One Life to Live Update Friday 4/7/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Rex hurries into the station.

Natalie is on the phone telling the person that she is talking to that she has tonight covered. She informs them that she will see them tonight. Rex comes in, and asks her if she has a hot date. Natalie tells him, sarcastically, yea, with five other guys. She tells him that she has fieldwork tonight. Rex mentions about his contact. Natalie immediately wants to know about Vince Jones. Rex warns her that she is the one, who is going to hurt. John comes up, and questions them as to who is going to get hurt.

Cris asks the doctor about his hand. The doctor informs him to keep up with his therapy. Cris gets a call about the Washburton fight. Cris tells them that he will have to get back to them .

Spencer gives Dr. Shapiro Nora's chart. He also tells him that he is taking the night off. Spencer tells him to call him, emergencies only. Spencer mumbles to himself that he has a very special night planned.

David mumbles to himself, "Thailand". "Where is Thailand?" David rummages through Spencer's desk drawer. Blair comes in, and demands what he is doing in Spencer's room, and what was he doing going through Spencer's desk.

Evangeline orders Todd to tell her who else knows where he is. Todd is reluctant to answer. Evangeline asks him where David had gone. Todd has no idea. Evangeline tells Todd that she is going to find David. She orders Todd to stay there, and for him not to go anywhere. She assures him that he should be alright for an hour or so.

Bo and the officers go over maps about where Todd could have gone. Bo asks where the sniper is. A man speaks up, and tells him that that would be him. Bo gives him his instructions. An officer asks Bo about the shoot to kill order. Bo is reluctant to answer.

Evangeline assures Todd that they are getting close. Todd tells her that she hopes he's right. Evangeline orders him not to do anything crazy. Evangeline suggests that she will find Spencer, and feel him out .She orders Todd not to use the phone. She leaves. Todd plays with the cell phone.

Blair demands David to answer her. David is reluctant. David wants to know since when does she have a key to Spencer's room. Blair informs him since she and Spencer are friends. Blair informs him to go before Spencer comes home, and catches him. Blair thinks that Spencer will kill him. David warns her to stay away from Spencer. David questions her if she thinks that Spencer is a killer. Blair starts to call security, but David stops her.

Llanview Hospital

Starr sits outside in the waiting room where she has just been to visit Nora. Spencer comes up to join her. He wants to know what she is doing there. She informs him that she has just been to visit Nora, and Matthew was there. She tells Spencer that Matthew views him as some kind of hero. Spencer notices something is wrong, and questions her about it. He asks her if she is mad at him. She replies, "no, not really." She tells Spencer that Jack really likes him, but she misses her Dad. Spencer lets her know that he is not trying to take her father's place. He points out to her that Blair is going through a lot right now. Starr tells him that Blair has her and Jack. Spencer lets her know that he wants to be part of Blair's life, too. He offers Starr help if she ever needs to talk to someone.

Ricky argues with Dr. Shapiro about his sisters prescription. Dr. Shapiro refuses to refill the prescription without insurance. Ricky threatens him if anything happens to his sister, it will be his fault. Ricky, in anger, kicks the wall. He turns around, and sees Starr sitting there.

John wants to know what is going on. Rex lies to him, and tells him that they were discussing Nat's fieldwork. Natalie points out Rex's overprotectiveness. Rex puts his arm around Nat's shoulders, and tells her that he just wants to take care of her .John tells Rex that Nat can take care of herself. Nat is surprised. John walks off. Rex starts to leave. Nat wants to know where he is going. Rex informs him that he is going to wash off some of this brooding. Natalie watches John as he sits down on the top of the desk.

Cris takes the sling off. He mumbles to himself that he has one week. He closes his hand into a fist.

Bo goes over the details with the other officers in what they are to do to find Todd. An officer asks him again about the shoot-kill order. Bo remembers his conversation with Todd in which Todd had asked him to look in on Jack and Starr. He asks Bo to take Jack fishing. Bo informs the other officers that the shoot-kill order is the last resort.

Evangeline bumps into Cris at the hospital. She asks him about his hand. She questions him if he has seen Spencer. Cris fills her in as to where he had seen Spencer. Cris also tells her that Blair and Spencer had been spending a lot of time together lately. Cris asks her if this is about Todd. Evangeline takes the defensive, and asks him so what if she was hiding him, what was it to him.

Ricky asks Starr how much of that conversation had she heard. She informs him all of it. She asks him about what he had said about money. He denies saying anything about money. He warns her not to start a rumor in school about this.

Blair and David argue over David warning her about Spencer. Blair doesn't believe one word he says. She gives him three seconds to get out before she calls security. She counts, one, two, three. David tells her that if anything he had said to her made any sense for her not to tell Spencer that he was there. David pleads with her not to tell Spencer. David leaves. He places his chewing gum in the lock hole so that the door won't lock. He promises that he will be back . Blair mumbles to herself that she can't believe that those two are brothers. She pours herself a drink.

Spencer walks up and sees David leaving. Spencer comes in the door. Blair, thinking it is David, starts to say that she thought she told him, but she stops in mid sentence when she sees Spencer.

John asks Nat about Jessica. Nat informs him, "not too good." Nat tells him how hopeless the situation is. John encourages her to just love Jessica. John tells her that he hopes she gets her sister back. Nat thanks him for asking about Jessica after all that is on his mind. John tells her that he still cares about her, and her family. Rex listens.

Rex asks her about the toothpaste grin. Nat informs him that this is the first time that they could talk without arguing. He asks her if she had told John about Vince Jones. Nat tells him, "no." Rex informs her that he wants her to accept the real deal. Nat wants to know what the real deal is. Rex tells her that he wants her to admits that she still loves John.

Two officers come out of Bo's office, and are discussing Todd. Rex asks them what is up. They tell him that they know where Todd is.

Bo comes out of his office. Rex begins to question him. Bo tells him to stay out of this, and remember their agreement. Nat accuses Rex of lying to Bo, and that he is involved in this up to his eyeballs.

Spencer starts to call security, but Blair talks him out of it. Spencer demands to know what David wanted. Blair confesses to him what David had said. Spencer tells her that David had gotten through to her, and she is beginning to believe him.

Rex refuses to answer and tells her that he has to make a call. He calls Evangeline.

Cris and Evangeline argue over her involvement with Todd. Evangeline gets a call from Rex telling her that the police know where Todd is. Evangeline starts to leave, but Cris stops her.

Ricky and Starr argue over his family's money problems, but Ricky vows to get the money somehow.

Cris grabs Evangeline's phone. She wrestles it away from him, hurting his hand in the process. She apologizes.

Todd calls Blair, but gets the answering machine. He throws the phone against the wall.

Bo and the officers close in on the mansion.

Todd gets a gun out of a box, and sticks it in his pocket.

Nat and Rex argue over the fact that she is helping John find his father's killer. Rex wants her to cut him some slack. He asks her if she is going to Atlantic City. She confirms that she is. He tells her to be careful.

John goes to see Dr. Crosby. They discuss the information that John and Mike had obtained from Synder. John fills him in on the surgery that they had done on his father.

Blair doesn't care what anyone says about Spencer. He is the one that she chooses to be with .They kiss.

Starr admits that she feels lonely without her father. She wonders if she will ever see her father again.

Evangeline tries to make a call, but doesn't get an answer. Cris orders her to stay out of this.

Bo gives the officers their instructions. He looks in the window, and sees Todd. Bo orders the officers to go on his orders.

John remembers when they had brought his father in the emergency room following the shooting.

Nat makes a call to Vince Jones, and asks for his help.

Cris won't allow Evangeline to leave.

David makes a call, and finds out that Spence is stil in his room. He talks to Dr. Shapiro about Spencer and Thailand. Dr. Shapiro offers his assistance.

Blair and Spencer begin to undress each other. They lie down on the floor. Starr barges in. She is shocked to see them making love.

John fills Dr. Crosby in on a teenager that was hanging around the hospital when his father was brought in. John wants to find him so he will find out more on his father's death.

Nat thanks C.C. for covering for her. Nat tells her that she is going to visit a friend; a fact finding mission. Nat leaves.

Bo gives the officers to go on his orders. They barge into the house. Todd quickly hides behind some crates.

Evangeline orders him to let her go, but he puts her over his shoulder, and takes her out .

Dr. Crosby points out to John that if something happened to Natalie; it would be something that John would never be able to bounce back from.

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