One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/4/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Chris looks through his paintings of Natalie. He flinches from the pain in his wrist. There is a knock on the door, and it is Ricky. Ricky says, “so, this is you outside the ring.” Chris questions him as to how he had found him. Ricky tells him, “Roxie.” Ricky wants to tell him about his fight, and he shows Chris his hand.

Roxie dances around, happily, because she had won twenty five hundred dollars from Chris winning the boxing match. Natalie comes in, down in the dumps. Roxie informs her as to how much money she had won. Natalie tells her that she wished that tonight had never happened. Natalie fills her in that Chris had hurt his hand, and probably wouldn’t be able to paint anymore. Roxie becomes upset.

John and Michael await the appearance of their contact. They are getting bored at just sitting there, but then their contact arrives. He sits down beside them.

Nash informs Clint that Tess is concerned that they are making decisions for her. Antonio tells him that someone has to speak up for Jessica since she is not here to defend herself. Clint tells Nash that this is not a plot, but a solution to the problem. Tess comes in, and assures them that this is the beginning of the end for her.

Clint assures Tess that she just wants to help. Clint also fills her in that they are going to start the process of integration. They want to coax Jessica out, and Tess to tell her about the tape. Tess makes them promise that Nash will be there with her the whole time. Clint agrees, and then leaves.

Antonio assures Nash that he is doing the right thing, but Nash doesn’t agree.

Ricky tells Chris about the fight that he had had in Angel Square. Chris questions him about his hand. Ricky assures him that it was worth it because you should have seen the girl. Ricky begins to walk around the room, and sees his paintings. Ricky questions him about them. Chris informs him that he used to be a painter.

Roxie climbs up on the counter, and makes up a game for them to play. Natalie is less than thrilled to play. She throws, but misses. Roxie asks her what is she down about. Natalie fills her in that no one will let he help them with anything. Natalie fills her in on what had happened with Rocco. Roxie is surprised. Roxie questions her if Rocco had popped John’s father.

Clint visits Dorian. Dorian asks him if anything is wrong. Clint fills her in that they are going to begin the integration process. Dorian offers him dinner, and he accepts. He remarks how good it is. Clint opens up, and fills her in on what had happened with Jessica. Tears come down Dorian’s face. She gets up, and join Clint.

Antonio tells Nash that he has forgotten that he and Jessica share a home together. Nash insists that Tess has a right to exist. `Antonio insists that he, and Jessica are not giving up, and he will continue to fight for her.

Tess paces the floor, deep in thought. She rubs her stomach, and begins to talk to the baby.

Michael asks John what should they do. John assures him to follow his lead. John sits down beside Dr. Cochran. John asks him why did he let his father die.

Antonio assures Nash that he has tried to respect this situation. Nash reminds him how he had followed him and Tess clear across country. Antonio tells Nash that this is not about Tess. Nash realizes that nothing he or Tess says matters. Nash informs him that he is going to spend some time alone with Tess because this may be the last night that he gets to spend with her.

John and Michael confront Dr. Cochran about what he knows about the night that their father had died. Dr. Cochran refuses to tell them anything .John wonders why Cochran would have come in drunk on that specific night.

Roxie recalls Rocco, the gangster, from when she lived in Atlantic City. Roxie accuses Natalie of not knowing who she wants.

Ricky questions Chris about the paintings, and if he got paid for them .Antonio comes to visit, and Ricky leaves. Antonio fills him in on Jessica/Tess, and the integration process. Antonio confesses that he is scared . Antonio tells Cris about how he felt about Nash and Tess being together, and Cris suggested that Antonio be more sympathetic to the couple since they might not have much time together. Antonio gets angry that Cris is taking their side when he just wants to vent.

Tess makes Nash promise that he will tell this baby all about her, and how much she loved them. 

Clint hugs Dorian before he leaves.

Natalie confesses to Roxy that she wants John to want her the way she needs to be wanted.

Cochran leaves after telling them that eight other people were in the OR that night. John and Mike wonder what he is covering up.

Nash assures Tess that she won’t die.

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