One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/5/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Chris is at home at his loft when Adriana comes to visit. He apologizes for not calling. She lets him know that has been off becoming famous as she holds up the newspaper. He steps aside, and shows her the front cover of “Belle” magazine. He lets her know that it is pretty enough to paint. Adriana smiles, and lets him know that she will never forget him when she is rich and famous.

Natalie is at her desk. She is on the phone. She, frantically, tells the person, “to hold their horses.” Rex grabs the phone, and lets them know that Natalie will be right back with them .Natalie gets up from under the desk, and grabs the phone from him. Rex informs her that he is only trying to watch her back because she is sounding like Mommy Dearest. Rex realizes that Natalie is flustered because of John.

John is at home when Michael visits, and brings donuts. Mike lets him know that he couldn’t sleep because of the meeting that they had with Dr. Synder. John apologizes to him for having to have dragged him into this. Mike insists to John that he knows that there was a cover up, but why.

Nash and Tess come downstairs. He asks her if she is alright. She lets him know that she is nervous, but she is happy that he is on her side. He assures her that he will always be on her side. She tells him for them to get some orange juice before she is strapped down. She opens the doors to the study, and finds Viki, Clint, Antonio, and Dr. Crosby waiting for her.

Llanview Hospital

Lindsay has a cup of coffee, and sits down in one of the chairs. A person sits across from her with a book up to their face. When the person lets the book down it is Marcie. Lindsay is surprised to see her. They exchange pleasantries. They discuss Matthew, and how relieved that he must be that his Mother has woke up. Marcie lets her know that they can go in, in a few minutes, but Lindsay refuses. Lindsay notices the magazine that Marcie looks at, and realizes that Marcie must be having the time of her life planning this wedding. Marcie has her doubts.

John and Michael eat breakfast, and discuss what Synder had told them or hadn’t told them. John informs him that he shouldn’t be dong this that he should be planning his wedding. Mike doesn’t agree with him. Mike reminds him that he was there, and had heard what Synder said. John notices that there are differences in them, but Mike doesn’t agree. Mike only knows that their Father should be there for his wedding. John asks him again to let him handle this.

Marcie lets Lindsay know that she and Mike argue over everything concerning the wedding .Lindsay asks her if she is having doubts about Mike. Marcie tells her, “no”., that she is having doubts about the wedding .

John is glad that he, and Mike are on the same side about this, but he doesn’t want Mike to put his life on hold. They discuss Synder, and their father’s surgery, and how it should have been a cinch for Synder. John lets him know that they have two leads, and goes on to explain the details of the two leads to Mike.

Natalie tells Rex that she doesn’t like being judged especially by him. She slaps him on the arm. She puts the files in the filing cabinet, and orders him to leave her alone.

John fills Mike in on what their father’s partner had told him, and about the boy, who obviously had been so afraid that he had run off. Miki insists that he is going to talk to everyone at the hospital that knew Dr. Synder back then.

Rex insists that he wants Natalie to happy like him. Natalie is confused as to what he means.

Adriana reads the article to Chris about his fight in which he had won. Adriana questions him as to how he had gotten the magazine. He lets her know that Carlotta must have gotten it .Adriana finds this funny since when she, and Rex had checked they were all sold out. Cris asks her how are her and Rex doing. She, happily, tells him, “great”. She asks him about her, and Natalie.

Tess lets Nash know that she can’t do this, and she heads for the door. Nash assures her that he will not let them away with this .They go into the study. Nash confronts Clint as to why he had let them be ambushed. Antonio speaks up, and assures him that he knew that this was going to happen this morning .Viki tells Tess how sorry that she is, but they just want her to talk to Dr. Crosby. Clint steps forward, and assures Tess that she can’t go on like this. He assures her that she won’t want her child to grow up the way that she did.

Marcie doesn’t want to be the center of attention. Marcie feels badly that she doesn’t have her Mother to share this day with, or help her in the planning of her wedding. Lindsay tries to talk to her about her Mother, but Marcie doesn’t want to talk about it. Marcie confesses that she had never known her Mother. Linday offers her help in helping her plan the wedding, but Marcie insists that she can’t ask her to help.

John assures Michael that their father wouldn’t want him to jeopardize his wedding day. John asks him if they had picked a date for their wedding. Mike tells him sometime in May. John is confused that Mike hasn’t taken too much interest in his wedding. Mike feels that it would be good if they could solve this case before the wedding because it would feel as though their father was there with them. John insists on calling the shots, and Mike can handle the medical part of the operation.

Natalie is glad that he and Adriana are happy. Rex senses that something is terribly wrong with Natalie, and he questions her about it. Natalie finally opens up to him, and explain all the details to him about the lead that she has, but John won’t let her help him. Rex offers his help. Natalie asks him if he would really do that, and he nods his head. She hugs him happily, and then remembers about Jessica and the integration process.

Tess becomes upset that they want to get rid of her just as her baby is about to be born. Tess knows that there is no integration process, just annihilation. Dr. Crosby assures her that she will be part of the process all the way. Tess clings to Nash, and admits that she is scared.

Marcie apologizes to Lindsay for feeling this way. Marcie feels that it is difficult to talk about Jen. Lindsay feels that when they don’t talk about her that it is like that Jen didn’t exist. Marcie relates a story to Lindsay about something that had happened to her the other day when she had gone in a bridal shoppe. Lindsay knows that Jen would have taken care of that cashier. They laugh together. Marcie asks Lindsay to be her matron of honor. Linday agrees. Marcie feels as though Jen had sent Linday to her at just the right time.

John asks Mike about his wedding date, but Mike hasn’t got a clue. Mike asks him if he is Emily Post. John questions Mike if he is up to this. They reminisce about their father. Mike realizes how fortunate he is to have John. Mike leaves.

Rex encourages Natalie to go to the integration process. Natalie knows that Tess knows exactly how to push her buttons.

Tess starts to leave. Nash reminds her of what they had discussed last night that this was the big battle, and for her to go through with it.

Rex apologizes to Natalie, and tells her that if he had known about Jessica then he wouldn’t have given her such a hard time. He questions her about the man that she wants him to find. She informs him that his name is Vince Jones. Rex is taken aback, and recognizes Vince Jones as being mob related. He orders that this is the last that she is having to do with this case. She orders him to tell her everything about Vince Jones. Rex, suddenly tells Natalie that he has to go pick up Adriana at Cris’, and he leaves. Natalie looks up, and sees again. She tells him to go ahead, and ask her already.

Nash informs Clint and Viki that he, and Tess are going to discuss this privately in the foyer. He closes the door behind him. Tess wants to get out of there. Nash assures her that if they ever want to have a future together that they will have to face this head on. Tess, reluctantly, agrees. Tess tells him that if this doesn’t work out, it wasn’t because she hadn’t loved him enough.

Dr. Crosby tells Clint, Viki and Antonio that they have to stay on the same page, and to remain calm. Tess and Nash re-enter the room. Tess informs

Them to let them get this over with.

Lindsay and Marcie go over the plans for the wedding. Lindsay wants to know the date for the wedding. Marcie informs her in May. Lindsay is surprised. Mike comes, hurriedly, into the room. He is glad that he caught her before she left. He asks her to marry him May 4th. She is surprised since that is her Mother’s birthday. Marcie is pleased, and calls him wonderful.

John questions Natalie as to why she is so stressed out. She tells him about Jessica, about her classes. He assures her that if anyone can handle this then she can. He leaves.

The hypnosis begins. It is Jessica that Dr. Crosby talks to. He questions her about the things that had happened when she was a little girl. She begins to remember about Norman Leeds.

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