One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/11/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Atlantic City

Natalie sits on a bar stool. The bartender asks if he can refill her drink. She informs him, “no”. She lets him know that she is waiting on someone. Roxie sees a woman enter the bar. The bartender fills Nat in that someone has arrived .Nat asks Roxie what is she doing here. Roxie, in turn, asks Nat “ what is she doing here?”

Llanview Hospital

Kevin bumps into Dr. Crosby. They introduce themselves. Kevin and Ed discuss the integration of Jessica. Ed informs Kevin that this is going to be a rough road for Jessica. Kevin informs Ed that he had gone through this with his Mother . Ed offers his help if Kevin ever needs to talk to someone. Kevin refuses by telling him that talking won’t solve his problem.

Kelly thanks Adriana for dragging her to her kickboxing class. Adriana comments that Kelly was really into it. Adriana notices that Kelly was hitting that bag like she wanted to kill it. Kelly admits that she has a lot on her plate right now. Kelly notices how happy that Adriana looks. Adriana owns up that her happiness is due to Rex because he is so amazing. Adriana admits Rex is so completely upfront and honest. Adriana knows that Rex would never keep anything from her.

An officer brings Rex to his cell. Rex informs him that Bo will be down there in a few minutes. Rex insists that Bo is just teaching him a lesson. Rex tells the officer that he and Bo are buds. He remembers a conversation that he had had with Bo that Bo had given him something that had belonged to his son.

Starr confronts Todd if he knew about her Mom and Dr. Truman. Todd admits that he already knew about it. He reveals that he had seen them up to the cabin. Starr lashes out at Blair .She tells her that Todd hadn’t left his ring there because he had loved her, but because she had betrayed him. Todd tries to get Starr to go out to the car, but Starr refuses to leave. Todd tries to assure her that he will be coming home. Todd asks Spencer can’t be look at him. Todd insists that Spencer knew what he did. Todd wants to know why he set him up for Margaret’s murder.

Kelly is glad that things are going so well for Adriana. Adriana just wishes that her Mom had felt that way. Kelly reminds her that Rex had tried to frame Dorian for murder. Kelly knows that Dorian wouldn’t want anyone dating their girls. Kelly informs her that if Dorian had to choose between Duke and Rex she would pick Duke. Adriana is glad that Duke has her .Kelly demands to know what she is talking about. Adriana explains that Duke has her as a friend.

Atlantic City

Nat tells Roxy of a lead that she has that might help John find his father’s killer. She insists that Roxy go back home, and leave her to do this. Roxy demands to know why she is kissing up to John. Nat insists that she is just helping him. Roxy questions her if John knows that she is here. Nat informs her, “no.” Roxy questions her if this deal pans out did she think that John would give her a medal.

Starr questions Todd as to why he thinks that Spencer is setting him up. Todd informs her that she knows what he means. Starr looks at him questioning. Blair orders Starr to the car, but Starr refuses to go. Todd convinces her to go. Todd tells her that he loves her. Starr confesses her love for him no matter what anyone else might say.

Spencer wants to get them both out of there as soon as possible. Todd, sarcastically tells him to take Blair to the ski lodge. Blair orders him to stop this. Todd accuses Spencer of planning this whole thing so that he could get Blair. He accuses Spencer of killing Margaret.

Rex mumbles to himself that Bo will get him out of there. He remembers when he had told Bo that he was growing on him. Bo hopes that Paige has an ointment for that. He remembers when Bo was grateful to him for helping him find Hayes.

Bo informs Todd that that is quite an accusation. Spencer knows that this is a last ditch effort of a desperate man. Todd informs them to think about Spencer’s timing. Todd lets them know that ever since Spencer had come to town he had set his sights on Blair. Blair apologizes to Todd for him finding out like this, but she knew he would flip out .Todd insists that he is not flipping out .Blair tells him that she doesn’t believe him. She knows that Spencer could never kill a woman and child. Todd, sarcastically, tells her, “no, but he could.”Blair insists that she had tried not to believe it. Todd accuses Spencer of setting Blair up.

Starr comes up behind Adriana. Adriana remarks that Starr had scared her. Starr apologizes. Adriana notices that something is wrong. Starr fills her in that Todd has been found, and he’s o.k. Starr lashes out, and informs her that they are going to kill him anyway. Adriana offers to take Starr home so she can talk to Blair. Starr tells her that she hates Blair. Adriana tries to insist that Starr doesn’t really mean this. Starr fills her in that Blair has already moved on with another man. Starr orders Adriana to leave. Adriana insists that she is waiting on Rex. Starr tells her that Rex won’t be showing up because he has been arrested. Hurriedly, Adriana leaves.

Roxy wants to know exactly what Nat is going to do. Nat informs her that she is helping a friend. Roxy is afraid that she will get her throat cut for John. Nat wants to know what she means. Roxy fills her in, in her own offbeat way. Nat thanks her for her concern. Roxy walks over to the bar, and orders a sloe gin fizz. Nat still nurses her drink. Nat’s cell phone rings. The person wants to know if she is still there. She affirms that she is. Nat orders Roxy to leave when her contact shows up. Roxy tells her that she will be sleeping with the fishes.

The door slams. Rex thinks it is Bo, but it is Adriana. She informs him that Starr had told her that he was here. Adriana wants to know what had happened. Rex fills her in that Todd was at Lion’s Heart when they were there. Adriana asks him did he know. Rex admits that he did. Adriana goes balistic for keeping this secret from her. She demands to know why he hadn’t told her. Rex confesses that he was protecting Todd.

Kelly is surprised to see Kevin. Kevin informs her that he just needed some space. They talk about Duke, and how that nothing was going on. On Kelly’s part, but Duke was a whole other story. Kevin fills her in that he had had some tests run, and they were conclusive. Kevin cannot give Kelly any children. Kelly asks him if he is sure. Kevin affirms that he is.

Roxy orders another drink, but Nat refuses. Nat orders Roxy to leave when her contact gets there. Roxy wants to know who is going to protect her back. Nat informs her that she needs to do this alone. Roxy asks what is her plan. Nat tells her that she had learned from the best, namely, John.

John calls Vangie, and leaves her a message that he needs to talk to her about Todd Manning. John sees Starr. John asks how is she doing. Starr shows John her father’s ring. Starr is confused as to what her Dad had meant. After a few minutes of conversation, Starr asks does John believe that her father is innocent.

Todd insists to Bo that he can’t go back to jail. Bo informs him that he had given up his right for an appeal. Todd insists that he didn’t do anything. Bo tells him to go on. Todd explains to him about the lease, and how Spencer had signed the lease the day before Margaret had met Todd at the lake. He also explains that someone had paid Denton off for him to lie on the stand.

Bo asks him does he have any proog of this. Todd tells him that he doesn’t, but she does, as he glances past Bo to Paige.

Adriana argue over Todd, and the fact that Rex had protected him. Adriana insists that Todd had killed his own child. Rex orders her to stop acting like a Cramer. They continue to argue .Rex insists that he will not let Todd die.

Bo questions Paige about this info, but she refuses to tell him anything .

Palace Hotel

Blair feels guilty that she had lied to Starr. She realizes that she has made a terrible mistake.

John and Starr talks about her feelings about this whole mess. They also discuss how difficult it is when you lose your father .John advises her to keep looking for the truth.

Nat confesses that she doesn’t know what this guy looks like. Roxy has a vivid imagination as to what she thinks that the guy looks like. When the man approaches, he is nothing that they thought that he would look like.

Kelly informs Kevin that she wants only him.

Nat reveals how shocked she is as to what he looks like. Nat begins to question him. Nat mentions the name Thomas McBain, and if the name means anything to him. Vincent informs her that his father had died, but he offers his help.

John goes to talk to Dr. Crosby about Starr, and her feelings. John begins to believe that Todd may indeed be innocent .

Adriana becomes so angry with Rex over his comments concerning her Mother that she begins to think that her Mother may be right about him. She leaves. He yells after her .

Todd confronts Paige about what she knows, but she remains tight lipped. Bo instructs the officer to keep an eye on Todd. He takes Paiges’ hand, and they go into his office. He questions her if she thinks that Spencer would be capable of murder. Paige tells him, “yes.”

Vincent wants to know what this is to Nat. She shows him the article on the shooting, but it doesn’t ring a bell for Vincent.

As the officer takes Todd to his cell, Todd yells through the window to Bo that Paige knows that Spencer killed Margaret .

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