One Life to Live Update Monday 4/3/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Tess and Nash frantically search the living room at Llanfair for the tape that Norman Leeds had made. Nash finally finds the tape In the desk. Tess tears it up so that Jessica will never be able to see it. Viki, Clint, and Antonio come into the study. All exchange glances.

Llanview Hospital emergency room

Chris and Natalie wait in the emergency room for Michael to show up. John comes in, and looks for Mike. John asks Chris how he is. Chris informs him that they are making a big deal over nothing. Natalie doesn’t think that it is nothing.

Blair answers the door, and finds that it is Spencer. She is all uptight because she doesn’t know where Starr is, and hasn’t heard from her.

Angel Square

The boy comes to Starr’s defense. He argues with the head of the gang. The head of the gang makes a remark about Starr’s father, and the boy hits him to the ground. Starr is amazed that this boy is defending her honor when she doesn’t even know him.

Santi mansion (Llantano mountain)

Todd has David tied up in a chair. Todd tries to wake David up. He informs David that he needs his help.

Once David is awake, Todd asks him again for his help. David asks Todd to untie him, but Todd refuses. David admits that he cares for Dorian and kelly. Todd asks for his help, but David insists that he will only help Todd for cash.

Blair and Spencer discuss where Starr is, and why she hasn’t called. Blair is concerned that with Todd on the loose, that he may try to contact Starr. Spencer suggests going to look for Starr, but Blair refuses. Blair knows that Starr needs a little space. Spencer steps up closer to her, and kisses her on the head.

The boy orders the gang to leave. The gang leaves reluctantly. Starr asks the boy where does he get off butting into her life. The boy is surprised.

Tess informs Viki and Clint that they had just come back to take care of a few things, then they will be gone for good. Tess lets them know that she has destroyed the tape so that Jessica will never see it .Viki lets her know that there are other tapes. Antonio steps up, and apologizes for what had happened to her, but Tess doesn’t want any part of his concern. Tess lets them know that she had gone to see Leeds to kill him.

Blair is happy the way that things are going between them, but she wants to take things slow because of Starr and Jack. Spencer assures her that she is the woman that he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and he is willing to wait.

Viki confronts Tess about trying to kill Leeds. Nash lets them know that she changed her mind about killing Leeds. They are grateful for that. Nash lets them know that Leeds is in a nursing home. Tess informs them to let them concentrate on the baby. Tess also lets them know that she hasn’t felt Jessica in a long time fighting to get out. Tess feels that it is all over, and they won’t see Jessica again.

Chris asks Michael what is the deal. Michael informs him that there has been some damage done to his hand, and he wants him to wear a sling. Chris balks at this info. Natalie doesn’t agree with him, and leaves. Chris tells John that he owes him an apology about Natalie’s contact at the gym. Chris suggests that John solve the case of who had shot his father before Natalie gets herself in trouble.

Natalie makes a call, and requests the number of Vince Jones. She writes down the info on a piece of paper.

Natalie makes the call to Vince Jones, and requests info on Roco Lanardo. Vince denies that he knows such a man.

Starr, after a short conversation with her knight in shining armor, finds out that he knows her name from school. He leaves a handkerchief with her so she will remember him.

Blair and Spencer kiss with his hand going up under her blouse. Starr comes in, and wants to know what is going on. Blair lies to her, and assures her that he had come by to update her on Nora’s condition. Spencer offers to keep Starr updated on Nora’s condition, also. Spencer leaves.

David informs Todd that he knows that he didn’t kill Margaret, but that Spencer had. David agrees to help Todd for two million dollars. Todd unties him. Todd promises him that if he dies for murder, then David will already be dead.

Blair lets Starr know how much she loves her. Blair hands her the handkerchief, and asks if there is anything that she wants to tell her. Starr refuses .

Tess falls asleep in Nash’s arms.

Antonio lets Clint know how real that his and Jessica’s love is. Clint reminds him that Tess’ and Nash’s love is just as real.

Natalie hangs up the phone. She turns around, and sees John standing behind her. John wants to know what she is up to. Natalie refuses to tell her .

John asks Michael to go somewhere with him. Once they enter the bar, John starts looking for his informant.

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