to Viki. Dorian reminds him that that is all in the past.

Kelly denies her feelings for Duke, and tells him to drop it. Duke still persists in trying to get her to confess her feelings. Duke tells her that he is in love with her.

Natalie and Kevin discuss the medical problems that he has been facing. Kevin doesn’t really want to discuss it.

Viki orders Tess to feel all the things that she should about this situation and that she has to face it . Viki encourages her to deal with this. Viki tries to warn her that she could be in bed with Nash, and Jessica would come out, or she could be holding her baby in her arms, and Jessica would emerge. Tess orders her to just shut up. Viki confesses that she wants Jessica back. Tess feels that Viki only loves Jessica. Viki assures her that she loves them both. Viki begins to cry. Tess begins to cry, and she asks Viki why had she let this happen. Tess and Viki hug as Tess cries into her shoulder.

Antonio knows that it won’t be easy dealing with this situation, and he begins to point out some of the favorite things that he likes about Jessica and Tess. Antonio knows that he, and Jessica belong together. There is a knock on the door, and it is Vangie. Antonio tells Cris to take care of himself, and then leaves.

Vangie orders Cris to forget about the things that had happened last night.

Clint and Dorian argue over their families. Dorian makes him admit that there is chemistry between them. He tells her that she has a point. Clint tells her that he is going to see Jessica. He tells her that he will call her.

Dorian informs him that her cook makes a mean eggs benedict. Clint leaves.

Duke orders Kelly to own up that she loves him as much as he loves her. Kevin listens at the door. Kelly hurries from the office.

Vangie encourages Cris to forget everything that she had said the night before. Vangie apologizes to him for what had happened. Vangie informs him that that will never happen again. Vangie gets a call about Todd. She leaves immediately. Cris calls Natalie, and tells her that he has to talk to her.

Viki and Tess continue to hug. Clint walks in.

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