One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/30/06


Written By Mary
Pictures by Jennifer

Matthew informs Bo that Nora is going to pull out of this for good this time. Paige squeezes Nora’s hand, and asks her if she can hear her.

Spencer comes out of Nora’s room. David comes up to him, and informs him that he knows his dirty little secret. Blair comes up behind David, and overhears part of their conversation.

Natalie arrives at Chris’ boxing match. She, slowly , looks all around as if looking for someone. The first boxer enters the ring. Chris and his manager enter. Chris immediately comes around the ring to have a word with Natalie. He questions her as to who she is looking for.

John is in his office on the phone. He questions the man if he had heard any shots fired behind his store. John thanks him for nothing. Ed comes into John’s office, and fills him in that Evangeline had checked into a hotel in Chicago. Hugh comes up to the door, and overhears their conversation.

Hugh questions John if he is getting involved in the case that they had told him to stay away from.

Clint leaves Nash another message, and wonders where he could have gone. Dorian urges him to sit down, and drink his coffee, and relax. Clint sits down at the table. He informs Dorian that she doesn’t know what had happened to Jessica.

Nash arrives at the hospital. He questions the woman behind the desk if she had seen Tess. The woman tells him that she hasn’t. Nash knows that she had to be here somewhere.

Tess enters Norman Leeds’ room. She notices him lying motionless on the bed. She walks up to the edge of the bed. He raises his hand, but she backs away. She questions him if he remembers her, but she knows that he doesn’t. She tells him that he has made her what she is today.

John and Hugh discuss Vangie and her whereabouts. Hugh thought that this case was off limits to him. John wonders what it is about Hugh, and this case.

Spencer pulls David off to the side. David wants to know what else could Spencer do to him that he hasn’t already done. Spencer informs him that he wants Blair, and he is not going to let anyone ruin it for him. David just smiles, and walks away. Blair questions Spencer as to what is up with David. Spencer assures her that everything is fine. Blair says, “ok.”, and then asks him if he ready for dinner. Spencer tells her that Nora has regained consciousness. Blair is so excited that she grabs Spencer, and hugs him.

Nora examines Nora. Matthew can’t understand why Nora can’t wake up. Spencer enters the room. Spencer tells him that sometimes this takes time. Matthew questions him if he can do something . Bo, Paige, and Matthew step aside while Spencer examines Nora.

Paige calls Starr, and tells her that she has good news. She fills Starr in that Nora may be coming out of her coma. She instructs Starr to come to the hospital, and just find her. Kelly walks up behind her. Kelly questions her as to Kevin’s whereabouts. Blair tells her that she had seen him in Spencer’s office, but doesn’t know where he had gone from there. Kelly fills her in that everything had been perfect, and now everything was so messed up. They discuss Todd, and how Blair had been tied to him for fifteen years until now.

Dorian assures Clint that he can’t shoulder this responsibility all on his own. Clint is worried that this situation will bring Niki out. Dorian demands that he shut up, and do something. She orders him not to give up.

Tess relives her memories of when Norman Leeds had molested her .She yells at him if he remembers.

The receptionist tries to call security, but Nash will not allow her to. He urges her to try to remember Tess. A security guard comes up, and wants to know what the problem is.

Tess informs Norman that she remembers everything that he had done to her, and now everyone knows. Tess begins to cry, and tells him that it will be like that she never existed at all. She picks up a pillow, and begins to try to smother him.

Natalie orders Chris to stay out of this. She looks around, and sees her contact. She goes to join her contact. Roy comes up, and asks Chris if he is going to fight tonight.

Natalie approaches her contact.

Hugh tells John that he feels responsible for the Manning case for Nora, and she would want him behind bars. Hugh believes in the verdict that Manning had gotten, and he was going to see that it was carried out .

Clint informs Dorian that he was not giving up. He confesses that he had only let his guard down for just one minute. Clint and Dorian argue about Clint thinking that he is a failure as a father. He informs Dorian that he is going to look for his daughter. He starts to leave, but comes back. He kisses her on the cheek, and tells her that she had really come through for him tonight. They hug. David watches them through the window.

Nash fills the guard in on the situation, and who he is looking for. Another nurse comes up to the desk, and lets Nash know where he can find Tess.

Tess picks up a pillow off the floor, and attempts to smother Norman Leeds. Nash gets there just in time to stop her.

Dorian opens the door for David, and accuses him of spying on them. Clint gets a message from Bo, and leaves. Dorian notices that David doesn’t have anything smart to say. David informs her that he has come there to put his affairs in order while he still can. Dorian is confused.

John goes over the medical report of his father’s death. He gets a phone call from Roy at the gym. He fills John in on Natalie meeting an informant, and he needs to get down there. John becomes upset, and tells Roy that he will be right there. John leaves the office.

Natalie and her contact leave to get some air. Natalie questions him about John’s father, and if he knows anything .The informant says maybe he does, and maybe he don’t. Chris watches their every move.

Kelly questions Blair if her feelings for Spencer are the same that she had for Todd. Blair confesses that she feels so guilty. Starr comes up, and wants to know about Nora. Blair fills her in on what is happening.

Spencer talks to Nora, and tells her to blink twice if she understands. She blinks twice. Matthew is pleased that his Mother is back.

Nash tries to calm Tess down from crying. He informs her that Leeds deserves to die, but she don’t need to spend the rest of her life in jail. Nash checks to see if Leeds is breathing. Nash begins to smother him himself. Tess watches in horror.

Matthew tries to get Nora to talk to him, but he gets no response.

Bo, Matthew and Spencer leave out of Nora’s room so that Paige can examine her. Starr questions Matthew about Nora. Matthew wants to call Rachel.

Blair tells Spencer that he is awesome, and hugs him. Starr watches them.

Matthew calls Rachel, and tells her that Nora is awake.

Clint comes in, and Kelly fills him in that Nora is awake. He is glad for the good news. He goes to join Bo.

Hugh join Kelly. He asks if Nora is worse. Kelly fills him in that Nora is better. Hugh notices that something is wrong. He asks Kelly to discuss it, but Kelly refuses.

Matthew and Bo fill Clint in on Nora. Matthew wants to call Lindsay and R. J. Bo gives him the cell to call Lindsay. Clint fills Bo in on where Tess is.

David wants to set the record straight. He tells Dorian that he loves her, and he regrets not marrying her. Dorian tells him that he has done low things, but this is the lowest.

Tess manages to stop Nash from smothering Leeds. Nash lets her know that he knows what Leeds had done to her. Tess goes balistic, starts to cry, and tells him that she never wanted him to know. She cries, and sinks down to the floor. Nash tells her that he is going to end this once and for all.

John enters the gym, and slowly looks around .He sees Natalie talking to her contact. John grabs hold of him, and pushes him up against the wall. This gets Chris’ attention.

Chris’ opponet manages to get the upper hand, and knocks Chris to the mat. Natalie is horrified.

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