One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/12/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Atlantic City

Vincent looks at the newspaper article. He notices that Thomas McBain had two sons. He questions Natalie, as to which one of the sons that she was in love with. She begins to answer him when she is rudely interrupted. Once, he rejoins her at the table, she questions him if he knows anything about Thomas’s death or not. He looks at her, quizzing.

Llanview Hospital

John stands around the nurses’ station when Michael gets off the elevator. Michael informs John that he had heard that Todd Manning was back in custody. John tells him that he was the one, who had brought him in. John comments that Todd says that he is innocent of the charges. Michael asks him does he really believe that Todd is innocent. John doesn’t comment. Spencer, standing at the nurses’ station pretends to be looking over a patient’s chart, but he is really listening to their conversation about Todd.

Llanview Police Department

Bo continues to question Paige about whether or not she thought that Spencer was a murderer. Paige is deep in thought, and really doesn’t want to say anything. She tells him that given the wrong time, and the circumstances then anyone would be capable of killing even her. Bo is shocked by her answer.

An officer brings Rex up to the squad room. Rex struggles to get loose from the officer. Rex asks Hugh to cut him some slack. Hugh informs him that this is Bo’s call. Rex looks into Bo’s office.

La Boulee

Darrell visits Dorian at La Boulee. He fills her in on the latest news. He informs her that Todd is back in custody, and that Rex had been arrested also. Dorian is overjoyed. She remarks, “things can’t get any better than this.” Darrell nods his head toward the door to let her know that someone is standing there. When she turns around, she sees it is Adriana.

Rex wants to know why Bo wants to see him before he is booked. Rex looks into Bo’s office.

Adriana questions Dorian as to what they are celebrating. Dorian lies, and tells her that Darrell had just stopped by to tell her that their market sales are up by ten percent from the last month. They smile at the good news. Dorian informs Darrell that she will see him back at the office. Darrell soon leaves.

Dorian comes back into the study, and closes the door. Dorian thinks that Adriana should be happy over the news since she was partly responsible for the sales increase. Dorian notices that something is troubling Adriana, and questions her about it. Adriana begins to explain to her what had happened up to Lion’s Heart. She also explains how that Rex had known about it, but wouldn’t trust her enough to tell her. Adriana begins to have second thoughts about it, and begins to wonder if she should let Rex explain to her . She admits to Dorian that she is in love with Rex. Dorian is horrified.

Rex questions Hugh as to what the penalty is for aiding and abetting. Hugh tells him twenty years. Rex looks into Bo’s office.

Bo closes the blinds in his office. Bo reminds her that she had heard what Todd had said about Spencer killing Margaret. Paige wonders what he wants her to say. She begins to ask and answer a series of questions that she thinks that Bo would want her to answer. Paige admits that maybe Spencer killed Margaret, but she wonders what had happened. Bo begins to question her about the baby.

John refuses to discuss Todd’s case with him. Michael tells him that that will give him more time to work on their father’s case. Spencer continues to listen to their conversation.

A man approaches Spencer, and wants to discuss the grant application. Spencer and the man leave.

Michael wants to know what is going on with their father’s case. John insists that he is working on it, but will not divulge any information. Michael insists that John let him help find out info from the workers at the hospital. John refuses by telling him that he should have never gotten him involved. Michael doesn’t understand why John won’t let him help him obtain info.

Natalie demands to know. Vincent informs her that he will look into it, but he wants something. He explains that he wants cash. A goon brings a message to the table for Vincent. He reads the message. From the note he finds out that John is a cop. Vincent refuses to help Natalie because John is a cop. Nat doesn’t understand his reasoning. Vincent wants to know how she had gotten his name. Natalie refuses to tell him. Vincent, once again, refuses to help her. He admits to her that she has got guts.

John comes into the squad room. He sees a fellow officer, and asks about Natalie. The cop informs him that he hasn’t seen her for awhile.

John goes into the squad room. He looks around as if looking for someone. Hugh tells him that Bo is busy, and can’t be disturbed. Hugh lets John know that Todd will be sent back to maximum security, but there has been a delay. John decides to just leave him a note.

A cop brings Rex back into the squad room. Roxy comes in, and orders him to take his hands off him. In the midst of the conversation, John finds out that Roxy has been gone to Atlantic City. John is surprised. Rex whispers, and asks Roxy if Natalie is following up on the lead that he had given her. Rex smiles.

Spencer commends Michael on the surgery. Michael asks Spencer if he can take a week off in May because he is getting married. Spencer congratulates him. Michael questions him as to why he had gotten the promotion. Spencer tells him that he had deserved it.

Bo and Paige discuss Margaret’s baby, and what had happened to it if Spencer had killed Margaret. Bo informs her that he is going to look into Todd’s allegations. Paige is horrified. Bo goes out of the office. He tells her that maybe, when he comes back, she will have some answers for him.

Natalie informs Vincent that she is part of one of the wealthiest families in Llanview. Vincent admits that he had made the connection. Vincent asks her what does she want to know.

John makes notes about the night that his father was murdered.

Natalie explains the circumstances of Thomas McBain’s death. She asks him about workers at the hospital, and how there could be a cover up. Vincent tells her that he will see what he can do. Natalie orders him to just do it. He orders her not to let anyone know about this meeting. Natalie tells him that there is nothing to tell. He tries to shake hands with her, but she refuses.

Adriana reveals to Dorian that Rex believes Todd, and in his innocence. She admits that she could forgive him for that, but he hadn’t trusted her enough to tell her about Todd. Dorian assures her that she will get through this.

Rex tries to explain to Bo about what he had done, but Bo tells him to shut up. Bo insists that he will do all the talking .Bo decides to cut him loose. Rex promises that he will regain his trust, and he won’t let him down again. Bo tells him that he will never trust him again.

Spencer calls Paige, and asks her to do him a favor. He fills her in on what had gone on at the police station between him and Todd. Spencer orders Paige to stop Bo from finding out any information. Spencer warns her that if Bo finds out anything, it could bring them both down.

John is on the phone, and checks on Dr. Synder .He hangs up, and leaves the apartment.

Dorian confronts Adriana about her love for Rex. Adriana begins to believe that Rex might have been protecting her. Adriana thinks that she should hear Rex’s side again.

Spencer orders Paige to do as he says. Paige, hurriedly, hangs up the phone before Bo comes in. Paige starts to leave before BO can ask her any more questions. Paige urges Bo to leave this case alone for the sake of his career. Hugh interrupts them, and tells Bo that Todd is ready for transport. This gives Paige the opportunity to leave.

Roxy, with an armful of towels, knocks on John’s door. When she doesn’t hear anything. She takes out her key, and starts to open the door. Natalie comes up.. Roxy is glad to see her back .Roxy questions her as to what is next. Natalie tells her that she is going to tell John everything. Roxy advises her that John will never speak to her again.

Spencer tells Michael that he has the makings for a top notch surgeon. Michael tells him that he appreciates the faith that he has in him.

Natalie takes the towels into John’s room. She looks at the notes that he has made on his father’s death. John comes into the room. He wonders what she is doing here. She tells him that she lied to him. She goes on to explain to him what had she done. John wants to know if she had turned up anything. She remembers her conversation with Vincent. She lies to John, and tells him nothing.

Adriana tells Dorian that she is going to bed. Dorian makes a call to Darrell. Just as Adriana starts up the stairs, there is a knock on the door. She is surprised to see that it is Rex. They discuss why he hadn’t trusted her enough to tell her about Todd. She shuts the door in his face.

Vincent tells his goon to hang on to the telephone number of Natalie.

Paige and Hugh meet each other in the park. They discuss the family that had adopted him, and the good life that they had given him. They discuss Todd, and her believing in him. Hugh makes the assumption that no wonder Bo is crazy about her .Hugh leaves.

Bo tells the receptionist that he wants all the files that they have on Spencer Truman.

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