One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/6/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Bo sits at his desk with a map in front of him. Rex asks him how is he doing. Bo points at the outstretched map, and sarcastically asks Rex, “how does it look like I’m doing?” Rex questions him if they are still looking for Manning. Bo leans back in his chair, and informs him that they are still looking for Manning. Bo wants to know what he can do for him. Rex admits that he is worried about Natalie .

Todd and Vangie arrive at the Santi mansion. Vangie tells him that she has brought him clothes, and food. He tells her that he has good news that Spencer Truman killed Margaret. He lets it slip that he had talked to David Vicars. Vangie stops what she is doing, and asks him when had he talked to David Vicars. He fills her in.

David lurks around the outside of Spencer’s hotel room. David calls the front desk to check on Spencer, but is told that Spencer is not in. David thanks them. He takes a credit card, and opens the door. He slips inside.

Llanview Hospital

Spencer checks on Asa’s vital signs. He is glad that Asa is showing signs of improvement . This is what Spencer wanted to hear.

Blair enters the hospital. Blair stops a nurse, and asks information on where Spencer Truman is. The nurse informs her that he is with another doctor. Blair thanks her. Blair notices that Spencer is in Asa’s room. Spencer tells Asa that he needs him alive., Spencer wants Asa to know, who he really is. Blair watches and listens.

Dr. Crosby questions Jessica about what had happened to her years ago. Jessica remembers what shape the house was in. She remembers a girl in the room, who calls herself Tess.

Bo and Rex discuss Natalie, and her interest in forensics. Rex admits that he is worried about her. Bo informs him that this is what Natalie wants to do, and she is good at it. Bo tells Rex that he has been a good brother. Bo also asks Rex not to give Natalie a hard time over this, and accuse her of only doing it to be close to John. Rex nods his head. Bo asks him if there is anything else. Hugh comes into the office, and Rex leaves.

Hugh questions Bo as to how Nora is. Bo fills him in on Nora’s condition. Hugh feels as though he can’t do this job like Nora. Bo commends him on how he had handled the Manning case. Hugh feels as though that Manning is far away from here. Bo feels that Manning has someone helping him. Bo assures him not to give up on Manning.

Vangie is concerned that Todd has involved David in this mess. Todd fills her in on how he had knocked David out, brought him to this cabin, and tied him up. Todd lets her know that David hates Spencer more than he hates him. Todd also tells her that David is going to get proof that will clear hjs name.

Spencer tells Asa to get better that they have some unfinished business. He leaves the room, and sees Blair standing outside the door. He wants to know what she is doing. She in turn wants to know what he is doing .Spencer lies, and tells her that he is trying to decide the best course of medication. Spencer hopes that she hadn’t come to the hospital to discuss Asa. Blair asks him why does he want Asa to know who he is, and what is this unfinished business.

Dr. Crosby continues to question Jessica about Tess. Jessica refuses to go on, and begins to cry. She tells them that she wants her Mommy. Dr. Crosby tries to calm her down. He asks Jessica does she remember what happened to her when she was a child. Jessica tells them that there is someone else in the room that she needs to talk to.

Jessica informs Dr. Crosby that she needs to talk to Tess. Jessica tells Tess that she needs her help. Jessica tells her that she had protected her in the past, but now she needed to be strong, and there are things that she needs to see.

Vangie can’t believe that Spencer could be a cold-blooded killer in killing Margaret, and her baby. Todd points out that Spencer had everything to gain by doing this. Todd also tells her that Spencer wanted Blair. They discuss Spencer’s motive for doing all of this. Vangie thinks that not even Spencer could pull this off. Todd gets up, and gets a loaf of bread from the bag. Todd knows that Spencer wouldn’t care who he hurt if it meant that he would get Blair .

David frantically searches Spencer’s room for clues that will clear Todd. The maid starts to come in, but sees the, “do not disturb” sign, and leaves. David breathes a sigh of relief.

Vangie fills Todd in on the information that she had found out about Denton, and his living in the leap of luxury.

Spencer lies to Blair, and tells her that there has been bad blood between the Trumans and the Buchanans.

Jessica tells Crosby that she is ready to remember everything. She starts to relive that night with Norman Leeds. Dr. Crosby asks her what had the man wanted her to do. Tears run down Jessica’s cheeks.

Jessica begins to remember things, but it seems as though she remembers in fast motion. She begins to cry, and say that she can’t do this. She yells for her Mommy. Tess emerges, and informs them that she had told them that Jessica couldn’t deal with this. She informs them that she back to stay.

Spencer tells Blair that he just wants this feud to be over. Blair owns up to him that she hates Asa Buchanan just as much as he does, and offers her help in bringing him down. Spencer refuses her help. They make plans to meet later in his hotel room. He gives her the keys to his hotel room. She kisses him, and leaves.

Vangie and Todd goes over the list of evidence that she has gathered for his defense.

Bo and Hugh meet with a witness, who claims to have taken a picture of Todd. She shows them the picture on her camera. Bo and Hugh goes over the evidence. Bo instructs the other officers to encircle the area where they think that Todd was last seen.

Dr. Crosby brings Tess back. Tess informs them that if they are through then she is getting out of there. Nash and Tess leave. They go outside. Tess confesses that she is so tired of protecting Jessica. Nash puts his arm around her, and she leans her head on his shoulder. Antonio watches them.

Spencer goes into Asa’s room, and fills him in that Blair hates him just as much as he does, but there is no way that he would let her help him bring him down.

Margaret writes a letter to someone,telling them that she will not be able to live in Thailand forever.

David finds a message on Spencer’s answering machine. The message is from a man, who has seen Spencer in Thailand.

Blair arrives outside Spencer’s room, and sees the “do not disturb” sign.

Todd fills Vangie in that David is not the only one who knows where he is, but also Rex. This makes Vangie upset. She urges Todd to get out of there before the cops catch up to him.

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