One Life to Live Update Friday 3/31/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Juanita

Bo, Matthew and Paige arrive home from the hospital. Bo instructs Matthew to get to bed. Matthew doesn’t want to go to bed yet, he wants to get to work on a movie for his Mother. Matthew accuses Bo of not wanting his Mother to recover.

Dorian accuses David of having a girlfriend. David gets a call on his cell, but Dorian orders him not to answer it .David answers it, and finds that it is Todd. Todd wants to meet with him in an hour. Dorian grabs the phone, but Todd has already hung up.

Todd paces the floor. He sees a light outside the door, and quickly hides behind some crates. He, then notices the cell phone on the box. Rex and Adriana enter the house.

John, angrily, pushes the man up against the wall. Natalie yells for John to stop. Natalie’s scream catches Chris’ attention. Chris’ opponet takes advantage of this, and knocks Chris to the floor. Natalie tells him to stay down. Chris falls to the mat.

Bo assures Matthew that he wants nothing more than to see Nora recover so she can steal French fries off of other people’s plates. Bo explains that that is just who Nora is.

Paige tries to explain to Matthew about Nora’s awakening. She tells him that they have to be careful not to overload her. Paige also explains to him that they will run more tests to see what effect the stroke had on her. Bo orders him to bed, but promises he can visit the hospital before school. Matthew hugs them both, and goes to bed. Bo commends Paige on the things that she had said to Matthew.

Starr kicks a can in Angel Square. She sees a group of kids there from school. She asks them what are they doing here. One of the girls begin to make slurs about her Father being dead man walking, and that Starr and her family would have to find a place down here. Starr becomes angry.

Todd looks at the cell as Rex and Adriana come into the house. Rex attempts to kiss her, but Adriana reminds him that they are there to take pictures of the house as a possible place for a photo shoot. They kiss.

Dorian tells David that the woman had hung up, and accuses him of it being Joyce. David denies it. David questions her as to what does she care. David tells her that he loves her, but Dorian doesn’t believe him. David calls her selfish and self-centered. He makes the assumption that they both need friends.

John pushes the man once again up against the wall. He orders the man to tell him what he was discussing with Natalie. The man walks off without telling him anything. John pulls the man’s wallet out of his pocket. He looks inside, and then throws it down.

Chris comes to, and resumes the match. The crowd is cheering loudly. John watches Natalie cheering loudly for Chris.

The boxing match resumes. Chris manages to knock out his opponet. He is declared the winner. Natalie cheers loudly. She turns around, and sees John watching her.

David knows that Dorian misses him, although she won’t admit. She reminds him of what he had done to her. David tells her that he is in trouble, and she refuses to help him. He apologizes for bothering her. David leaves. David looks at his cell phone, and mumbles to himself, Spencer or Todd.

Adriana starts upstairs, but Rex wants to come with her. Adriana assures him that she will not get any work done if he comes with her.

Rex goes back downstairs. Walking into the living room, he notices the cell phone on the table. Just as he gets to the phone, and starts to pick it up, it rings. It is David calling. David and Rex are both confused when neither one answers. Todd comes up behind Rex. Rex is so scared that he drops the phone.

Paige looks out the window. Bo encourages her to see her son, but Paige refuses. Bo questions her as to what else is bothering her, but she rushes out without giving him an answer.

Starr still argues with the crowd in the park. The boy makes an obscene remark about her Mother. Starr slaps him. He grabs her purse, and they begin to throw it amongst themselves.

Rex wonders why Todd is here, and not out of town. Todd tells Rex that he knows who set him up. Adriana yells at Rex. Todd quickly hides behind the crates. Adriana asks Rex who he was talking to.

Chris is congratulated on winning the match while Roy bandages his hand. Roy points out the things that Chris had done wrong.

John asks Natalie what is she up to. Natalie refuses to tell him anything. Chris watches them from across the ring. He asks them what is going on.,

Bo makes a call to Paige, and apologizes to her. Dorian comes to visit. She fills him in on Adriana and Rex seeing each other. She also tells him how that Rex is on heroin.

Adriana still wants to know who Rex was talking to. He lies to her, and tells her that he was only talking on the phone. He tells her that he has a surprise for her, and they leave.

Paige begins to cry. David wants to know what Spencer had done now. David fills her in on his conversation with Todd. David comes up with a plan for Todd to aniliate Spencer. They both know that this would solve their problems. Paige goes home.

Chris wants to know who the guy is. Natalie refuses to tell him. John tells her to watch her back. He congratulates Chris on his match. Natalie finds out that Chris is hurt. She blames herself.

Bo doesn’t believe Dorian about Rex being on drugs. He opens the door for her, for her to leave .Bo vows to make the one pay, who is responsible. Paige comes home. She promises not to ever walk out on him again .

John finds out the identity of the man that Natalie was with .

Natalie goes to get the car to take Chris to the hospital when she finds the billfold. She looks inside, and finds out the man’s identity. The man comes back, and sees Natalie with his billfold. He begins to confront her about who the man was. Natalie lies to him, and tells him that he was her parole officer. She gives the man back his billfold. He, in return, gives her the name of the man, who will help her. He leaves.

David goes to the place where Todd told him to meet him. Todd sneaks up behind him, and knocks him out .

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